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Feasible to go to a TV show taping the day we disembark?

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We get back to Long Beach on a Monday (a federal holiday). We'll be heading that evening to Anaheim (for 2 days at Disneyland -- 3 days if my kids get their way), so we need something to do on Monday after leaving the ship.


Thought about the aquarium or driving around Hollywood, but I think my kids would get a kick out of watching a live TV show taping.


I understand that you need to get there early bc the shows fill up and are overbooked, but what I can't figure out is what time the various tapings tend to occur. (Our sailing is 96 days away, so none of the shows are giving away tickets yet.) So I just don't even know what time we would need to get there, or even whether they would even be taping on a holiday, for that matter. (Columbus Day?)


My kids are 6 and 8, so they would be most interested in Disney Channel or Nick. But a game show or dance competition show would be fun, too.

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I am going to sound like a Negative Nancy with regard to show recordings, and for that I do apologize, but the following info is intended to help inform your planning process, not to throw cold water. Shows that record in front of a live studio audience that includes members of the general public have postings on their websites explaining how to request tickets and, to some extent, what to expect. Check to see where the show records, as many are not shot in LA. There is often a strict minimum age limit which is around 10-12 years old, or even older. Weekly shows are not recorded on Mondays; they are usually shot at the end of the week, as the beginning of the week involves readings, rehearsals, set-building and so on. Many daily shows, such as game shows etc also shoot once a week, recording multiple episodes in the course of the shoot. In addition, the likelihood of a live audience show, especially a child-friendly one, being taped on a federal holiday is almost zero.


The other thing to consider is that Burbank and Hollywood, where shows are recorded, are in the opposite direction from Anaheim. The distances are not terrible but the traffic can be, so take that into consideration. Under perfect travel conditions you will be spending an hour and a half in the car to drive from Long Beach to Hollywood and then back down to Anaheim. LA traffic conditions are rarely perfect, and you might easily be spending 3-4 hours round trip in the car instead.


In short, during this trip the Aquarium may be a better bet for your young family. When your kids are a little older, you can use the info above to go about planning a trip that allows you all to enjoy "Hollywood magic".

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I agree that's it's not really doable. Plus, being a holiday week I doubt there's much filming. I looked a couple of times to get advance tickets as you stand a good chance if you are from out of town. But, you have to request well in advance and still there is no guarantee you will get in. You still have to stand in line at least two hours from I read to just stand a chance.

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Assuming you’ll be on the Inspiration?

In Ensenada there’s a new Science museum at the street in front of the port. Geared towards your kids ages. Downstairs is geology, dinosaurs and conservation. Need to find someone to operate the shake room. Upstairs is local history. It’s constantly being reworked. Very inexpensive and a good way to spend an hour.

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Columbus Day is really not one of the more popular holidays in California. Whether there's tapings or not on that day would depend on if the unions count that day (for double time, time and a half, etc.).


I would be more concerned about finding a show that allows children that young, a show that has live audiences (some shows don't), and that you'll be able to even get tickets for. You can try, but I wouldn't hold my breath. And the more popular shows will be difficult to get tickets for a specific day.


If you are in town for a limited time (a day or so) would you really want to spend that time standing in a line to get into a taping, and then the time sitting in the audience? There are so many other attractions in Southern California that will appeal to your children like the Long Beach Aquarium.

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I'd be very reluctant to get off the ship and jump right into a day of navigating LA traffic, particularly if you're returning to Anaheim for the night.


Personally I'd opt for a more local kind of day, closer to the beach (early October can be VERY hot in southern California.) The aquarium might be a good idea, or possibly head down the coast to Newport Beach and the Balboa peninsula. The Balboa "fun zone" on the peninsula (reached by car ferry from Balboa Island - a very picturesque little place, full of fun shops and cafes) might be fun, and you could walk out the Balboa pier to the first branch of Ruby's Diner, a fun retro cafe. There are harbor tours and whale watching tours also available from Balboa.


Assuming you're staying close to Disneyland, you might also have a look at Knott's Berry Farm, another amusement park in Buena Park, not far from Disney. Knott's has been there forever, and even if you don't want to shell out for the rides, you might think about having one of their traditional chicken dinners - https://www.knotts.com/play/drinks-dining/mrs-knotts-chicken-dinner-restaurant - before heading to your lodgings.


Map - https://goo.gl/maps/wEgPbbgy4yQ2


PS Columbus Day isn't a school holiday in southern California, and I would not expect traffic to be any better than any other Monday, i.e. awful.

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