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What is a good price for a Greece, Montenegro & Croatia cruise on Star Clippers?

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I'm looking for a July/August 2018 [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Greece, Montenegro & Croatia [/FONT][/COLOR]cruise.

I've never cruised the Mediterranean sea before although I took 2 Caribbean cruises with Windstar before. I got free beverage package and on board credits on those 2 cruises.

Should I expect these perks on a Med cruise on Star Clippers?

This 10 nights cruise is actually at 2500$. What price would be a decent deal? Is that the usual price you have to pay for a Med cruise on Star Clippers on I could see a better deal in the next months, in your experience? I've been monitoring SC prices for many weeks (even months) and the price didn't move at all.

Thanks for any insight on the topic.

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We are actually thinking that cruise in early 2019. Taking a trip to
Thailand on the Star Clipper this Feb. Did the Star Flyer in the Carribean 2016. This sailing will be much different for you than the large Windstar Ships. Only 170 paasengers and no frills.

Book early to get deals. Go to the Star Clippers website and hit
FIND DEALS to get an idea of prices, dates and itineraries.

Good Luck....

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The best chance of a deal is to check the webpage and then find a discount travel agent that will give you incentives such as onboard credit.

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