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Just curious, how much do you use your balcony on a cruise; and is it significantly more on sea day versus port day, morning versus night, do you use it every day or just some days?
Beaumont Alberta Canada
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Everyday !
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Hours a day
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We use it in the morning to feel the fresh air, in the afternoon having a drink after a shore excursion, and at night before bed enjoying a glass of wine and looking at the stars.
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Central Illinois
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Depends on the weather. In the humid Caribbean, not much time at all. On a transatlantic when the weather is nice, quite a lot.
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Dependent on the weather, but most days. Usually cruise with friend in joining rooms, chat over the balcony rails. 12 day recent cruise, balcony maintenance prevented use. Every night with a nightcap.
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Houston, TX
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I start every day with time on the balcony - maybe 30 minutes to an hour. On sea days I go back for a nap. And I spend time out there every night - again 30 minutes to an hour.

On my last cruise I spent most of the first sea day asleep on the balcony and it was the best sleep! I love having a balcony!
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We book balconies just for the size of the room. We very rarely use it, maybe 4-5 minutes in the morning just checking things out, and maybe 5-10 minutes in the evening before dinner. We always ask ourselves why we book balconies, but we always come down to we like the cabin, more then the actual balcony space.
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5 days never use, 2 days maybe a total of an hour time.
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Depends on where the balcony is located.

No watered down booze on ours
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Wavre, Belgium
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Early morning and after dinner. Love playing cards on the balcony.

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For us that varies cruise by cruise. It depends on if there are two or four of us in the cabin. More time when there are four than two, just to have the extra space when we're all getting ready for dinner. Another factor is the number of days at sea versus days in port. We spend more time out there when in port. Another factor is starboard vs port sides, and where the sunrise/sunset is in relation to our balcony. Some days we can't even open the drapes as the sun is blaring in through the balcony doors.

We always go out when we wake in the morning, to get a breath of fresh air. My husband goes out every evening before retiring for the night. Amount of time spent depends on where we need to be in the morning and how hot it is. IN the evenings, I head to sleep and my husband comes in whenever. LOL

We rarely sit out and have meals, it's usually too hot for us.
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Everyday. I love sitting there in the morning with a cup of coffee and my book. On sea days I usually sit out there in the afternoon reading or just watching the sea. My H and I like to sit in the balcony after dinner, have conversation and just enjoy each other’s company. I’ll also sit out there in the middle of the night if I can’t sleep and read. I may of fell asleep on the balcony doing that a few times lol.

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Dallas, Texas
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We really do not use it that much, mostly to read a little in the afternoon,, but would not want to book cabin without it
Phoenix, AZ
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Weather doesn't affect whether or not we use our balcony (perhaps a hurricane would ). Humidity doesn't bother us at all. We wouldn't bother sailing to the Caribbean if humidity was an issue, let alone pay the extra cash for an unused perk. We use our balcony many times a day. Morning, throughout the day, evening. If we make a trip back to the cabin for some reason during the day I always go out on the balcony. Mornings and evenings we always take time to enjoy.
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Originally posted by Ocean Dancer
We use it in the morning to feel the fresh air, in the afternoon having a drink after a shore excursion, and at night before bed enjoying a glass of wine and looking at the stars.
This but add coffee for the morning.
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We keep the balcony door open a lot for the sound of the waves and fresh air. We mostly stay out there when docking or leaving ports. Even on Alaska cruise we didn't go out on it much more then in the Caribbean. And still " open door" with all that comes with it constitutes use, so I have to say we use it all the time when in a room. Also, we like to lay on the couch or in bed and look out through balcony doors.
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