Cheating from Ticketcrociere about cost of Allegrissimo Premium Package - Help

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Q&A with Pierfrancesco Vago, Chief Executive Officer ~ MSC Cruises

Pierfrancesco Vago
Chief Executive Officer

Special Event: Mr. Vago was here this week; see what he had to say!

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Joined Jul 2013
Dottore Pierfrancesco Vago,
I've just booked 4 cruises with Ticketcrociere company and booked Allegrissimo Premium Package.
They charged me 8 days price for 7 nights cruise.
I give you 2 of my cruises:
1- Orchestra July 26 to August 2,
2- Armonia August 2 to August 9.
I reminded them of their mistake.
They persevered saying I have to pay 8 days.
In my last message I reminded:
"I remind you that the price of the package applies to each day day of the cruise except the day of disembarkation".
How can MSC let these Travel Agents tarnish the image of such a nice cruise company?

"Errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum, et tertia non datur..."

I will let you know of any follow up.
Thanking you in advance,
Yours sincerely
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What is very worrying, is that the administration and finance departments of Ticketcrociere have accepted these overpayments.
Who benefits from these over payments?
How many cases like these?
What is important is that MSC administration and finance departments must reject these overpayments.
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As I expected: " tertia non datur..."

Their answer:
la vostra transazione per i pacchetti Allegrissimo Premium NON θ mai stata effettuata,
quindi non ci sarΰ nessun tipo di rimborso.
Cordiali saluti
My Answer:
Good Evening
I would have expected at least an apology for your mistake, but as it seems you do not see the problem, I resume the situation:
1 - The 1st cruise was 2489€ from Genova
- includes Allegrissimo 560€
- instead of 490€.
- Over charged 70€.
- Paid June 13 18:48, by Visa Card: 2489€,

2 - The 2d cruise was 2849€ from Venice
- includes Allegrissimo 560€
- instead of 490€.
- Over charged 70€.
- Paid June 10 16:04, by Visa Card: 1940€
- Paid June 27 22:44 Balance by Visa Card: 909€.

3 - So the Total Over Payment is:
70€ x2= 140€.

4- The over charged is due to your calculation based on 8 days:
Adult 23€/day x8= 184€
Children 12€/day x8 = 96€
Total 184€x2+96€x2= 560€

- But the right calculation has to be on 7 nights only. The date of disembarking must not be counted:
- On June 12 17:19 I sent you a mail saying:
Sorry, there's a mistake in the drinks:
2 adults 23x7=161€ x2= 322€
2 children 12x7= 84€ x2= 168€
Total 490€

- Your answer: June 12 17:20
The prize is for 8 days,

6 - Then I asked you to change the package to Allegrissimo Premium:
As you told me it was on 8 days, the Additional cost for Allegrissimo you requested was:
Premium 2 adults 2 children:
42€-23€=19€ x8=152€x2= 304€
21€-12€=. 9€ x8= 72€x2= 144€
Total 304€+144€= 448€/cruise
Grand Total 448€x2cruises=896€

But in fact it should be on 7 days:
Premium 2 adults 2 children:
42€-23€=19€ x7=133€x2= 266€
21€-12€= 9€ x7= 63€x2= 126€
Total 266€+126€= 392€/cruise
For 2 Cruises 392€x2= 784€

Over requested: 896-784= 112€
Plus over paid: 140€
Total would have been: 252€

5 - Conclusion
The cost of the additional payment for Allegrissimo Premium for 2 cruises should be: 784€
- Deducting overcharged: 140€
- Balance to pay: 644€

Please Debit my credit 644€ if my calculation is correct.

Yours Sincerely
Their answer:
verifichiamo e le facciamo sapere,
athens greece
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dear mr Vago.

i have book a cruise and transfers from airport(mxp) and vv with msc preziosa(11 august 2013 from genova) with a travel agency in athens( cruise experts hellas) which on your web site is shown as "msc partner"

i had made the reservation on januray 2013 and allready fully paid the cruise to them 41 days before sailing.( 1 july)

i have not receive my tickets yet despite i call the travel agency many times and i have also send a request to msc customer care service.

travel agency infrom me that they have already transfer my payment to msc cruises.

i would like to receive a confirmation from either msc cruises or travel agency that i will receive the tickets on time so that my cruise will not be ruined.

my reservation number is: 11468543.

i would be very thankfull if you can confrim me when i will receive the tickets cause i book these cruise as a honeymoon trip with my wife. So both us we dont want to have our honeymoon trip ruined by such mistake causes from others.