How much time to allow at Sydney airport for flight to US at 7:30 pm on a Thursday

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Originally posted by Senior Citizen
We looked at the schedules for all the airlines flying Sydney to Auckland and couldn’t find any direct flights from noon onward, except for the 4 pm Qantas flight. A rather strange situation.
It reflects the peaks and troughs of profitable demand during the day (think about what business travellers want to do, and when), and the way that the combination of flight duration and time zones works.

You can see this more clearly if you look at the schedules for Sydney to Wellington and Sydney to Christchurch - these are either in the morning (before 10 am) or early evening (6 pm onwards).

In some ways, the oddity is having midday and mid-afternoon flights from Sydney to Auckland at all, but that is explained by the thickness of that route, which allows additional flights to cover the slacker times of the day so as to increase the attraction of the product, plus (in LAN's case) the scheduling needs of a Santiago-Auckland-Sydney-Auckland-Santiago rotation.
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Thanks. That makes a lot of sense. I just thought that the air traffic between two major cities would be more frequent. Then, after reading your explanation, I thought about the flight patterns around where I live and I guess the same question could be asked of us. I guess we are just used to our flight patterns so we don’t even think about “why?”