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Allegiant/SouthWest/Spirit/Frontier/-New opening of rate schedules-post here

Host Mike

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This thread is exclusively for those wishing to post questions and updates on when rate windows will open only.

Information posted elsewhere will be dropped here.

Likewise - posts that are not specifically on this topic will be deleted from this thread.





***Note - There were posts for Jet Blue and South West on this board - however in setting this up I lost them. Please feel free to re-post your information here.


I will stick this thread to the top once it gets started.


*** This thread will drop posts over 90 days old.

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Does anyone know when SouthWest will be opening the May 2011 schedule? I see they are booking into March already. I did check their website but can't find it anywhere that I've looked. Thanks for any heads up you can give :)


I was on phone with Southwest this evening. I asked when flights would be open for booking past March 11, 2011. Was told that next series of flights should be posted Oct 5, 2010, but

that this date is subject to change.

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NEW YORK -- Southwest's decision to buy AirTran will mean more routes and fewer delays and cancellations in small cities but higher fares in the Northeast and perhaps the end of the super-low sale fare.


Southwest Airlines, which has built a loyal following with its tongue-in-cheek ads and refusal to charge for checked bags, said Monday it planned to buy AirTran for $1.4 billion.


The deal will move Southwest into 37 new cities, expand its presence in cities like New York and Boston and move it into Atlanta, the busiest airport in the nation.


Combining the AirTran and Southwest routes means more connecting options for people flying through places like Moline, Ill., and Wichita, Kan., which should result in fewer delays and cancellations because there will be more options for rerouting passengers.


In bigger cities like the Northeast hubs, however, fares will probably eventually go up. They may not rise right away because many of those cities are still served by a third discounter, JetBlue Airways, said fare expert George Hobica.


The acquisition may also spell the end of the deep-discount sales currently offered by AirTran and Southwest because there will be less competition. Right now, for example, AirTran is offering a $54 one-way fare between Baltimore and Boston.


"The era of irrational, stupid, destructive fare sales is over," Hobica said. "This is the new normal. JetBlue now has permission to raise prices between Baltimore and Boston. Other airlines now have permission to raise prices between Washington, D.C., and Florida."


In welcome news for weary travelers, Southwest said it will drop AirTran's bag fees when the pair combine in 2012. Right now, AirTran charges $20 for the first checked bag, $25 for the second.


Some major airlines charge even more. Southwest claims it has lured passengers by refusing to charge for bags, and it has built a marketing campaign around the policy, with baggage handlers shouting declarations of love to suitcases on the tarmac.


The combined airline probably won't be large enough to pressure big competitors like United and American to give up the hundreds of millions of dollars a year they make from baggage fees, airline analyst Jay Sorensen said.


While Southwest will be about 25 percent larger when the deal is complete, it will remain the fourth-largest by traffic. The upcoming combination of United and Continental will be No. 1, followed by Delta and the parent of American.


Southwest will move into Atlanta, the only major business hub it doesn't already serve. Business travelers are key to airlines because they tend to pay higher fares. In an interview with The Associated Press, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly said Atlanta was a "gaping hole in our route system."


Southwest also gains routes to Mexico and the Caribbean, where JetBlue has a big presence.


The buyout is the latest in a wave of consolidation in the airline industry. Continental and United will topple Delta as the largest airline in the world when they combine this week. Delta got the title when it bought Northwest in 2008. In the past 10 years, 10 major airlines have paired off, leaving five fewer.


The deal will leave only four major airlines without suitors: American, US Airways, JetBlue and Alaska Airlines. Several experts suggest the unexpected Southwest deal will pressure American to tie up with US Airways, or possibly JetBlue.

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Which means that....gasp.....the new WN pricing is likely higher than what you could have purchased from a legacy carrier months ago. But, waiting for WN ALWAYS gets you the best deals....right??

Just checked WN for Mar 18-27th LAX-FLL...Yikes :eek:..prices/flight times..might look good to my luggage but not to me !!!!

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Southwest just opened their fares thru June 2011. For those of us up here in the Northeast, the fares don't look too bad. I checked for May and I can get from Manchester to Orlando for $278RT with all taxes (and no luggage fees!). I still think it's a bit early to book my airfare (plus I have a family of 4 and don't have $1100 right now), but I just thought I would post it here for those of you who may want to check it out. :)

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The longer you wait the higher they go. I'm leaving Nov.4 and waited for a sale and never saw one so ended up about $350 for Albany to Fll... and its higher now Think those days of cheap air fares are over

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I have to wait a bit longer, we are not going until 6/30. But hey, at least this time I will be able to book a round trip instead of 2 one ways because the cut off date is in the middle of my trip.

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The longer you wait the higher they go. I'm leaving Nov.4 and waited for a sale and never saw one so ended up about $350 for Albany to Fll... and its higher now Think those days of cheap air fares are over


That is not necessarily true. Last year, for the week that I was interested in, Southwest definitely did not open up with their best deals. Several weeks after the schedule opened the pricing was much better. This year, for the week I wanted, they opened with what I thought was very good pricing and I jumped on it. The pricing soon went up and I have not yet seen it come back down to even close to the level of where they opened.

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Hello folks, been a while since I have needed help from the "Air Forum":)

but was just wondering if anyone has any idea when Airtran would be

releasing the next set of itineraries? Looking for May 2011:)

SW just came out with some and I am looking for JAX to San Diego:D



Thank you:)

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Does anyone have the link or know when SW will open past the first week of June. We are looking for the 17th..




When I was waiting for openings for March 2011, I called SW for the info since I could not find on web page. They gave me a date, but as the poster above stated, you just have to check SW site everyday.

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First, thanks to folks here who made me realize that the w/o 2/21 was Presidents Day week and school vacation time for many. My child is out of HS, and I have lost track of those things. I was planning to sail on 2/19, but air fare was going to be about 1400.00 round trip for the 2 of us flying on the 18th and returning on the 26th. I moved my cruise to the 12th and got 2 round trip tickets for 572.00 (total) and saved 300.00 on the cruise. I am a very happy cruiser right now, but I think it's insanity that 1 week can make a 900.00 difference! Laurie

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