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Posts MOVED to where and why?

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Per the Guidelines we all agreed to follow when registering for our free membership, any off-topic threads on any forum are moved if possible to a more correct forum where they will be on topic. If I am the host that moves your thread off this forum, the redirect information will appear on this forum for 1 week after the thread is moved. The redirect will then disappear. Other hosts may use a different time frame.


Just click the underlined thread title next to the word Moved. It is a redirect to take you to the thread's new and more correct location. Once in the new location, look toward the top of the page where it will show you the new forum and new thread name if your thread was merged into an existing thread.


If it cannot be moved, any off-topic post or thread on this forum will be removed. Especially if it violates any of the Cruise Critic Guidelines. Please refer to the Removal of Posts and Management of this Community sections in our Guidelines.


Click here http://boards.cruisecritic.com/index.php for the list of all Cruise Critic message board forums and be sure to read all Announcement and Sticky posts at the top of the various forums for very important information or instructions before you post.


I sincerely hope this information will be helpful to all! 05.gif


Kat 50.gif

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