Letter from Carnival Victory Captain confirming shooting death of passenger

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Letter from Carnival Victory Captain confirming shooting death of passenger:

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It sure confirms what another thread said. I dont know what to say, horrible to hear about any death, be it a Carnival guest or other.
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Very sad. Guess you just never know.
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OMG how sad , thoughts are with the families and the loved ones.
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This is just nuts. We were just at Coki in Dec and had such a good time and everyone seemed so nice, Very sad and scary
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how terribly sad, only 14 years old. i always thought st. thomas was one of the safer ports like grand cayman.
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This is very sad. So tragic.
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It is good to hear that Captain Messina has said that Carnival is suspending Coki Beach on their tours. The unfortunate thing is this can happen there, another island, Europe or to me walking down the street here in Tampa....
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Despite its beauty, St. Thomas is not a very nice place.
My sister has lived there off and on for 20 years.
She currently owns a home there but chose to spend the last two winters in Maine.
That should tell ya something.
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That is so sad. We're all excited about going and I'm sure they were the same way and to have it end so tragically.

Peace be to the family.
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This is very shocking. I did not realize St. Thomas was such a dangerous port. How tragic for this family. My thoughts and prayers go out to this family.
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Originally posted by jenms2000
how terribly sad, only 14 years old. i always thought st. thomas was one of the safer ports like grand cayman.
The cruise lines would like for you to believe that, but that place is crime ridden. My brother and SIL lived there for a year and in that period of time my brother got robbed 5 times and my SIL 3 times. Robberies happen so often that the police don't even investigate them anymore and the robbers know that. I would never go to any of those islands.
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So sad,
I saw this (the other thread) earlier and was reserving comment until something "official" came out....guess this is it.
Very tragic.
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my thoughts and petitions to that/those family(s).

We were just there two weeks ago and St. Thomas can be just as dangerous as other large cities.

Just awful.
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Very sad to hear that. My families prayers are with the family who has suffered such a unfortunate loss.
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What a tragedy...nothing more can be said in words to express how sad it is....keeping everyone affected in my thoughts and prayers
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My husband and I lived on St John USVI in the mid 90's. The crime was horrible. I never felt safe walking through town even in the day time, I always walked with someone else. We always heard way back then that St Thomas was much worse. I can only imagine this many years later how dangerous it really is. The crime is the main reason we moved away.
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I have been to the island twice. St Thomas is no worse than most of the other islands. However Coki Beach, no matter how beatiful it is, always gives me a creepy feeling due to the surrounding environment...
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Yes....very sad.
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