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Help - 1st timer and a bit lost on line

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 Hi I just booked and logged into my account- I am a bit baffled as I seem to need to order and pay extra for food-  I have cruised several lines in the past and usually see extra restaurants to book on line (don't usually bother unless a good offer is on) but I have never seen meals to book in MDR ahead of a sailing .  I think one cruise did have a few special meals in MDR that had a small up charge on the day.  


From what I am seeing - does this mean that in the MDR , if I ever want to eat a cold meat and cheese as a starter or veal , beef or prawns as part of my main meal I need to pay and additional 18 eu and also order before cruising. 

1. How do I know now what I will want to eat while away to order now?  

2. What is in the main meals if cold meat, cheese, veal, prawns and beef are all additional charges and at 18 EU each not a small up charge either. 

3. I you may want Pizza does it also have to be booked ahead of the cruise, I can't as I don't know if they do gf ones. 

4. If we do book any of the MDR meals in advance do I then have to assign that meal to a certain day on line?

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What you are talking about are extra dishes that can be purchased both in MDR and all other restaurants.


Frankly, & although I do have at least one during the cruise, usually because I really don't fancy that days menu, they are rather overpriced for what you get, (5 tiger prawns with Pasta) or half a lobster. 

You will not get offered cold meats as a starter but can have cheese before or after your desert.

I have ordered a Pizza in the MDR but this is the exception as they are served elsewhere alongside a burger bar on most ships.

Normal charge applies to both Burgers & Pizzas except in Buffet.


You can order any of the extra dishes while dining the same night.

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That's a relief-I must say I was baffled- lol - I thought that I had to know what I want and order now. 


Have you got or do you know of any links to recent examples of menus- also can you recall if gluten free items were marked on the main menu or from a separate menu


After reading on here I have come across thread talking of only 2 choices per course can you comment on this , don't suppose it matters much as long they are good.  Do they also have an everyday menu alongside this as other lines do.  


Can you also comment on the times of the buffet for lunch again not a biggy for us as we don't really eat much during the day.  But just to help plan our day trips as sometimes getting food for me off the ship can be tricky gf required and due to chemo side affects  I have a list of don't haves/ don't risk (and least pepper, fish, washed fruit and salads just got added back in after none for 9 months !!)


And before anyone add in/starts fussing as they did in a different thread for the other cruise I am going on - The Docs know I am going and I have their blessing as long as I stick to the plan - As do my insurers - I am fully covered- Docs said you fought for this - go get it!!  And I fully intend too!! 3 rd cruise booked  for this year since out in oct - 1 done and loved (Marella Explorer Caribbean) 2 to go (celebrity infinity and this one) 


If the buffet closes before we plan to return is there a fridge in the inside cabin for us to take a piece of fruit and some cheese out at breakfast (or better still order fruit and cheese from room service at breakfast to fridge for our return from late trips)


Lastly is the buffet open in the evenings in case I am too tired to do a formal meal and just want a quick bite and bed. Or if not is there any room service (even if payable)

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Buffet times do alter to suit the coming and going of tours, but almost continuous up to 9/10 pm. Late breakfast in aft pool bar.

Yes there are only two mains but again this depends on the ship & most cases the waiter. They are very accommodating if you have an eating problem, but you must inform them either prior to the cruise (info@uk.costa.it)  for the UK or Maître 'd in MDR 4pm day of boarding. You will have a separate menu either brought to you or spoken by your waiter. Although the  menu's have been reduced remember there are five courses starters, soup, pasta, main desert & cheese. 

Just looked at last daily news sheet from Favolosa breakfast started at 6.30 to 11.30 (late bar) lunch started at 12pm. till 2pm, afternoon tea 4.30 the evening meals at 6.30 & 9.15.

If you want fresh fruit in your room you can request it, unless you are in a suite when it is changed every day.


Sorry don't have recent menus but take a look on Costa site log-in to 'mycosta' with your booking number at look at restaurants for a rough idea.

Room service is quite limited but again ask your steward they always try to get anything you want, at least for us they do.

Premium cabins get breakfast menu's delivered at night.

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Further to your post.

Just found this on FAQ on the Costa site


You can agree on a special diet at the time of booking at your local Travel Agency or by calling our Contact Center. Special menus can be requested on all Costa cruises - gluten free for coeliacs, hypoglycaemic for diabetics or specific for any allergy or intolerance.

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