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WiFi on Queen Elizabeth

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The WiFi is best described as slow and expensive. I was not able to find the list of charges, the closest I came was a statement that for $45 you would get 120 minutes of time. There is a very expensive per minute charge.


There is also an elaborate sign on, sign off process, and unless you complete the sign off process you will exhaust your time. As you move up through the frequent sailor status you get additional hours of complementary internet time. 2 for Gold, 2 more for Platinum, and 2 more for Diamond, and that is per person.


They do not allow VOIP, Skype or Movies of any kind. And depending on where you are the internet may not be available as it is satellite delivered. Wifi may not work in some parts of the ship, and some have reported the necessity of keeping their stateroom doors open for a connection. There are wired connection computers in the Connexions area.


In other words, it's not like land.

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What’s the Wi-fi like and what packages are available.


# 2 from here https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2495147

may help. from


"As far as I know, Cunard have not yet implemented any internet plans that offer unlimited usage for a fixed daily fee such as the Voom packages you may be used to on Royal Caribbean. Cunard still charges per minute for internet access. You can purchase blocks of minutes for internet access once you are on board. Here are the prices I have from last August.


Pay as you go: $0.75 per minute

2 hours: $47.95

4 hours: $89.95

8 hours: $167.95


There is usually an embarkation special that provides extra minutes if you purchase one of these time plans on the first day of the voyage. That embarkation special typically adds 15 minutes to the 2-hour plan, 25 minutes to the 4-hour plan, and 50 minutes to the 8-hour plan for no additional cost."





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