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We are booked on an Asia cruise in May 2020 that had the itinerary changed. We can't switch to the options they gave that were the same, but just realized that if we added the 8 day before then we could still get the ports that had been removed from our original booking.   Debating on whether to rebook as the full 24 days (losing about 1300 in prepaid gratuities and on board credit) or just add the 8 days before as a separate booking making it a back to back.   Do you have to collect your luggage and go through the whole process of boarding again in a B2B?   or do they keep the luggage on the ship?   Would we be able to do an excursion?  The port is Singapore; so, we might never get back there and would like to see something if possible, but the excursions that I see as examples either say not available for beginning/ending in that port or end at the airport.   Any advice from someone who has done something like this before would be really appreciated.  Thanks so much!

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B2Bs are super easy. Even easier when not in the USA. In the USA the ship has to be cleared and that may or may not require you to disembark (without luggage though) and re-embark. It depends on what US immigration wants to do and how many people are in-transit. Anyway, that's not your situation so read on!


If you're not changing cabins, you will either get a new cruise card the night before or if they're really on the ball, you're first cruise card will be good for both segments.


If you are changing cabins, the steward handles much of it for you. He or she will move all your hanging clothes and if the drawers are interchangeable between the two cabins, they'll even swap those. Just pack up everything else and they'll move the rest.


You'll get an in-transit card so you can go ashore and won't have to go through all the check-in process all the new passengers go through. When you come back aboard just watch for the "In-Transit" signs directing you to the short way back onto the ship.


You most likely won't have to attend a second muster drill although there are some exceptions.


You will get a letter with explicit instructions in your cabin a day or two ahead of the end of your first segment.


There are typically some excursions designed for in-transit passengers so no worries there.

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1 hour ago, notes21 said:

The port is Singapore;

Unless their procedure has changed in the last few months, everyone going ashore must clear through Singapore immigration with their passports. 

When you arrive back at the port you will proceed through immigration control again as part of your departure clearance.

After departure immigration  it is common for someone from the ship to collect your passport from you for future port processing.

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On a B2B on the same ship, you can leave your personal belongings in the cabin even if you are required to exit the ship and then reboard at some later time.  If you will not be in the same cabin, you have to pack everything except what is hanging in the closet and leave it in the old cabin.  The steward will move everything to the new cabin without your assistance.  Be sure to tell the room steward what is happening.  


What immigration requires is up to the country involved.  

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It's easy. Fully read and follow the directions which will be placed in your cabin.

Luggage stays on the ship. Try to arrange for the same cabin when you book the 2nd cruise. You may have to change your initial cabin to do this. When you have the same cabin the cabin steward services it just like any other day.

If you have to change cabins it isn't too difficult. Speak with your steward. Keep as much on hangers as possible. Pack other items in your luggage. On the final evening everything stays in your cabin. The cabin steward will arrange to have your stuff moved to your new cabin. Items on hangers will be moved on hangers re-hung in your new closet.

You can visit your new steward before hand. You should be able to move your valuables to your new cabin safe before you leave the ship, providing you leave after 8am.

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