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Living on the Edge with vtcruising!: A Live Review!

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The day has finally arrived! We have arrived in Fort Lauderdale and we sail on the Edge tomorrow!! "What a long, strange trip it's been."


I have been waiting to cruise on the Edge since the Edge Class ships were ordered 4 years ago. The steel cutting on November 21, 2016 was exciting and then Lloyd started "The Blocks Are In The House" thread on December 3, 2016 and I was hooked. At first I was a lurker on the Edge Forum and then gradually became an obsessed fan of the ship. I booked the January 20th cruise the first day and a couple of days later booked the January 27th cruise. When I saw the November Preview cruises advertised, I knew I had to go and booked the first day they opened and have been waiting ever since for this day to arrive! I am sailing with my DH, who loves to cruise, but is not an Edge fanatic. He has heard about the ship for 2 years, so has some idea what to expect and has been mostly understanding of the time I spend with all you Edgies. It has been such a pleasure to get to know everyone over the last months to years and share in this great adventure.


Many on the Edge Forum know the background of how I ended up on three short Edge cruises this fall, but I will go through it again briefly. I originally wanted to play it safe and sail on this new ship in January to have the glitches worked out, but when the 3-night Preview cruises were announced last January, I booked the first two for November 21 and November 24. In April they canceled those cruises because "they needed more time to get ready after she came into port." I traded them for the December 1 and December 6 three-night Preview cruises and was thrilled to still be on the first two cruises. X then added some two-night non-revenue Press and Trade cruises prior to the Preview cruises. When the United Way sold 250 cabins given to them by X as a money-raiser for the second two-night non-revenue cruise I booked one of those, which put me onboard November 27th. There was still one two-night cruise before that one and I was honored to be invited to sail on that one as a guest. I felt like I had won the lottery. That put me onboard November 25th! I ended up reluctantly canceling the December 6th cruise due to work commitments, but ended up with 7 nights on the Edge (after changing our flights 3 times)!!


We have three different staterooms for our three mini cruises - all with different experiences! 

1)    November 25-27 Press & Trade Cruise:  There will be TAs, Press, Celebrity execs and invited guests on this cruise. It is a complimentary cruise, with assigned stateroom and dining. Specialty dining is by invitation only. Reportedly, most of the venues will be open and entertainment available. From my X app, it looks like a lot of the usual activities are planned. We can book spa appointments and I did book a pass to the Thermal Suites!


I have heard that these cruises are only partially booked so there are open staterooms for viewing. I don't really know what to expect on this type of cruise, but I will be busy exploring, measuring, tasting, interviewing crew and talking with Mr. Edge and searching for the Magic Bus (if I can get up to the Retreat). I will also be playing with our Infinite Veranda! I was thrilled that we were assigned 12136, a C1 that is not in the path of the MC, but is 2-3 staterooms away from the path. It should have a front row seat to watch it move. Although I doubt we would book an IV because we love open balconies, it will be great to try one out and who knows, maybe we will love it! We were assigned to late dining (yay!) and will find out our assigned restaurant(s) onboard. I'm hoping to try one or two MDRs - trying Normandie would be awesome!


My trusty pink measuring tape:





2) November 27--29 Press & Trade Cruise/United Way: There will be TAs, Press, Celebrity execs and invited guests on this cruise with 250 United Way staterooms: This cruise will be similar to the first. I booked a Sky Suite for this one and was happy to get assigned 10147, an S1 portside, centrally-located, next to a firewall (and no pole, though I did want to see how bothersome the poles were - I'll check next door 🙂). All the UW people were assigned late dining - being in a suite, we can supposedly book specialty dining, but are not necessarily assigned to Luminae. We will have access to the Retreat so will get to try it out on a less-crowded cruise. We have a small, but nice roll call of CC people so will hopefully connect with people onboard. We plan to meet after Muster at the RTG!


We will have 2 nights at the Hilton Marina to recover before the last cruise - I will need some sleep!


3) December 1-4 Preview Cruise - 1st revenue cruise so hopefully a typical cruise (though will have low expectations of the crew for this 1st cruise with paying guests). We are in 11268, an aft S1, which we are really looking forward to trying.  I've booked Eden, Fine Cut Steakhouse and Raw on 5 and also booked the Inside Access Behind-The-Scenes Tour. We have booked a cabana for one day with some OBC to try it out. We have a pretty good-sized roll call going and have a Meet and Greet planned, as well as a Cabin Crawl scheduled so hopefully will see more types of staterooms. Should be a busy, but fun cruise!


These cruises will likely not be as relaxing as the usual Caribbean cruises, but what an adventure! While I am scurrying around the ship with my jaw on the floor my DH will be sitting around the pool with a good book and a tasty cocktail. Win-win! 😊


The journey finally started very early this morning:

We awoke at 3 AM in order to catch an early flight. This what it looks like at our place – it was 0 (as in zero) yesterday morning!



We flew United and had great flights and arrived before 11 AM. This is what I saw as we came in for a landing! I was blubbering on the plane, but I will never see those people again. :classic_blush:  OMG, what a thrill!!!!





All of the luggage arrived safely, including the maple syrup bottles. My checked suitcase weighed 48.5 lbs – I don’t know how I’m going to bring home one of those Edge models! Oh wait, I’m giving away the maple syrup – crisis averted! My new piece of art for the mantel: 😉



We took a cab to the Hilton Marina - so far I love the place - mainly because THIS IS THE VIEW FROM OUR BALCONY (blown up a bit).  😁




Right now, I am typing on my laptop and have a great view of the ship and my S1 on the 1st. I’m in heaven! For those who wondered about the Hilton, it looks in pretty good condition so far – this is a Tower Water View King room. It’s a good thing we arrived early as they had us in a room facing the other way – I asked for a port view and she moved us to this one. The DH is taking a nap while I send out the first installment and then we will head to the terrace for lunch. Here are a few pictures of the room:









After lunch, we will take a cab to then Carrie B boat tour and will hopefully get up close to the Edge and get some good shots. We may there around the time that some of the ships are leaving. There are a ton of them in port. Tonight will have dinner at 15th Street Fisheries and then back for some great night photos of the Edge from the balcony.  We will be able to watch them party in Eden. I think I’ll try to find a bottle of wine to have out there.


Okay, time to head to lunch – I will continue posting later in the day. I wish you all were here with me to share in the excitement and joy! Thanks for all the well wishes!


I have my lists of questions that you have been asking over the last months to years, my tape measure, notebook and camera and will do my best to leave no stone unturned. I will hopefully be able to post frequently and should have lots of pictures – I have unlimited Wi-Fi for all cruises. So come along for the ride and live vicariously with me for the next 11 days, as I will when you all go on your Edge cruises. Let the adventure begin!!

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VT.... if you could get a shot of the TV connection - or see if it's able to hook up an HDMI cable - we are in Sky Suite in July (i believe it's considered an S2 - so I'm curious




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Great start to your EDGE adventure and what we know will be a great review!


If possible, pls share your rm no at the hotel ( now or after  you check out) ..we are looking at hotels for next Nov. .it would be  perfect spot!

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39 minutes ago, vtcruising said:

Just went by her on the Carrie B!! Amazing!!😀❤️😎

I’ve now seen her from land, sea and air!!



Now all you need is to see her from on the inside! Or at least under your feet... well, you know what I mean!  Glad you are having a good time. Enjoy, my friend!  You are doing a great job on this board.  We are all hanging on your every word.  Especially me, of course.  :classic_wink:

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3 hours ago, Getty123 said:

Enjoy and thanks for all your tips.


will be looking forward for more from you during this craise. I will be on for New Years.


 Thanks jc 


1 hour ago, vtcruising said:

They made a big deal about her on the Carrie B - said we were lucky we got to see her since she hasn’t been here long. 😊



please grab a photo of 11123 is a handicap S2 as my wife needs it, she suffers from ms. Specially the bathroom


enjoy Florida any questions call me I am in Maimi 786-385-0837



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VT, I just cannot believe that it is finally happening for you, along with the rest of us who are eagerly awaiting to hear all about Edge.  So happy that your tower room is fine, and that you have a more than perfect view of Edge as she quiety(most likely not)awaits the next voyage with you onboard.


Your introduction and photos have been much anticipated, but I think you are really a secret Edge admirer that is highly trained as a VIP!  Hahaha!  if not yet, you certainly will gain lots of recognition from Celebrity and your devoted peers.


Like Joe above, I have to wait for the end of April, but at least I will be privy to all the ins and outs, like the rest of us Edgies!


Have a wonderful cruise and do not forget to enjoy every single minute of all your cruises!



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3 hours ago, ohhbother said:

We'll be joining you on Dec. 1. Can't wait! Haven't ever been this excited for a three-day cruise!

Hahaha, same here! Craziest time of year for us, but we needed this momentary escape. Looking forward to seeing some other CC Board folks onboard December 1!

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told you Carrie B would not disappoint!


I agree with Last Dance that Celebrity and Cruise Critic should recognize your contrtibutions... You have generated tons of  enthusiasm for  EDGE and Cruise Critic!

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