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Frightfully fun time on the Vista October 28, 2018 Review

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It has been a crazy weekend here in Houston!!! The weather is getting colder. Yes, to us, 40's, and 50's is cold..lol.

I have also been on the hunt for those Fun Times. As I get the ones I lost, I will post them for you.



Day 3 -Cozumel Oct 30th

Arrived shortly after 8:15am and back on board was for 5:30pm


Here are some pics of us arriving along side Carnival Paradise:








We quickly had a light breakfast and headed down to deck 0 to exit the ship.

But not before we pass the beauty of the day!


I had originally made plans for the highly popular Mr. Sanchos, but decided at the last minute to change to Nachi Cocoam.

We head down the pier and through the store into the port area.



A decent walk and we were headed to the cab area. The cost for 4 people was $20.


Information of Nachi Cocoam:

All inclusive for 55.00 per person and DS was 39.00

Open Monday to Saturday. Opening Hours from 8:00 AM to 5:00 P.M. (Cozumel Local Time). For cruise ship passengers arriving after noon to port we remain open until 6:30pm.
Nachi Cocom Beach Club also offers activities: Snorkel, Massage, Banana Boat Ride, etc; & Towels. Extra charges apply.

They only allow 130 people per day which I originally thought that was great as I was anticipating crowds. Sadly to say that it was barely 40 people there.

It is a on a stretch of the beach and MR. Sancho's can be seen nearby which didn't look packed at all. We arrived at 9:15am. About a 15 minute drive from the port area.

You are brought to your area with umbrellas and shortly after a waiter is there to take drink and food orders. There are approve vendors offering different type of activities but I did not see people take advantage of that. The food was good, the only downside is that it may be AI but not all you can eat. We were only allowed to pick one appetizer, one entrée and one dessert. Drinks were unlimited but kept having to fight off knats that became annoying.

There was a pool area and a swim up bar along with a seating area to eat if you choose to do eat there.

Here is a pic of us at the pool:



In hind sight, I should have kept the reservations with Mr. Sancho’s. I would have loved to try different items on the menu and just to better enjoy the day. The Resort started to clear out around 1:00pm. We decided to headed out and do some shopping in port and then head back to the ship to relax. It was not a hassle at all to get a taxi back and in 20 minutes we were back at the port area.



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Great review!  I always have to get the roasted chicken on the first night.  Add extra mashed and gravy and I'm happy!

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Back on the ship. We relaxed until sail away:






Sadly, there were no pier runners this time. Everyone is on their best behavior!!!

I ordered room service for me and DS, MIL and SIL also ordered once they saw what we got.

I ordered the philly cheesesteak and chicken tenders. Apple juice was free so I got that both for me and DS

MIL ordered the tenders with sweet potato fries and MIL ordered the wings.

Here is room service menu:





Up next... a very Rainy day in Belize..



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Day 4- Belize - Halloween

Arrival - 8am-

back on and last tender - 4:30pM

We did not plan anything for this port. I originally was going to do an excursion to the ruins but glad we didn't. It was very rainy in port. We ate a leisurely breakfast and  made our way to deck 4 where the lime light lounge is to catch  tender. They give you a number and you wait with your party until they call your number, then you walk down the crew stair well to deck 0 to board the tender.

It was about a 30 minute ride. We were quite a ways away from the port. Once we arrived, it started to come down:



Here is the port area:



We opted to wait until it came to a halt. Once it stopped, we quickly got off and looked for the restroom. I quickly located my other SIL and her DH who were trying to dry off. We walked around when I spotted this in a medical shop:



You cane get medication that would require a prescription in the US here, over the counter. Wow!!

After walking around for a bit, I decided to take DS back to the ship. It seemed he was not feeling it today. Neither was I. You can see the water rising to surface of the tender we were on:




Once back on the ship, DS when to MIL room to be with her. I decided to go walk around and get something to eat.

I ended up at the back of the ship and got a Miami Vice:



I checked out the buffet but nothing was appealing but here is a pic of the cakes for Halloween:





To be continued:

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Another pic of a cake:



I made my way to deck 11 to the Mongolian wok. There is no cost for lunch. In the evening, it becomes Ji Ji Kitchen which is $10 for adults and $5 for kids. They close at 2:30pm daily and I wanted to try it out!





Once I was done, I walked around and took pics of different  places o the ship.

Alchemy Bar on 5:



Aft pool:


Pizza Place aft deck 10



There she is again..



Red Frog Pub:



The beautiful weather in Belize:



Pixel studio


Edited by cruzin Phillis

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I headed back to the room to help my son get ready for the Halloween candy hunt. It was at 4:45pm. It was like a hunt that takes you around the ship. Nice in theory but poor when it came to trying to get an elevator or walking up and down stairs to get to different places. The map was all over the place and they held it right before sail away which meant we bumped into crowds of people.

Here is a pic of some costumes:



Here is DS and our decorated door:




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Once we were done, DS wanted to head back to the room until dinner. Once in the room,

Here is our towel animal:


We head the caption make an announcement that we will be experiencing heavy wind and rain. He stated that we will feel the ship list slightly to the left but should clear the channel in 30 minutes. Then all would return to normal.

I headed to deck 10 to get some lemonade. Here is the rained out deck:





On the starboard side, a couple of us notice that we had company in the distance:



I headed back to the room to get ready for dinner in the main dinning.

Here is the menu and pics:







20181031_200902.thumb.jpg.e4f6d2eb46dfa05b82820b8b42bb4f0e.jpgChilled peach soup was delicious

20181031_201558.thumb.jpg.d002f2c97a47679cc1a46adb324f1483.jpgthe rest of DS fried chicken, mash potatoes, and broccoli








Edited by cruzin Phillis

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I decided to do some washing and went to deck 2. It is free to wash in this particular laundromat on deck 2. The others will cost $3 to wash and $3 to dry.





Once I was done, I got DS ready for bed and went down myself. Up next Mahogany Bay!


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1 hour ago, Sagittarius traveler said:

Enjoying the review.

Thank you!!!

21 minutes ago, riclop said:

Thanks for the review.

Thank you so much for following along!!

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Day 5- Rotan, Mahogany Bay 

Arrival - 8am-

back on and last tender - 5:30 pm


We had nothing planned in this port as well. We had a leisurely breakfast and made our way down to deck 0 to exit the ship. I loved how green and luscious this place was. Here are pics of us arriving in port.





Edited by cruzin Phillis
resize pic

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It was going to a hot one today. I made sure to apply extra sunscreen.

As most who have visited here may know, you have to go through this store and up a huge hill to get to excursions waiting area, stores in the port area, and the unofficial Carnival beach area.

Here is a pic of the store you have to go through:



As we went to breakfast in the buffet again, they crew had setup the Great Towel Animal Takeover!! I was kind of disappointment that it was on a port day and not on the last day. I just snapped what I could:












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Once we exit the ship and went through the store, I quickly realize that I should get a stroller for DS. MIL and SIL waited in the store area. There are benches for you to sit down and take your time.

So back to the ship we went, all the way to deck 11. It cost $10 for the day to rent a stroller.

Now that we were officially set, back off the ship to tackle the hill!


Once up the hill, we were in the port area. We decided to walk down to the beach. You can elect to take the sun chairs as I call them if you like, the cost is $7 per way or $14 for a day:





Vista was not the only ship in port today. Holland America which is a Carnival Corp ship was docked with us as well. They were on the start of a 23 day panama canal transit cruise!





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Enjoying the review and photos!

We sail the Vista the end of January so we are absorbing everything we can about her.


Did you get the chance to eat breakfast in the MDR, or did you just do the buffet?
What about the ice cream sandwiches in Sweet Spot?


And it looks and sounds like DS had a great time!

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On ‎11‎/‎17‎/‎2018 at 5:38 PM, Sagittarius traveler said:

Visiting Roaton, Honduras is my favorite the nature there and the people were friendly and never really hassled you for anything. 


Love your pictures. 

I know. It was amazing. I love how green it was. The only downside was how hot it was.

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We just walked around and took in the sights. We didn't go to the beach or anything. I forgot to get pictures but it was packed on the beach. Due to the heat, many were returning to the ship early.

Sunset at sail way:



We had reservations at Cucina del Capitano. I last ate there when I was on the Magic and enjoyed it!

Here is the menu:





And now for the food.- One thing that they tell you is that if 2 or more people order the same app, that they will bring out a large plate of it.









After dinner, we retired to bed.

Up next... 1st of last sea day

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I took DS to the candy store for gummies...again






I decided to head to tea time while DS spent time with MIL. It was held from 3pm-4pm in the dining room on 3 aft of ship:





Here is our towel animal for the day:


Towards the evening, it became very windy on deck. I am guessing we could expect light storms:



I decided to try the sushi for dinner. I got it to go. Here is the menu:




Here is tonight's menu for the dining room:




Up Next...Final sea day!

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