Thank you to Keith and Anne Marie

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Boca Raton, Florida
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Joined Jan 2002
Just a day and two evenings until the World Cruise ends. Thank you for all your posts and pictures. We lived vicariously through your posts. You are a great example of one who thinks of others and shares the highlights of his cruise. Everyone enjoyed reading your blog and posts, and I hope it encourages everyone to post (at least after they get home) or do a blog.

Have a safe trip home to Texas. Congratulations on your son's graduation from Tech Tech. Judith and Larry
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Dear Keith and Anne Marie,

Judith said it all. It was a great ride and I really did enjoy reading your
perspective on life around the world. It was so kind of you to share and
I see we get to look forward to WC 2009 as well. Super!

Thanks again,
Wollongong, NSW Australia
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Joined Jan 2007
Thank you Keith & Anne Marie, it was a pleasure to meet both of you during my leg of the cruise.

Please say hello to the Captain for me.
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Many thanks to Keith and Anne Marie for taking the time to include us on the World Cruise! We enjoyed your commentary, photos and your insights. It took a lot of your time to keep us informed and to answer questions, we really appreciate it. We'll look forward to reading your postings and blog for 2009's World Cruise!

Ricki and David
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Joined Nov 2006
Keith and Anne Marie

We all appreciate the time you spent posting your adventures on this fabulous cruise. As one who keeps a travel journal, I appreciate how difficult it can be to sit down and write after a busy, fun, tiring day. Your discipline is laudable.

In addition, thanks to Missimoo for blogging during her leg of the World Cruise. It was fascinating to read and contrast Linda's days with those of Keith and Anne Marie because we got two perspectives and a broader vision of all the opportunities Crystal provides.

Have a safe journey home.
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Yes, Linda's blog during her segment was terrific. Again, thanks so much for sharing that segment with us and your perspective.

Linda, do you have a Crystal cruise planned for 2009?

Best, nancy
Dubai, U.A.E.
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Joined May 2005
My thanks to Keith and Anne Marie too (and Linda during her single segment). I have been so busy at work throughout the World Cruise that I haven't been able to keep up on a daily basis however, I have made it a point that at some time over the weekend I catch up and read through the posts and the blog...I'd love to be so disciplined when travelling and follow their example but it's usually a case of 'let me out of here and let me do nothing for two weeks' when I go away. The posts/blogs make a terrific travelogue and I'm sure are very helpful to anyone who may follow in their path, either in total or segments at a future date...

Enjoy the remainder of your time onboard and have a safe trip home...

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Wollongong, NSW Australia
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Joined Jan 2007
Originally posted by nancygp
Yes, Linda's blog during her segment was terrific. Again, thanks so much for sharing that segment with us and your perspective.

Linda, do you have a Crystal cruise planned for 2009?

Best, nancy
Well at this stage I am planning on going to Africa in 2009, but I wouldn't rule out another Crystal Cruise in 2010. (Look out Aussie Judith!!!!)

I am sure it won't be long until they release those cruises & I will be looking quite hard at which one I will be going on.

I enjoyed sharing my trip with you all, I know that mine was a little different to Keith & anne-Marie's but hopefully if you put the 2 of ours together it helps all of you here.
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Le Boreal - May 2010 - Nice to Venice
Crystal Serenity - February 2008 - Sydney to Hong Kong
Crystal Serenity - May 2007 - London to Rome

Boca Raton, Florida
6,793 Posts
Joined Jan 2002
Linda, reading your blog (the night time version of Keith's daytime version) was lots of fun. At times I wondered if you were on the same cruise!! We enjoyed reading both blogs. Please say hi to Judith and Brian for Larry and me.
San Francisco, CA, USA
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Joined Jan 2003
Thank you Keith and Ann Marie for your wonderful comments on your world cruise. Thank you also to Linda for her comments. I will miss my daily reading of those comments. Have a safe trip home.
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Thanks to Judith and to everyone else for the very nice comments.

I am glad that you enjoyed the posts.

As they say on board the ship "My Pleasure". For us, it was our pleasure to share with you our experiences on board the world cruise.

I mean this sincerely when I say that even though this was our second consecutive world cruise that as was the case with last years world cruise that both world cruise adventures exceeded our expectations. Kudos to Crystal for all that they did to make our adventure one that we will remember forever. It was an outstanding experience.

It is true that at times there can be differences between experiences for those up early in the day and those up late in the evening. Sometimes, we all kid around that there are two different worlds on the ship.

There were times that we went to both the early and late receptions on formal night. For the early one we would sit down and enjoy drinks and listen and dance to music and talk with others sitting with us. For the late one we would stop by after dinner and not sit down or drink but rather we would walk around to say hello to those passengers who we might not see often since they had late seating.

Southern California
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Joined May 2007
Keith and Anne Marie,

My heartfelt thanks to both of you for allowing us to have a seat next to you, to see our beautiful world through your eyes.

In today's harried existence it is a rare person who will slow down long enough to experience his or her own immediate surroundings and, as you have said many times on the board, look at life as a glass half full. This attitude was evident in virtually all of your posts.

It was a great ride and thanks again for taking us along.

Best regards,
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Alumim, Israel
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Joined Apr 2006
"Hear hear" to what everyone else has said.

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Keith and Anne Marie,

I can't tell you enough how much we all looked forward to reading your blog everyday. We feel exactly the same way as you do about travel - we are always so thankful for the opportunites we have to travel, learn, experience new things and meet the most amazing people. Your journal was heartfelt in so many ways. Thank you for taking us all along with you on this great journey.