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Mayfield falls? Anyone done??


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Hi! Still trying to decide on what to do in Jamiaca!:rolleyes: Just wonder if anyone has tried this? Would love some reviews! Or other suggestions for a family with an active, looking for adventure, 14 yo boy! :o

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JamaicanTourGuide, can you tell me how far Mayfield Falls is from Montego Bay? We too have an adventurous teenager who would prefer something exciting and adrenaline inducing. We've ruled out Dunn's River Falls because of the drive time. Tell me more about YS falls?


Jacksmom09....sorry for hijacking your thread :/

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Hi jacksmom09,


Mayfield falls is almost 1 hour drive from Negril. The place is always visited by some tourists who like off the beaten path (unlike Dunns which is very touristy today). Please take note that the road to Mayfield is not good. However the drive will be all worth it once you get there.


As someone from Jamaica, I recommend YS falls. They have zipline and rope swing for people who are looking for fun and exciting activities. Another nearby attraction from YS falls is the Black river safari. Your son will enjoy the boat ride ($16.50 per person). They are close to each other that's why most people do both when they are in the area. Also there will be lots of sightseeing along the way.


Some suggestions for kids may be


Rocklands Bird Sanctuary (close to montego bay) - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rocklands-Bird-Sanctuary/102659889789115

Dolphins Cove - http://www.dolphincovejamaica.com/


Hope this helps.


-Alrick Allen

Thanks for the info! That sounds like it is along way from Falmouth!

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To YS about 2 hours.

To Mayfield almost 3.


Some people do the tour but I usually don't recommend if traveling from Falmouth port as its a long drive especially if you don't have enough time.


For other tours I have prepared a handy guide of driving distance between places, as well as list of attractions:



Hope this helps.




Alrick what excursions do you recommend from Falmouth that don't have a lot of drive time involved? We have 4 kids 8, 12, 14 and 15. We were thinking about tubing but don't want to go all the way to Ocho for the White river one. Are there any closer to Falmouth or any other exciting excursions you can recommend that we can all do? Thank you in advance.:confused:

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Hi! Still trying to decide on what to do in Jamiaca!:rolleyes: Just wonder if anyone has tried this? Would love some reviews! Or other suggestions for a family with an active, looking for adventure, 14 yo boy! :o


We went to Mayfield Falls on our last visit to Jamaica. Our son was 16 at the time and enjoyed it. It was only us & another family with the tour guide. I felt like I was in one of those adventure movies where you are trying to get away from the bad guys who are chasing you. One minute we would be walking in ankle deep water and the next step you would be in the water up to your waist (and one time almost up to my neck). :eek: We got some beautiful pictures. I would not hesitate to go again.

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I LOVED Mayfield Falls, but we did it on a land vacation in Negril. It was about a 2 hr ride from there but SOOOO worth it. We LOVED it. The only thing you'd have to worry about is your sailing time and whether or not you'll have enough time to do the trip. If the ship offeres this tour, that's another option. If it's a ship sponsored tour you will get back on the ship for sure. If you are on your own, you just never know!

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We have done Mayfield Fallas twice now and plan to take friends back with us in Feb when we hit MoBay again. Yes - the ride to the fallas is about an hour and would be an E ticket ride at Disney and it is something that your kids will talk about for years - ours still do. It is a wonderful part of the whole experience and a true way to experience the people and culture of Jamaica. Our kids joke that the two things that wear out on vehicles in Jamaica first are brakes and horns. As you see most of the road to and from the falls once you start heading up the mountain is only wide enough for one lane travel and their are hairpin turns all the way up. Your drive will stop before the curve and honk to let oncoming traffic they are coming through. Something our kids had never experienced before Jamaica.


Once you get to the falls you will be amazed by how cool and clear the water is. And it truly is an adventure of all ages. Each time our guides have done a wonderful time of showing the teenagers spots to dive and jump from the trees into the deep water, as well as helping the younger kids and some of the adults not so steady on their feet exactly where to step and the safest path to travel up the falls. There are several places they will let you stop along the way to enjoy the beauty. The guides take their cameras and snap pics all along your tour so if you don't want to bother with that you can but the dvd after your tour for I think $30 last time we were there.


The tour guides are very knowledgeable about the area and on your walk back to the hut wherer you start they will pint out guava trees and let you taste, show you the soap plant and how it works, show you grasses that close up as soon as you touch them - incredible things your kids and you may not have ever seen before.


Some suggestions to make your tour the best it can be: wear water shoes - this is a must for the whole family, you are walking on rocks. When you arrive at the hut they will give you a locker for your valuables. Be prepared that everything you have on you will be wet the whole time so just leave it in the locker - you wont need it till your done. Consider using a tour guide to get you there. I would recommend www.knowjamaica.com because once you are done at the fallas they will take you anywhere else you want to go for the rest of the day and you will probably be very hungry after the tour so have them take you to the Pork Pit for some fantastic jerk!


When you get done - there is quite a trek uphill to get back to your vehicle. Once there - have your driver stop at one of the huts along the road at the top of the mountain for some ice cold water or Red Stripe.


Enjoy yourselves and check out more ibfo at www.mayfieldfalls.com

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