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M-Class Cabin Information Compilation - PLEASE - DO NOT POST CABIN QUESTIONS HERE!!!

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hip: Infinity

Revolution  - No 

Cabin: 8176;  Accessible Cabin 

Deck: 8

Class: C1

Area/Location:  AFT

Bed Location / View: Near Bathroom

Quiet?    NOISY - see below

Balcony/Porthole View: Aft

Balcony/Porthole Size: Huge

Wind a Problem? No

Soot a Problem? No

Comments: 1.) aft storage closets almost directly across, all rear cabin stewards used this locker for towels, sheets, supplies, vacuums etc. constant noise, wheeled carts, dirty dishes carts. After evening cabin refresh/ makeups, vacuuming hallways;

2.) Strong sewer smell in bathroom upon embarkation, noted to steward whom came by and cleaned/ chemically treated all drains, smell was a constant, albeit at a lower level due to daily drains cleaning by the Steward.

3.) Cabin steward was very accommodating, polite and helpful.

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CABIN #: 126

DECK #: 9 


AREA: Mid to Aft 

BED NEAR: Bathroom

QUIET?: Mostly 

BALCONY VIEW: Water. There's the over hang and struts. 


WIND A PROBLEM?: Not really 



My husband said he heard noise in the early morning from above, probably the buffet. It wasn't enough to wake me. I heard the odd 'ship' noise through out the night. It was an easy walk up to the buffet which is always nice, and easy elevator ride to Blu. Our steward, Kharlo, was the best I've ever had. 






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On 9/9/2013 at 8:04 AM, helpthejuggler said:



SHIP: Constellation

CABIN #: 7004

DECK #: 7


AREA: Very Front

BED NEAR: Window

QUIET?: Yes, except for early morning noise (see below)






This cabin had 2 upper Pullman bunks, which I believe is unusual (most only have 1), and my 2 teenagers slept in them just fine and were very comfortable.  Having 2 Pullmans (instead of having one of the beds come out of the chair/couch) opens up more space in cabin that feels a bit tight with 4 adult-sized people.  So, that's a big plus.


The location was very convenient and the seas were smooth, so it worked out from that perspective.  But, we were awoken several mornings at about 5:30 am by sounds of the ship we hadn’t heard in our other cabin locations.  One morning, it sounded like an anchor was being lowered (even though I don’t think that’s what it was) and a few other mornings I think it was an outside door just below the bridge that was also accompanied by a warning bell.  It wasn’t super major, but getting awoken early like that was annoying enough that I would avoid this cabin and the immediate location in the future even though the 2 Pullmans was a plus.

August 2019.



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SHIP: Infinity
CABIN: 9137
CLASS: A2 Aqua
AREA: ???
BED NEAR: bathroom
QUIET?: Ok, we heard some running noise from above (Oceanview Cafe), probably because it was holidays season and plenty of kids aboard running around.
BALCONY VIEW: overhang
COMMENTS: We chose this location with overhang to get some shade from August Mediterranean sun (Aug 10-17, 2019 sailing) and this cabin was nicely between the huge bulky overhang parts of Oceanview Cafe. Perfectly shady and still not too much obstruction of the views. We were also pleasantly surprised, that the bathroom shower had glass doors, not the clingy shower curtain as we were expecting!








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On 3/8/2019 at 9:43 AM, hvbaskey said:

Ship:                                     Summit

Revolution (2019 onwards)  Yes

Cabin:                                   7165

Deck: #                                  7

Class:                                    2A Balcony

Area/Location:                       Aft-Port

Bed Location / View:             Wall-facing

Quiet?                                   Yes

Balcony/Porthole View:         Excellent

Balcony/Porthole Size:          Standard

Wind a Problem?                   No

Soot a Problem?                    No

Comments:                            Located about 5 cabins from aft elevators, toward mid-ship, at a jog in the hallway, so it's easy to find.  

Across from housekeeping service area.  No noise from housekeeping, but they do store cleaning cart, laundry, etc. in 'jog' while servicing cabins, which did not cause us any problems.

Plenty of storage, but 'long' hanging area was not long enough for a long dress, 'short' area was not long enough for men's shirts.  My pop-up hamper crowded the closet.  

The big chair is too small for two people.  

The TV is on the wall at the foot of the bed.  It sticks out 3 - 4 inches from the wall and makes it impossible to walk past the bed without bending to get out of the TV's way.  

No sheer curtains.  Too bright at sunrise and sunset.  If you have to keep the black-out drapes closed for dock-side privacy or light control, you might as well book an inside room.



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On 9/9/2013 at 8:04 AM, helpthejuggler said:

On the ever popular S class thread it was asked...


"Is there a similar thread for the M Class ships?"


I could not think of a good reason why there would not be....so here it is.


Same format as S-Class...


CABIN #9164❤️:

DECK #:9


AREA:aft facing

BED NEAR:Center wall

QUIET?:not always







Handicap Accessible - probably half again as big as neighboring cabins.


Plenty of room for a scooter, wheelchair and supplies needed next to the bed.


5’1” lady - had a wee bit of a launch into the bed.  I’ll be taking my foldable step on next Summit Sailing.


Storage - good

  good size bed size tables

  desk a bit short in depth

  closet?  Too small for hanging 

       Garments.  We took a hanging

       Shoe organizer - helpful

  lots of drawer space

  hated/didn’t use glass front

       Cabinets - who wants to look

       At our things stuffed in there


Bathroom - wowza

  ramp up into bathroom part of

       The carpeted floor

  big shower - GREAT fold down

        Seat - use hand towel to not


  can hold your daughter’s sweet 

         16 party in there



  Good thing there are plenty of 

        Seats.  This will take your 

        Breath away

  private except under panels 

        Between balconies but our

        Neighbors were cool

   Needs a tall table to sit around

        And gab, write postcards, etc

  NOISE from bar just upstairs can

        Be annoying.  If you are a light

        Sleeper, this cabin will be

        Troublesome- chairs dragging

   Permanent ramp in and out


This Cabin was especially bouncy when we had a bit of sea.  More so than the aft facing cabins on Royal Caribbean’s Radiance Class.  More

silly to stand but my horrible right knee was AWFUL the next day.


Oh yes, one more note about cabinetry. 


We brought a roll of 3M blue tape.  It’s tape for exterior marine use.  It can be used outside in the sun and still be easily removed a week or more later.  We brought it to tape up the Nautical Charts we always bring.


in our 12-18 hours of bouncy seas we needed this tape for the cabinet door which were banging like crazy.


We loved this cabin so much we booked it today for a Canada/New England trip. 

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SHIP: Millennium 
CABIN: 7180
DECK: 7 
AREA: starboard aft
BED NEAR: bathroom
QUIET?: No issue except for when 7178 occasionally let their door slam, loud and the whole adjoining wall would even move
BALCONY VIEW: good, partial overhang
BALCONY SIZE: larger than most
COMMENTS: Loved th extra deep balcony as well as the proximity to the aft stairs, three flights up to the buffet, three flights down to Dining room meant we worked off at least a few of the calories those two venues were adding on!

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Ship: Constellation (3-22 September 2019 Back-to-Back cruise)

Revolution (2019 onwards) - No

Cabin: 3142

Deck: 3

Class: , OV 

Area/Location: Aft ,Starboard, near the aft elevators and stairs.

Bed Location: Wall-facing forward

Quiet? Yes, for the most part.

Balcony/Porthole View: Good

Balcony/Porthole Size: Over-sized.

Wind a Problem? N/A

Soot a Problem? N/A

Comments: Great location being near the after elevators/stairs and getting down to the gangway. The hallways are quiet with the exception of people constantly slamming their doors. Why can't people close the door gently instead of letting it close by itself? The cabin is near the aft, so it had an engine hum. Not disturbing at all. Our cabin attendant, John was great!  He's from India and quite friendly and helpful.  Big issue with the a/c. The a/c worked but there was no air flow. There's a flat square panel in the ceiling covering the opening of the air vent. The air comes out horizontally, instead of downward, so we never felt any cool air. Twice the engineers came by but nothing was done to improve on the air flow. I finally got a fan from guest relations and used it to help circulate the air. I had to keep the drapes completely closed (so I ended up with an "inside" cabin), as the over-sized porthole brought in a lot of the heat from the day, along with the lack of good air flow. Sometimes after I showered and dressed, I would head to the women's bathroom near the conference room and put my make up on. While I liked the location, I probably wouldn't book this cabin, or any in the same area again. 

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SHIP: Summit
CABIN: 8166
DECK: 8 
AREA: Starboard aft (corner FV)
BED NEAR: Bathroom (there are two rooms in this stateroom; the bed in the main room is next to the bathroom)
QUIET?:  Extremely quiet, although you can hear the singer(s) performing at the Sunset Bar when you are on the balcony (this was not a problem for us)
BALCONY VIEW: fantastic; sweeping aft-facing view, as well as starboard side view
BALCONY SIZE: huge; it's really a private deck
COMMENTS:  This is a fabulous stateroom for two people; I can't speak to what it would be like for more than that.  (It's usually held for booking by families of 4 or 5.)  I posted a thorough review of this stateroom, with photos, here:



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Ship: Millenium 

Revolution Yes (June 2019)

Cabin: 6143 

Deck: 6

Class: C1

Area/Location:  Port almost AFT

Bed Location: Near Bathroom

Quiet?    Very Quiet

Balcony/View: Port almost Aft

Balcony Size: Good size (room for footrests, a larger table or loungers)

Wind a Problem? No

Soot a Problem? No

Comments:  Beautiful, quiet cabin with a wonderful cabin attendant. We would choose this cabin again.







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