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All Things EARTH... part 2

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Laurie...not boring at all! I love all this. It is very much what I am doing also.


I love that spring green color. It is reminding me of the formal dining room chairs that I had in GA. Very much that spring green. Very cheerful green without being neon about it. I found that it went with everything really. It would go with all sorts of seasonal decorations too.


Seeing your fall photos are wonderful. It is so far from what I am dealing with right now...it is lovely to see. I like your layers and your color mixes. Fall is really the season when it is so fab to be earth...all the mixing and matching of the easy to find and typical colors just works so well and it feels like the one season when we can really do that. It's just not as easy to wear a rusty orange and olive green combo in summer or spring.


The area you went to looks gorgeous. Looking forward to more photos!

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Laurie , Your pictures are great . Fall is the one season I really miss . I think your green choice is spot on for a couch . It will look so great .

I recently ordered new curtains for my dining room and kitchen . They are sage green .The dining room ones are a leaf print and the kitchen ones are solid sage green . The match perfectly and I bought them on amazon . They were so inexpensive I could not believe it .Last place I would ever look for curtains . 

We are trying to figure out the holidays . Thanksgiving we have usually gone out to a restaurant for but that is not happening this year . Christmas we usually have a large party with Gary's family but that is doubtful .So we are playing it by ear and hoping for the best . 

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Laurie, fabulous pictures. I especially like the one of you in the green sweater...your colors. 

I finally found what I wanted to decorate with for fall...LED glass pumpkins. They will go from September 1 thru Thanksgiving. Melody





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Melody, I love the glass pumpkins.  I was looking at a few myself the other day.  I actually found some gorgeous ones right in the grocery store.  Wegmans isn't really ordinary...it kind of has a cult following almost, lol.  I LOVE Wegmans.  I think it would be a factor if I were to move.  Is there a Wegmans there?  No?  I guess we can't move then.


Anyway, I want to get two of them this week.  They have two sizes in a really neat brownish color.  They were well priced for the quality.  Most of the ones I have found were very expensive for some reason.


I love the little butternut squash too.  


Let's see, where did I leave off?  


Okay, the day we visited Keene.  It was a fun way to spend the day, just driving around and taking pictures, breathing in the fresh air.  We didn't eat lunch, so we were kind of hungry and opted to have dinner at a favorite restaurant at around 4:30.  The restaurant is called the Great Adirondack Brewing Company.  It used to be called the Great Adirondack Steak and something or another.  The menu is different than it once was, as there isn't big variety of steaks.  It is still a nice place to eat.  


I don't know about you, buy I try to get things I normally would not when we travel.  So I went with the braised short rib.  It was very tasty.  I am trying to remember what my husband had, and I've already forgotten.  Isn't that awful?  I also forgot take pictures of the food.  I did remember to take a photo of the beer flight though!!




These are 4 ounce glasses, served in a skillet, of their beers.  They choose, but they generally have 7 beers in rotation, so a flight of 7 is the current offering.  I'm not sure how many beer drinkers there are in the group, but this is what you are seeing: closest to you is Haystack Blonde.  It has some nice citrusy notes.  The left of that is Ausable Wulff.  It's a red ale and my husband's favorite of the group.  Next up is Whiteface Stout.  That was tasty - coffee and chocolate, and award winning.  Next up, at the very top, is John Brown IPA.  This was a really interesting beer.  I enjoyed it.  I have never had a beer with a pine aroma to it.  It worked surprising well.  Next was Adirondack Abbey Ale.  This was my favorite, hands down.  I just found out I can order it and have it shipped.  I might just do that.  It is not sold anywhere but the restaurant/brewery and by mail.   Then we've got another stout called Glazed Eyes.  It is a chocolate stout made with chocolate glazed donuts.  I kid you not.  It was good, but I could overlook it easily and drink the other stout instead.  In the middle is Face Full of Pumpkin.  I have always loved their pumpkin beer.  This was a different version than in the past.  Good, but not my favorite.


I wore my daytime outfit again, which you saw yesterday.  That green sweater worked like a coat, and we loved it.  We found a candy shop that sold homemade fudge, and took some chocolate walnut fudge back to the hotel for dessert.


I left out a stop we made before dinner...Goosewatch Winery has a tasting room in the village, and we've always enjoyed stopping there.  With Covid, it is set up very differently.  They have a total seating area for 6 right now.  It is broken up into three set of 2, spaced at least 6 feet apart.  In New York, you have to have serve food in order to serve alcohol right now.  They were not exactly following the rules, but close enough, I guess.  They gave us 3 Hershey's Chocolate Kisses.


I admit my wine tastes have changed over the years.  This is more an enjoyment thing than it is about the wine.  And the company was great.  My husband is so much fun on our trips.


I know it doesn't sound like we do much in the evening, but everything starts to close up around 5 there right now.   Whiteface, Little Whiteface, etc., have activities based on it being light outside, and they are currently only open on the weekends.  This didn't damper our spirits at all.  It was fun to be back at the hotel, watching playoff baseball and talking about our day.


The next day we really wanted to be able t do something other than just drive, so we went through the list:  Whiteface Mountain, Little Whiteface, Olympic Ski Lift, Olympic Museum, High Falls Gorge...all closed.  So we were eating breakfast at The Dancing Bear Restaurant, the same place we had breakfast the day before.  I grabbed a pamphlet I found for Ausable Chasm.  We called, and they were open!    I was very excited, and then realized I didn't pack workout clothing.  I decided to wear the long sleeved knit top I wore on the first day with jeans and sneakers.  I always throw sneakers in the car, in case I need them.  And off we went.




They ask that you wear your mask when passing others, or when you can't maintain 6 feet of distance.  I have to tell you, I am so used to wearing it that sometimes we just forget.  At one point, we were driving and both of us had our masks on in the car.  We got a good laugh out of that.  


Here is map of this area:


Ausable Chasm trail map


We did the first three trails.  The last one was not currently open.  The have another one that is very adventurous, but that is closed for the season.


The first two pretty basic.  There are stairs, some ups and downs, and some unique walkways.  I am scared of heights a bit, so I reminded myself that I can do this.  And I did.  Here are a bunch of pictures from the first two trails.







If you look at this last picture, you will see the steep stairs  and the walkway at the top.  It's not roomy, and you have to duck.  My husband got a good picture or two of how that area is set up, but it doesn't look like he sent it to me.  I will look again, and post it if I find it.  





I definitely need to get some more of his pictures.  He left some out.  


The third trail was a bit different.  It was a hike through one of the dry chasms.  There was a lot of climbing over rocks  without much of anything to hold on to.  It wasn't steep, but you needed to watch your footing as you were up and down a lot.


Great exercise, and a lot of fun.  It was so serene and beautiful.  The temperature was about 60 and sunny.  I would have wanted a light sweater in normal circumstances, but with the movement we were getting, I was very comfortable.


I will share more photos tomorrow.  Its hard to pick favorite photos when the scenery is so beautiful.

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You look great Laurie! There's something about being able to see you in "normal" clothing. I think my mental image of you is associated more with a red formal/semi-formal dress LOL. Or any number of other dresses this hiking outfit really shows off your lovely shape in a different way. 


Funny about the masks in a way. DH and I have done that...walked all the way to the car and still had our masks on, but usually we're really happy to rip those things right off when we leave a store. DH is wearing one all day at work so he's wearing one a lot more than I am...you are probably the same way with work I guess. I get the whole wearing a mask when you can't keep distance...and maybe there is some lingering that happens with all the stairs and the lookouts...I've been in places similar to that...so I guess the request to wear a mask even outside makes sense, but I must say...kind of a bummer. Maybe it isn't so bad in the cooler weather? We are still in the heat and humidity here...wearing the masks outside at all is awful.


Such a beautiful place that is. And the changes colors! So nice. Earlier this year...shortly after the holidays...DH and I had talked about the possibility of taking a road trip to find some fall color. We talked about possibly going back up to NC and the Blue Ridge Pkwy area or somewhere else around that general area. There is no feeling of fall at all around here. And after experiencing our first fall further south again...we had missed the colors and thought to do something about that this year. DH's work isn't really conducive to that idea though...not right now anyway...and I don't think I want to spend the time it would take to drive to the colors for only one or two nights.


So anyway...I'm very much enjoying seeing your pictures.


Oh...most of the brews sound yummy. Very good descriptions. DH and I are really into craft brews...I could imagine the different ones from what you said. I don't recall ever finding a good pumpkin brew though. There's something special about going to the brewery and having it there.


I recall Wegman's from when DH had his apartment up there. There was a Wegman's near DH's work in NJ...that was a GREAT store. It wasn't the same as Central Market in Texas...which, for anyone that knows THAT store...that's an amazing grocery store...but it was very much in a similar vein as Central Market in many ways. I know what you mean about liking your grocery store and being reluctant to move away from it...that is the one thing that is always the hardest with the moving...especially if you have a good one. 

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Melody ,I love the glass pumpkins . 

Anita , I laughed when you described the weather hot & humid . Late October and November are great weather months . Nice breeze,low humidity my favorite time of year .

Laurie , nice pictures . I am glad you had a nice time .

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Sally...LOL the weather has improved quite a bit. We camped out on Friday night. We went to the Kissimmee Prairie Preserve Park which is an official dark park. The temperature wasn't bad at all. We fell asleep on top of our bed and then in the middle of the night it was actually cool enough to get under the covers LOL.


But we did some major yard work...we took down a dilapidated trellis that was covered in star jasmine...so we took the plant off the trellis (and the roof LOL) and then the next day we took down the trellis and the humidity was fierce. Part of it was the rain...which was on and off...but still. I'm still looking forward to the day when I don't have to dry out our work clothes before I can put them in the laundry LOL.


IDK if that will ever happen though... Funny how it feels like the rest of the country is gearing up for their more indoor focused season and we are now entering a time where we are going to get a lot done outdoors! I don't know how much planting we will actually do this autumn...we are focused on planning and hoping to get some hardscaping and other construction work to prepare for some specific spring planting.


I need to call to see if we need any sort of permit for building some walls to create a courtyard in the front yard. I know we would need a permit for fence work but I don't know if walls qualify as fences per se. One motivation to get this done is that I want the walls for additional flood protection. I can see a stain on the stucco of the front stoop where water had come up at some point in the past. It didn't reach above the foundation of the house but it was close enough. You never know what previous people have done in your house...like, did they use any sand bags in that instance? Or was that when they established the sand bag collection in the shed? KWIM? So anyway, the idea of the courtyard walls is to create a decorative, permanent flood wall that will just have a walkway opening that we would have to sandbag in the future.


This is actually something of a high priority. We're planning a cinder block wall that we will eventually face with some sort of stone facing.


I love courtyards though. Something about that outside room is very appealing for me. I don't want the walls to be privacy walls though. I want to achieve the courtyard wall feeling from strategic plantings with a wall that is more like a pony wall. 


Meanwhile, in the backyard, we'll be getting underway with construction of our fire pit area. We came back from camping and bought a simple steel ring very similar to what is at all the campsites. Classic. We put it in the ground like a biscuit cutter and are planning on trying it out to verify that we like our placement before we actually build the whole patio seating area. Hopefully we can get a break in the rain to be able to have a fire soon.

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Anita, you certainly have lots of projects planned. I think court yards are so nice and a great way to enjoy the front of a home, Where we are there are many Spanish style homes with court yards but on our walks I notice some adding a court yard to other style homes and I wonder if this is partly because so many are spending time at home right now and this expands outdoor space. Most court yards here will have outdoor furniture, potted plants etc. Seems like a nice way to keep in touch with the neighbors. 

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Sharon...yes, so many projects. There isn't a time table though...just plans...and deciding what is the highest priority and/or what we can afford to do. LOL. 


Courtyards are a prominent feature in AZ too...and the Spanish style is very conducive to a courtyard. Our home is one of those 1980s homes that has features that borrow from all different styles of architecture to create a mismatched, confused looking home. It also has one of the ugliest roof lines I've ever seen...but I think that a courtyard to really help with the overall look. I think courtyard walls could help balance the roof lines...as weird as that sounds. 


And I do think it would be a great place for being social with the neighbors.


Mom's Bestie started a thing in her neighborhood when she moved in. She called it Sunset Cocktails and the idea was just that people would gather with their drink of choice...out in the street or a driveway...maybe even bring your own chair...and enjoy the sunset for a happy, social cocktail hour. I've always thought that was a lovely idea. I do envision something similar. We live on a cul-de-sac now...I never have before...and I think we could enjoy some neighborly socializing between that and a courtyard.


I'm thinking about making some cardboard forms for "walls" to test out exactly where to build the walls. Our office will overlook the courtyard...so I'm thinking about a water feature and maybe a fireplace incorporated into one of the walls. I don't want it to be jumbled though and have too much going on...

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Sally...I agree with you. I just need to call and verify. 


Our cul-de-sac is pretty low key...my entire neighborhood is really. There are many original or original family owners and so there are a lot of retirees around and the benefit of that is that there are people around the neighborhood at all hours. It doesn't have that empty during the day feel. In today's environment especially, I think a front outdoor room would be lovely for socializing...I'm quite excited for it.


My slippers came. I ordered the same slippers as Margaret. But I got the FairIsle style. 


https://www.landsend.com/products/womens-felt-animal-scuff-slippers/id_316032?attributes=37458&source=GS&currency=USD&geo=US&skumv=5490519&cm_mmc=139971612&SC=pla_brand&CMPGN=11383290717&ADGRP=114185175009&KYW=&MT=&DV=c&PID=5490519&TRGT=pla-588917783652&CH=Google AdWords&_cclid=Google_EAIaIQobChMIo4KOztjK7AIVxsDACh1JlQ0XEAQYASABEgImqvD_BwE&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIo4KOztjK7AIVxsDACh1JlQ0XEAQYASABEgImqvD_BwE&STZGW8IXD644NAQXYWA92CKY76SLQ8XMRZ3INVO85935JHD6P72YE2N31JVCJ5W651R7ZSW1MV6QGN96A6MXTXA9N3CQ1RZRNRXN82UI1LGBV58UO6ZO02FZSS3P8B4IVSLVNC4PIIEG3F80VV3HWQ4XB6GDNLKNXQZRR55W1SM0WSXOJR9HEZIYUG8V56T2OC3BGMTI=&promotion-code=SUBSCRIBE&promotion-pin=98765


I caught a good sale...so if anyone else wanted a pair, I would wait...


I don't necessarily need these fluffy slippers rn but I do need house shoes with my hard floors and these are working for me.

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10 hours ago, purduemom1 said:

Thanks, may have to give them a try. My LL Beans’s are starting to wear out although I really love them. Unfortunately, there have been some changes made and the reviews aren’t as good as when I bought mine.

I love my Minnetonka Sherpa slippers. 17 this morning 🙄 & hardwood floors, Sherpa feels good!!!

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I love those slippers.  I wear slippers all the time, for so many reasons: to keep from slipping, keep my feet warm, etc.  


when I went to the link, it said 50% off.  I think the sheep are cute, as well as the bulldog.  🙂 

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Sally I'm with you, I normally like socks for around the house, especially in the apartment where the floors are always warm. At the lake, though, slippers are nice in the cooler seasons when the wood floors get a little chill from the basement. I also like that I can slip them off if I'm on the couch (I almost never just "sit" on a couch lol) or if I'm just too warm. If I'm doing laundry I don't like just socks on the basement floor, so they are handy to slip on for that too.


Sharon, I bought mine as a replacement for an old pair (20 years?) when I literally had my big toe begin to poke out the front. I liked them so much it was hard to imagine another pair, but these are great. Maybe they will wear out sooner because of the applique, but that's what makes them so cute!


Laurie, I am enjoying your posts very much, both about the decorating and about the trip. I remember as a child in grade school seeing a movie in school about the Au Sable river in Michigan. It runs into Lake Huron. I am completely unfamiliar with that area of New York, but it looks like a nice mini-vacation and your pictures are gorgeous.


I have a green couch at the lake and I love it so much. Because it's a color from nature, it works like a neutral, but fresher, when you have lots of windows with trees and grass in the view. At the same time, it doesn't have that "I decorated my house to look like a Florida condo" look either, where the greens and the blues are just not quite the right ones for up here. I can't wait to see your end product photos!


I have never made curtains. I have hemmed store-bought ones, and in the 80's when valances were popular I made some of those. I think my days of sewing costumes kind of burnt me out of long sewing projects because I wouldn't make just one. I would figure out how best to make one and then I'd have to make 3 or 5 or more. I don't mind mending and altering, though.


This weekend my two projects are decorating my car for tonight's community Trunk or Treat, and writing a COVID-19 policy for our POA and the clubhouse. Our employees are making noise about leaving because the clubhouse committee has hired contractors to work in and on the building without establishing any guidelines. All they say is "everyone is being careful." One of the committee members even had a maskless wedding for 50 people recently, and he has been in and out the building several times without saying anything about cleaning up after himself. One has to assume not. Our poor office manager is running around with wipes every morning cleaning everything and trying to figure out who has been where in the building. It's ridiculous.


So, I'd rather be planting mums and tidying the garden, but as it's another cloudy day I'm not in a rush to get outside. 🙂


Sally, this top made me think of you!







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One thing I noticed at our gym was that the first time we were there, people were good about their masks.  The second time, I was seeing people move their masks down to talk, and then kind of leave them there.  Since it was one or two people, I thought maybe it was just oversight, that they forgot.  The next time it was worse.


Then my husband went into quarantine, so I didn't make any unnecessary trips.  When we went back on Wednesday, in addition to all their usual signs, they had a new, larger one right where you check in that said masks had to be worn at ALL times, and,  they really, really emphasized all.  My guess is that their were some complaints, and rightfully so.  I had planned to complain myself if I went in and people weren't wearing them. 


Everyone was wearing their masks, and had their noses as well as their mouth covered.  Today too.  Speaking of today, I'm sore, lol.  I must have done a few too many weights or something.  


We are still contemplating a home gym, but it will be a while.  


So we priced out the couch.  I knew that adding on the firmer cushions and things like taxes or warranties, as well as the type of fabric would all play a role.  It came out where I expected, without the warranty.  My husband initially said we should wait.  We knew going in that we good the complete written estimate, since it is considered custom furniture.  You pick the size, type of arms, fabric, etc.


After we ran some of other errands, my husband said that maybe we should go ahead and order it now, so we are likely going back in the next day or two to take care of that.  I told him that the company that makes these is right here in New York, and I never knew it.  It's the same company we used for our sectional.  That is an added bonus for me.  We are supporting a New York State company, which really makes a difference to me.


I am excited about the projects I have planned.  They will keep me busy into January, because we have Thanksgiving coming, Christmas, etc.  But I am thinking those are going to be so much different than it the past.  The simplicity may be a good thing.  I've been trying to slow down, simplify and enjoy things more so this is in the same direction.  We will see how it works out.  Essentially though, work keeps me pretty busy and these are things that I need stretches of time to do, such a weekend.  


Did I ever tell you that I finished painting that little table?  It came out cute, but I haven't posted a picture yet because I ordered this little pottery bowl to put on it, and it hasn't come in yet.  I like to find unique vintage items, or homemade things.  My husband's mom was a wonderful painter, who spent some time teaching ceramics as well. He has a love for handmade items as well.  I have a few pottery pieces here and there, and when I saw this particular bowl, I loved it, but it was too tiny and she offered to make a larger one for me.  

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High of 15 degrees & snow showers. Hope we get enough snow to put out those horrible wildfires. Glad we did absentee voting, Monday & Tuesday are going to be awful!  Likely below zero temps tonight & tomorrow. Les is happy, I’m making banana bread & smothering a pork loin with pearl onions & tomatoes. Melody

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OMG Melody...that is just crazy. I mean, it's not so unusual to have snow in October...it's just the contrast to my weather that is crazy. I know our high yesterday was 87 and today was similar. AND it's time to start planting here in Florida. It's also possible to be planting a bit later but we have enough good weather still, we're giving it a go and moving forward with our garden plans.


We went to a day of workshops over the weekend at a local nursery that specializes in edibles education and growing olive and avocado trees on their farm...but they are also a nursery and do have other edibles that they bring in and also grow themselves for sale. For anyone in the know with such terms...we're talking about permaculture, food forests, fruit guilds, etc. Anyway...we purchased 5 blackberry plants, 3 blueberry bushes, and 2 baby olive trees! (The olive trees are in 5" pots LOL) We planted the blackberries yesterday and today I bought a few more plants to round out that bed that I will plant tomorrow.


I purchased several strawberry plants today and funny enough...I'm getting information that strawberries are sometimes grown as annuals here in Florida and I might expect a spring harvest? So weird! Maybe they can't survive the summer? We shall learn...

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It is so strange with weather.  Fall is such a quick, fleeting season.  Not too long ago, I'm enjoying the leaves with some crisp air.  Then I am enjoying an Indian summer day of mid 70s.  This week, it has been very cool and rainy, and most of the leaves are on the ground.


I started my work on the kitchen curtains!  So far, so good.  I will have them finished this weekend, and they will probably be hung up immediately.  I am taking my time, because I want to be sure I do them right.  Most of the time, I don't have a ton of time in the evening after work anyway, you know?  


The rest of the fabric I ordered has come in, and the grommets are supposed to arrive tomorrow.   We went and ordered the couch on Monday as well.  It's funny, because she asked if we wanted the same fabric for the two pillows that come with it, or a different fabric.  Well, I always go for a different fabric, but I hadn't thought about it and then she said that if we got the same color, we could always use the pillows on the chair, since I like things to all go together well.  So that is what we did.


I couldn't remember if I shared that previously or not, lol.  


One thing I was thinking about with the couch is the pillows and having a throw.  I have mentioned quite a few times that I wanted a lighter feel to the room, and for it to be a comfortable elegance, I guess you could say.  i am loving the fresh feel of the color we ordered for the couch, and the curtains are going to look great.  I can do quite a few different things, depending on the direction I want to go in.  Here are just some random ideas.


This one here, in tobacco. I love texture.  This may be a bit heavier looking than I want though.



This is a little blah, but at the same time, it seems like it has a bit of understated elegance to it.  I was looking at oatmeal, since it may pick up the chairs nicely.




While I don't migrate to fur normally, this caught my eye.  It might be fun to have something unexpected, but it doesn't say fresh to me so I will likely not go in this direction.




So those were just totally random, from Pottery Barn, and they are all expensive.  I was just looking for some ideas on what appeals to me.  Out of the three, I think the more "blah" boucle one might work.  It's fun to look and figure it out.  I find that if I ask myself certain key words, it helps me to see if I am putting things together the way I want.  While I want a lighter feel, my main goal was not to be too dark or dull.  The couch color is going to be so nice.  Some ivory or natural type fabric for the pillows and or throw will be keeping with the look. 


Now for a completely different topic here, have any of you dealt with migraines?  Years ago, I had a few episodes where I had a horrible headache, very different from what I had ever had before, and I had a great deal of trouble with my vision.  They only occurred a few times, and were not drawn out.  I had it checked out, and was told it was ocular migraines.


A few months ago, I had it happen again, but they were much more severe.  I had three or four of them over about a 4 day span.  At one point, I went home early because I could barely see.  I went to my doctor, who prescribed Sumatriptan.  I used it once after it was prescribed.  That particular episode was not severe, and it seemed to help although I didn't love the side effects.  Still, it was much better than having a migraine.


Then today, it happened again.  I could tell by the way it was getting worse that I should take one of the pills, which I did.  He told me that if it didn't work, I could take a second one, which I did.  Eventually, it took the edge off but my vision was pretty bad for a while.  It is still off a bit.


Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here has had the issue?  Migraines are so much different than a headache.  I am trying to figure out if there is a trigger for them that I can avoid.




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