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11-16-17 Thursday Weigh-In..Come One Come All..Two Months Of Holiday's

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Come One Come All

Did You Hear The Call


Holiday's Months Are Here

Let's Lose Weight/Stay The Same This Holiday Year


Won't It Be Nice Not To Have A Gain

We Can Do It Together Without Pain


Weigh-In Every Thursday Every Week

Help You Not Have A Gain You Seek


Holiday Food And Drink All Around I Know

Can Enjoy A little But We Also Have To Say No


Let's Help Each Other By Giving Help And Tips

Thinking About Weigh-In Will Help What We Pass Through Our Lips


So Come One Come All This Thursday

So Welcome To The New Members Who Come To Stay


Come Back Our Friends Of Old We Miss You ..You Hear

Doesn't Matter If Gained Or Not We Want You Back Here

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Hi Belle,. Great to have you back. Thanks for the poem.


I think Mike left for his cruise (or is soon).. Have a great time.


I lost 1 lb. :'). Was so hoping for more. So, 1 down, 4 more to go to get back to pre-cruise weight. Ugh!


Hope everyone else had success.


Can't believe the holidays are upon us.



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Wow that's quite the Jingle :D

I didn't check in last week because I was up 2lbs and kinda depressed about it. I know, silly but true.

I'm now down 10/93. Slowly but surely this will happen

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Hey guys. Actually just getting on the road tomorrow morning. Cruise isn’t until Sunday so we’re taking our time and seeing some of the southeast on the way.

I’m up one, which honestly is better than I expected.

I’ll tweak my routine and set my next goal once I’m back home. No worries til then though.

I’ll likely post some updates online somewhere throughout if anyone is interested. Once I figure out where I’ll post a link.

Congrats on your losses guys! And keep up the good work. Someone needs to because it’s not going to be me. [emoji846]

Have a great weekend!!



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If you are interested in my notes from the trip, they’ll be posted on spridlewv dot com

(Not entirely sure why traditional links are frowned upon here)





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Belle and Diana, welcome back from your cruises. Mike, I hope that you have a great time on your cruise.


Things have been crazy for me lately. My DH and I went to Canada for a family wedding, my son severely tore the ligaments on both sides of his ankle as well as a slight fracture and my 5 year old granddaughter was hospitalized. I have been so preoccupied that I just never got around to posting here.


My granddaughter is out of the hospital and doing great. My son is still not recovered but he is hoping to at least be off crutches soon. He has at least another 4-6 weeks recovery time left.


I have been up and down with my weight these past few weeks. Right now I am down from my highest. I still have 10 lbs to go to my final goal weight. I seem to lose and then gain back the same 10 lbs.


I hope that everyone else is doing well.



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Diana a good loss. Yes the Holiday's are coming so fast! Know you'll

get the cruise weight off. Probably a little harder with Holidays coming

but know you will.


Lizette Glad you came in. Please don't stay away if you gain. We all

have are ups and downs. We're all in the same "boat"!


Mike Bon Voyage! Yes would like to read updates. I had planned to but

as you know time goes by having fun. So if you have time..write! Yes

enjoy yourself. Walk a lot, it does help. Know you'll get right back on

track when you come home.


Rose so good to see you. Sorry your family is going through so much.

Glad you and your husband had some time to enjoy.

Glad your granddaughter is doing well and hope your son gets well

sooner then expected. They say last ten pounds are the hardest.

I hope you keep coming in now.


Alright let all the rest of the "oldtimers and newtimers" come on back in.

We miss you.

shootr did the dog get out again and run to Alaska and

your chasing him? Run back here. All the rest of YOU...

Run Back Here Too!

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HI all!


Belle ~ nice to have you & your ditties back!


Rose ~ so sorry to hear of your family's health problems & hope all is well soon. Where in Canada did you go?


Lizette ~ nice to have another Ontarian on the thread!


Well, I'm pleased to say I lost the 0.8 lbs I gained the previous week & the 0.2 from the 2.2 I gained on the cruise. Down a pound! I've started counting calories again with MFP & doing my Wii Fit so hope to go down some more.


Keep checking in whether you gain or lose as yes, we all are in the same boat!!


~ Jo ~ :)

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Jo good job. Glad your back on track.


When I wrote before forgot to post what I did. I lost

a pound. Helpped that I didn't go food shopping for awhile

when I got back.


Now we have the weekend and Thanksgiving to get through.



Thinking I will do weigh-in on Wed. because Thursday is

Thanksgiving and you all could be busy.


Post here your tips to help us on Thanksgiving on......

Eating and drinking?


Mine is go out to eat..no leftovers!

Another.. eat big salad first, eat less of other stuff.

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Jo, we were in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The wedding was held at The White Oaks Resort and Spa. It is very beautiful there. The weather didn't co-operate for us but that is okay. They had planned an outdoor wedding but had a back up plan in place. It was drizzly and very windy the day of the wedding, so everything was moved indoors. I thought it was kind of naïve to plan an outside wedding in Canada in mid October.



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Wow, so many updates.


Rose, sorry to hear about your son and granddaughter. Hope they are on the mend soon!


Lizette, you are on your way to your goal. All good.


Jo, glad you lost.


Mike, we always like to hear how things are going on someone's cruise.


Belle, good loss but still impressed with your no-gain cruising! Wednesday weigh-in works for me.


Have a good Sunday.



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Hey guys. Taking a rest break from unpacking and enjoying another little bit of free internet before being tethered to satellites all week.

Eating well so far. Lots of fruit, but lots of everything else as well. Two Park Cafe roast beef sandwiches for lunch after boarding today.

It took some effort to get here, and I’ll never stop cruising from NYC. However, check in and boarding at Port Canaveral was incredible! We were from the hotel, checked in and waiting to board in 20min.

I’m sure I’ll check in from time to time. Hope you all have a great week!



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Mike glad to hear from you and that your having a good cruise so far.

Enjoy! Enjoy!


How did everyone's weekend go. Relaxing or busy? Mine should of

been busy but I relaxed instead. So tomorrow will be extra busy or

it should be!:(


Rose how's your son and granddaughter doing?


Diana I was happy to not gain on cruise. I think the walking did it

plus not "picking" at food during the day. Being home it's so easy

to pick at this or that. Cruising you eat food but don't pick because

your busy. I'm holding my own but it's hard.


Jo and Liz you are from Canada and you've had your Thanksgiving

but to all others I'm Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!


shootr where are you? Miss you.

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Hi all!


Rose ~ NOTL is a lovely place. Too bad you didn't have nicer weather for the wedding but yes an outdoor wedding in Oct can be iffy.


Mike ~ oh yum, I like those Park Cafe roast beef sandwiches too! Tomorrow I'm going to the Salvation Army for the 1st time as they're having a roast beef lunch for only $7, I'm sure the beef will be well done not almost raw like it was on my last cruise! I like rare but this was almost mooing!


Belle ~ yes we did have Thanksgiving already & I like our timing. I'm still turkeyied out so don't know if I'll even make it for Christmas for just the 2 of us. I can't imagine having it 2 months in a row. Good thing I'm not American eh?;)


Happy Thanksgiving to you all! We sure have a lot to be thankful for!


~ Jo ~ :)

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