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To answer the question "When does 'old' begin?" my answer is: right after my alarm clock goes off and I try to get out of bed! -OR- about 24 hours before a major weather front comes in and my National Weather Service-registered knees and back decide to start broadcasting a warning.


Regarding youth and rudeness: it's both the kids and their "elders". One time, my godson had just gotten a military surplus dress hat and was wearing it with much joy and pride (it was a gift from a family friend, and it was pretty snappy-looking). We stopped off at a restaurant on the way back from the visit, and he was wearing it inside. I didn't yell, I wasn't mean-sounding about it, I simply told him quietly, <godson>, some people consider wearing a hat indoors impolite." He immediately removed it without a murmur. Many children can be instructed in a way that they can come to the correct conclusion by themselves.


Our trip on the NCL Dawn was being colored by a swarm of 7-9 year old boys who were running full-tilt down corridors, playing on the elevators, and generally being annoying at best and not even acknowledging the people they were dodging around. DW walks with a stick, and her balance is not always the best. One of these little bas... _darlings_ caromed into DW and nearly knocked her down.:mad: I <allegedly> caught up with them at the elevator, held the door open, and asked the leader "How old are you?" He stared at me in puzzlement at having been caught in the act, then said, "Nine." I <allegedly> told him that if he wanted to make it to ten, he'd better not slam into my wife again (note: there were no adult witnesses to this <alleged> statement, besides, the statute of limitations is long past). This had no lasting effect, as on the last night of the cruise, we once again encountered the "Lost Boys" posse running down our corridor banging on all the doors as they passed. We called Security, who sent up a member of the constabulary, and we described in detail the little...darlings. I hope the nice people from Security gave them a well-needed lesson in courtesy and proper behavior, and gave the parents a few gentle suggestions as to how to corral their mustangs.

Snobbery? Only in the sense that the parents thoughtlessly and selfishly allowed the children to range free without much needed supervision which might have interfered with their own fun.

Rudeness? lots of it.

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I have read there is one particular European culture that members will travel with pad and paper to make a list of every single issue with a hotel, meal, etc. and expect a reduction in rate or some other compensation. This is hypothetical - I've not encountered any individuals like that.


Most people I've met on ships are very kind and actually kind of interesting. Some others, I smile and keep going as fast as possible. :D


A few weeks ago on our Norway cruise there were a substantial number of passengers from a particular Central European country that were rude, pushy in every line and never apologized for anything. We have encountered this particular nationality on three prior cruises. In talking with fellow passengers, not of this demographic, they agreed.

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Just a reminder that that this thread began four years ago, so if you are replying to one of the earlier posts, you might not get a response.

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When the wife and I were on our 1st cruise last month, we found that generally, most passengers were very friendly toward us, but, there were a few occassions when we were felt to feel 'lower class', for example, eating in the windjammer on Indy one night, we both decided to have something a burger.


On a table nearby, there were a group of people, tutting, and muttering under their breath about "these young people always eating junk food!" (we're both in our 30's, and this was the only time, apart from JR's we ate burgers!)


Another time, my wife was told to "Shut up, girl!" by a woman reading, when she was talking to someone else by the pool. Others were complaining about the amount of 'young people and families'. It seemed to me that some of these people felt that cruising was the reserve of the upper classes, and the more 'senior' folk. I even said to one that if they felt that way, don't book a cruise on a ship like Indy, which is a family-ship.


do others experience this? Or is it a rare thing?



Every cruise is different.Have and eat what you want.. :D

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