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Ugh...it sucks not being computer savvy. The photo I captured from the same website (with better, earlier lighting) clearly shows it's damage. The top edge of the hull plating is bent upward, and you can see where the steel plating was pressed in against the inner "rib" type framework beneath. Also shows what looks like lighter damage on the leading edge of the bow, below and forward of the anchor housing.



If you have an image that clearly shows damage and you want to email it to bmccall AT insight dot rr dot com, I'd be happy to post it here.

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that's why the ship was in port for extra time when all the others left

We were not scheduled to sail until just before midnight.


Let's not start a panic. Deck 5 is my quiet spot as we limp back to Baltimore. A mass exodus to the muster stations will end the solace and reveal my shady hiding spot.

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