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Have you encounted inconsiderate cruisers, and what to do


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I'm sorry, but just because you sit in a seat does not entitle you to a clear view. If there is room for people to stand and they do, then that's not being rude. I had a woman ask me to move on GR. We were in the Centrum, standing near the sculpture, just behind where the chairs are on the floor. About 25 feet behind us were the rest of the chairs that are scattered around. A woman came up and asked us to move. I just looked at her and stayed where I was. There was room for a lot of people to stand. Just because you sit in a chair doesn't give you the right to expect people to keep the area in front of them clear just for you. There are a lot of people and most shows are standing room. The idea of leaving all that floor space clear just so those seated could see was ludicrous. I also think it's rude to expect people to move from a perfectly free space just because you are sitting.


I believe that it depends upon the venue. If you are in a theater and sitting in regular seating then you should have an expectation of a view. The only people in front of you should be the people occupying those seats (though their might be times in the show when people stand), That means that aisles ans stairs should remain clear and people should not be standing on them, blocking the view of regular seats. Similarly if you re in a lounge with the seats set up for a show. The aisles should also be kept clear.


For cases where there is standing room behind the primary seating area and there might be seats at the bar or along a wall well behind the open space, then I do not think they should have an expectation of a clear view with no one standing.

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If the space was free and they stood there, no they aren't being rude. If you want an unblocked view get in the front row. You can't stand or sit farther back and then expect nobody to go in front of you.



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According to your statement then if you are in the front row and someone decided to stand in the aisle in front of you then they are entitled to do so after all you are not standing there and the space is free.

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If you are lucky enough to sit in any level of the Centrum (R Bar) you will not be lucky enough to have a clear view of any performance or Parade of Nations as people just shove in front of you and lean against the rails even though your chair is inches away.


There just isn't room for everyone who wants to see.

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I am pretty sure a pressure cooker would be tough to bring on a cruise, but agree fully. I would never watch the bag of somebody I don't know at all. We had a group of 5 couples we met on our roll call before we went last time, and even met them for dinner the night before the cruise. We would have watched something of theirs, but not somebody I had never even met.


I was using the backpack as concealment as an example not the pressure cooker inside. Devices can be made out of other things that aren't as out of place as a pressure cooker on a cruise.

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