Lookng for feedback about ELEMIS internal detox???

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Lose Before You Cruise
A place for cruisers to share their stories of how to lose weight before a cruise. Virtual snacks allowed, but only in small quantities.
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Narvon, PA
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I was on a cruise and went to a spa seminar about detoxing. They advertised Elemis products. It sounded very interesting adn appealing to me. I wanted to find reviews 1st before Ibuy and really can't find many reviews online. Mosly colonix and other detox products. I have about 15 pounds I need to lose and I'd liketo repair my GI tract. Can anyone speak to these or other detox products???
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Save yourself the money and spend 1.99 at CVS for the stuff they make you drink before you get a colonoscopy.
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We went to one of those lectures as well. We paid for the "analysis" and then sat for the sales pitch. Missed the last show . It sounds reasonable, but is so expensive, and the spa personnel told me I needed at least 18 months of use! Well, I went to the vitamin/fitness store at home and purchased a 2 week cleanse program. It started out ok, but felt like I had the flu. Then began having sudden accidents with lots of unpleasant accompanying side effects. So I quit using it and it took months to get things back to normal. I don't know if the Elemis would be like this but I think a good diet and drinking lots of water will do as much good for less cost.
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sacramento, CA
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Originally posted by Gathina
Save yourself the money and spend 1.99 at CVS for the stuff they make you drink before you get a colonoscopy.
Ha! So true. Went on a cruise and to the Elemis talk not long afterwards and informed the very kind young lady that I'd seen my innards and they looked just fine... Sort of took the steam right out of the sales pitch. Speaking of tv, didn't Katie Couric do this in public? I think once every 5-10 years is good enough. That's one 1.99 "drink" per 10 years!
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Link: http://www.quackwatch.org/01Quackery...ics/detox.html

"It's an irrational concept, yet an intriguing idea, that modern life so fills us with poisons from polluted air and food additives that we need to be periodically "cleaned out" ("detoxified"). Never mind that natural chemicals in our foods are thousands of times more potent than additives, or that most Americans are healthier, live longer, and can choose from the most healthful food supply ever available.

The elaborate, manipulative hoax of "detoxification" is gaining ground. Many people sincerely believe that their intestines, colon, and blood stream are subject to "clogging" by undigested foods and poisons. Food faddists seem to have a special fascination with bowels, colons, and body wastes.)

The supposed need to detox is promoted through extensive writings, advertisements and door-to-door pitches. This usually involves fasting several times a year for a few days while taking laxatives or diuretics to "clean out the system."

Some entrepreneurs claim that detoxing is a great way to jump-start a diet by losing 5 or 10 pounds before you even begin the diet itself. And if their scheme is not about weight loss, "rejuvenation" is typically recommended afterward. People who are persuaded that these activities will restore vigorous youth can wind up hooked on an herbal regimen that costs several hundred dollars a month. "
Las Vegas
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Originally posted by RN7997
d I'd liketo repair my GI tract.???
What hard experimental evidence do you have that your GI tract is broken. Basic rule that applies to everything - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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white castle always cleans me out =)
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If you aren't sweating, bleeding, or puking, you're holding back. Make every workout count.
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Fredericksburg, va. USA
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Your body is "self-cleaning' on the inside. Don't take all that junk--they only thing you're losing is your money!
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Originally posted by cb at sea
Your body is "self-cleaning' on the inside. Don't take all that junk--they only thing you're losing is your money!
Sure wish these folks would come back and tell us exactly what "toxins" are being removed, how they're being removed and in what quantities...

Which cruise line is hawking this snake oil anyway?
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I know several people personally, who use the phrase "toxins" quite frequently. They also have drawerfuls and cabinetfuls of every "natural" remedy and product on the market. As one observant friend commented, "These are some of the unhealthiest people I know." I'm not just observing one couple but a few and have seen them try so many things....every supplement, the liquid forms of vitamins, the power cleansers, the colon irrigation "therapies" etc. Five out of four couples have ended up unusually sick (one or two of each couple) and for lengthy periods without explanation. Pale, weak, thin, unable to eat, etc. I would lean toward saying, "chronically sick", and they weren't that way going into the "natural" products lifestyle. None of them talk about this phenomena or complain about it or point to the natural chemical cocktails that they are taking as possibly the root of their illnesses, though.

All of it has left me feeling very skeptical and believing that the overuse of the word "toxins" has the public scared. It seems that combinations of "natural" products, unchecked, can have a negative chemical effect on the body. With the "cleanse' products now being sold, I am wondering if the promotional statements are true. I know that laxatives can and do work and are sometimes needed...especially if you do not get enough fruit, fiber from veggies and grains, and water in your diet. But is it a myth that everyone is carrying "10-20 pounds of excess waste product that is clinging to the lining of the intestines and blocking the absorption of nutrients into our diets?" That type of statement makes me skeptical. Because supplements fall into a category that is more food than drug, they are not labelled, regulated, or required to be tested the same way drugs are, yet the claims and cures are very "medical." I've seen people die of cancer who were die-hard Barley green fans and I saw the literature that promoted it as a cure.

I agree that we are a nation with abundant good food but those who promote the products would have us all believe that our land is "stripped of all nutrients and our vegetables are devoid of vitamin content." The other common statement is that "they" (the medical industry) have the cure for cancer and just don't want us to know because then the medical/drug industry would be out of business....so the answer is, of course, to buy the latest and newest "natural," product. Someone is still making money, though.

This thread was about detox products. I think the question was a good one as I can admit that I've wondered about taking them and whether they would be a benefit or not...especially with wanting to lose more weight fast.

Now on a lighter note...I remember when Katie Couric had a colonoscopy and it was televised. She did this for a good cause...to encourage the procedure because her husband had died of colon cancer. I heard a comedian comment on the procedure. He said, "We're happy to announce that they did not find a sign of cancer in Katie. They did, however, find Osama Bin Laden."
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Great post, Salsa Dancer!

I really hope the OP returns and tells us which cruise line is hawking this detox/snake oil crap and trying to scam their customers. This is not the kind of behavior I would reward with my cruise dollars.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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Elemis products are sold on Princess ships. I know they also have a detox program that they pitch in their spa. I have not ever gone to the sales pitch so I can't say for sure that it is Princess the OP is talking about. But I strongly suspect that it is because I got a massage on my last Princess cruise and was sold some Elemis oil that I was supposed to rub into my shoulder muscles after taking a warm shower. The oil was supposed to release toxins that were building up and causing my muscles to feel tight. Don't ask me if it works, I have never used it!

Funny thing is, I picked a massage because I thought I would be free of a sales pitch. If you have low sales resistance, stay out of the Spa!
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San Diego
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I think these products are sold on most cruise lines...since the spas and fitness centers are outsourced to the same companies. My husband a I just returned from a cruise on NCL...we attended the "classes" and had the same sales pitch. Sounds to easy to be true... Just stick to the gym, take any fitness classes that are offered...and use the stairs insted of the elevators and you will be fine.
Cheyenne Wyoming
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After reading thru all the 9 month old posts, I'm tempted to assume this is a "dead" issue.
I crusied on Holland America in Dec. 2008 and took a detox class. I then had the body testing done, bought the cactus bristle brush, and a 6 month supply of detox pills.
The pills are in 3-1 month stages, done twice (thus 6 months). I have tried to eat organic (I can't find everyting in Cheyenne, WY in organic form) and have changed all of my beauty products to organic.

Let me tell you how great I look and feel!! For all of you who say it's a scam, have you actually tried it?? I am in month 4 and my hair and skin have NEVER looked better! I have tons of energy and haven't been sick all winter. Not even a sniffle. I'm 43 and my coworkers continually ask me what I'm doing to look so great and feel fantastic.

I love the Elemis products because it's a "gentle" clense. I didn't want to be tied down to the toilet or cramping and tooting all day, and I'm not.

Don't bash this line of detox products unless you've tried them.
Chesapeake, VA
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Originally posted by Gathina
Save yourself the money and spend 1.99 at CVS for the stuff they make you drink before you get a colonoscopy.

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AOS 8/15/2004 was our maiden cruise! Boy did we have a blast!!!

AOS 8/20/2006 Just as good the second time around!
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OK OK, I recently got suckered into the Elemis 6 month detox program on an NCL ship. The detox philosophy makes perfect sense, the question is whether or not this product works. I am one month in to the 6 month program.
I am currently taking the CAL-Metab Plus pills (2) and the Deep Drainage pills (2) once a day for the first month. The second month will be the Silhouette pills (1) once a day and the third month will be the vitality pills (1) once a day.
Once those three months are complete, I will do the process over again.
That will total the 6 month program.
Since there is no miracle drug to help us lose weight, I thought this would make most sense. I am in pretty good shape and I do work out at least 2-3 times a week and am looking to lose about 10-15 lbs. I have not changed my eating habits one bit to this point. That is always the tough part.
If this doesnt work, I will feel totally ripped off from yet another scam...
Especially from a cruise.
I will say that my bathroom visits have been more productive!!! no other way to say it. But that is the point of the deep drainage pills.
I was also told that my cholesterol will most likely go down. (like I said, call me a sucker). My plan is to test my cholesterol at the end of this program and see what happens.
Also, I just say that my sales rep did give me her two email addresses to keep in contact.
If anyone else has tried this program similiar to the one I am doing, I would love to hear from you.
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After doing an Ionithermie treatment on Island Princess, and taking a personal training class, I also bought the Elemis. I think my salesman was pretty honest because he only sold me a 3-month supply, he said I didn't need more than that. I did not notice any change at all. No weight loss, no difference in the way I functioned. That said, I drastically changed my eating habits over the last year because I am totally vegan now and I eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, rice and whole grains, I eat no sugar, don't drink alcohol and I very rarely any processed foods or pizza, so I don't think I have any toxins to lose except what I get from coffee (the only vice I have left). I also started a more intense workout program, so things are going well. Invest your money in a gym and consult a nutritionist to add high fiber foods to your diet like whole grains, fruits and vegetables - especially raw veggies. You will feel fuller after eating and your system will thank you.
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