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Q&A with Michael Bayley, President & CEO, Celebrity Cruises - Oct. 1

Michael Bayley

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Welcome to Cruise Critic and much success in your new position.
Question: Are there any discussions at the current time to add a new level to the Loyalty program?
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Thank you for making yourself available for questions.

Can you tell us when, if ever, X will add a higher loyalty category? Elite is now 10+ cruise credits. We would hope to see another level added.
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Mr Bayley,

I sincerely hope there are plans to add a new elite plus level to Captain's Club. With the reciprocity with Royal Caribbean and with so many Celebrity cruisers reaching the current Elite level, the resulting crowds in the lounge during the happy hour take away so much from the experience as it used to be.

And some small additional perks such as more internet minutes would be very nice.

Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to answer our questions and best of luck to you in your new role as CEO.
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Dear Mr. Bayley,

Thank you for taking this opportunity to field questions and concerns.

Is there any possiblity of a new tier in the Captain's Club loyalty program?
Thinking of the multi-hundreds that gather for the Captain's Club Cocktail Hours on certain itineraries like the trans-atlantic crossings, it might be time for an Elite Plus level to emerge. This is an appreciated perk available to returning guests, but when the seating is limited (taken) and the servers are overwhelmed (rushed off their feet), the welcoming effect is lost.
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Congratulations, Mr. Bayley, on your appointment as President and CEO.

As a Captain's Club Elite loyalty member, what will you do to maintain and / or enhance loyality benefits to each status level? I would like to see a more generous Internet Wi-Fi availibility and cabin upgrades to the package if possible. I have never received an upgrade in any of my loyalty programs, and maybe it is because I have to use a travel agent, because my wife is an ER nurse and we needed someone to call if our plans changed.

Thank you and please continue the quality that we have come to expect on Celebrity.

Frank and Joan Landry
Burlington, Ma.
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We also enjoy happy hour , however on Transatlantics there is nowhere to sit and could not get a drink. We will have 30 tier points by the end of 2013. Time for Elite Plus ! When we were first Elite it was held in Michaels club. Lovely place to visit and meet new people. Since RCCL cruisers came over and recieved Elite benefits things became too crowed. Thanks for listening. Heather
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I, too, would like to see anew tier level for the Captain's Club.

I would also like to see it go from points to days cruised. Too many cruisers have become Elite by taking short cruises. As a result, Elite functions are crowded by cruisers who have not spent much time cruising. I now it would only be fair to 'grandfather in' those who have already attained Elite status.

I would like to see combining OBC's as a new perk.
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We welcome a new Elite level following the Royal Caribbean formula even with all the complaints that the corporation received. Reciprocal benefits would be nice as we would be interested in some of the Royal itineraries.
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Please consider the model used by Crytal where every five cruises you go up another step to a different incentive (such as on board credit), until I believe at 100 cruises you get a free cruise. With computers this should be very easy to track and administer. Thanks
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Originally posted by hancock
I, too, would like to see anew tier level for the Captain's Club.

I would also like to see it go from points to days cruised. Too many cruisers have become Elite by taking short cruises. As a result, Elite functions are crowded by cruisers who have not spent much time cruising. I now it would only be fair to 'grandfather in' those who have already attained Elite status.

I would like to see combining OBC's as a new perk.
I would agree with changing from points to days cruised. The present system is heavily weighted in favour of those who live close to a departure port and can take short, inexpensive cruises to boost their points. Those of us who have to fly to cruise do not have this choice. I agree that the higher stateroom levels should carry a bonus, but using days cruised would be a more equitable measure of loyalty and would not negatively impact your bottom line.
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Not necessarily in favour of adding a new tier overall. But the issue of space and the intended social aspect of the system does become lost when big groups are on board.

I understand that there has been on some ships a splitting of the group into different area's.(rooms/bars etc) Perhaps that could be a planned solution fleet wide.

On Ak cruises there are sometimes only numbers in the teens while as I have read here on some TA's hundreds.

The cause of numbers is a problem you obviously want but to be a meaningful perk for us it has to work like a perk.
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Like many other passengers I can only afford to take one cruise per year (hopefully more when I win the lottery!) and have remained loyal to Celebrity earning Select level and hopefully Elite in the not too distant future so that I can enjoy the extra perks.

Whilst I appreciate that some events can become 'crowded' I would be sad to think that I would have to wait several more years before I could join an Elite plus.

As an earlier post mentions, perhaps you could think of a suitable alternative to keep all loyal Celebrity cruisers happy without 'moving the goal-posts.'

To all my Elite friends you are so fortunate to be able to cruise so frequently and for so many cruise days.
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Originally posted by Karynanne
I would like to suggest that those passengers with Elite level at 25 points be considered Elite Plus.
I second that.

Something similiar to what RCCL has.
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I too agree there needs to be a higher level than Elite, but I would hope you would consider something a bit higher than 25 cruises points. That level on RCCL seems to have produced too many Diamond Plus members and again overcrowding at the evening events is becoming a problem. Would you kindly keep this in mind if there is a decision to expand the Captain's Club membership levels?

Thanks again for giving your frequent cruisers the opportunity to ask questions.
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Hello, Have been loyal Celebrity cruiser and now at Elite level where is the next nicety to keep me loyal? Why do you not offer free or 50% upgrades to us otherwise what is the point of being Elite. Don't expect this with every voyage but not much incentive to stay of it is really only free drinks in the evening. The free port day in the sauna etc is not really a great offer.
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I am fine with adding a new elite plus level as long as you don't erode the privileges that come with current elite status. Add to the benefits of an elite plus but do not take away current benefits for current elite members, such as the happy hour. Those suggesting you do so I am sure would have resented such a move when they first qualified for elite.
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I agree with the above post. We are so excited to have reached Elite, and will enjoy the perks of this level on our next 3 cruises on the Solstice.

By all means consider a higher level, but don't take away the advantages of current Elite members.
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Mr. Bayley~
Congratulations on your new position with Celebrity! and, thanks for inviting our opinions and questions.

Perhaps adding a second venue for happy hour for Elite members on TA cruises or other cruises where the main lounge becomes crowded would work. I would prefer that over re-classifying Elite status or separating into tiers with different lounges.