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Transfer company recommendation for Basel, Lucerne and Zurich

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I am part of a group of 13 that are doing our own thing post cruise in Switzerland. Because there are so many of us I am afraid it will be a challenge with bags on the train so I am looking into private transfers both from Basel to Lucerne and Lucerne to Zurich.

Has anyone used a private transfer company in Switzerland and if so what are your thoughts?

Some of the ones we are looking at are airportstaxitransfers, airport shuttle express and shuttle direct.


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In my opinion, it's something of a crap shoot. In 2015, I'd arranged a transfer for six of us from the ship in Basel to the Zurich airport with airport-transfers-direct.com. They had good recommendations on the internet. I kept waiting for them to show up and finally got a call on my cell from the driver, who couldn't find the boat. He wanted to know where we were docked, and the ship's staff told me the location, but he still couldn't find it. I ended up walking a block or two until I would find street signs and give the street names him so that he could find us.

The situation was complicated by the fact that the driver's English was terrible. We ended up conversing in German. My German is not good. I studied for a year in Germany in the early 1970s, and haven't used it since. Nevertheless, my German was better than his English--and frankly, I think that my German may have been almost as good as his!

So do your research on line, pick what looks like a reputable transfer service, and hope for the best!

P.S. For the six of us, the van transfer was cheaper than getting taxis to the train station and a train to Zurich.

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I appreciate the feedback, I wonder if contacting them during the cruise (to reconfirm the docking location address) with better instructions would be a help.

I think the most critical transfer Lucerne hotel (the Radisson) to ZRH should be easy for them to find. Fingers crossed!

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