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Hong Kong Transfer Suggestions for a group of 4.

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Hi, I have been searching options for a transfer from Hong Kong Airport to a hotel located in the Kowloon area for a group of 4. By searching on line and on these boards, I have been able to gather some information, but not quite enough. So your help would e really appreciated! 


Options and information found so far:


Option: A Hotel/Airport Shuttle: Pro: Reasonably priced: About $25 Cdn/person. Seemingly user friendly. But....it seems to be a milk run. I am not certain that a long bus trip, with many stops, would be enjoyable after along flight from Canada to Hong Kong.


Option B: Hong Kong taxi (Red color): Pro: Always available, price divided by 4, seems also reasonable. Concerns: Are taxi vehicles big enough for 4, each of us with a big suitcase and a carry-on. Other concerns: cash payment only and likelihood of being driven by a driver with limited English.


Private transfer: I found 2 or 3 companies on line. None that I ever used before. On line reviews for each companies are hard to find, and I am challenged to find one, that clearly indicate being able to carry all of us (4) and our luggage (4 large suitcases and 4 carry-on).


Therefore, I thought of asking you, if you had any suggestions or experience with transfers in Hong Kong. Your help will be greatly appreciated! 

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I wanted to respond to your post but you may want to post on the board specific for destinations - in your case, Hong Kong.  You may get better advice there.


I've never cruised into HKG but have traveled there often for work and always grabbed a taxi at the airport.  They are plentiful and the drivers pretty much always know where you are going.  If you need to get to a hotel, they should know it.  Most will not speak English very well, but just have the address written on a piece of paper (or show them the hotel information on your reservation printout) and they will be good to go.  HKG taxi drivers don't tend to make much conversation anyway, not like the drivers in a place like London who, in my experience, have always been friendly and talkative.  In HKG, they will drive you to your destination and that's about it.  They are very appreciative of even the smallest tips, though, so that is nice.


As for the size of the vehicles - they have been introducing more minivans to the taxi fleets of various companies but you may have to wait for one to come along int the queue (as you may in US airports as well).  There is someone at the airport directing all taxi passenger traffic so they can certainly help you out; their English is usually much better than the drivers'.  You may want to consider taking two taxi cabs for your group, if possible?


Anyway, from all the international travel I've done, HKG is probably one of the last places I would consider requiring a private transfer from the airport, unless you are looking for someone who can give you a tour or something more customized.  If you are looking for a basic, safe trip to your hotel, a taxi is easy to find, low in cost and very efficient and safe.


One other option - the HKG airport express, but that may depend on where your hotel is and the mobility of everyone in your group.  


Hope this helps!


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I have never been to Hong Kong but in researching for my future trip, I have found a private transfer for the same price as a taxi/uber.  The advantages of a private transfer are: prepaid so no HKD needed PLUS a meet and greet option with your driver at a designated spot within the airport.  And a pre-determined cost for extra luggage, as I understand that taxis can only accommodate 3 large pieces or there is an extra $5 charge per luggage.  Try Mozio (an app for booking transfers; have not used myself) and Rome to Rio (web-based or app, recently bought by Google. Once you plug in your to/from destinations it will show all the options & costs of each with directions on how to access).  Also as another option, consider the Airport Express; you can pre-buy tickets via Klook or the Airport Express.  While this is not door to door (shuttle to main hotels at the MTR destination), it is supposedly the quickest without traffic delays if you arrive during rush hour as well as most comfortable with clean facilities with wifi.  And the Airport Express offers free luggage porters.  Not sure how that works exactly (are they at the baggage claim area?!)  Both methods are susceptible to protest impacts: access roads to airport & exit at MTR stations. So I haven't decided yet which way to go, yet.  Maybe a field decision at the airport and using Uber is the most flexible with built-in contingencies.....

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Thank-you very much for all the suggestions. I really appreciate your insights and it provides me with more concrete ideas to research.


Thank you very much again! 



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The normal taxi won't be big enough for 4 person + 4 suitcases + carryons.

I would recommend taking 2 taxis. The cost for one taxi from the airport to Kowloon is around 400-500 HK$, including the tunnel/bridge/suitcase fee.  During the busy hours, there are quite a lot of traffic jam. I think the cost if fair since the airport is over 30 km to Kowloon.


Most of the taxi drivers don't speak much English.  It would be good if you print out the hotel name + address in Chinese - I can help you with this since I am from HK. You can PM me if you like.  Yes, you need to pay cash. 





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Thank you very much Yoshkitty for the detailed information.


It really helps my decision process. This is confirming my concern regarding the taxi option, that we may end up having to split our group in the midst of the chaotic taxi line. 


I am travelling with my wife, but also with my dear daughter and her new boyfriend. Sending them in a separate taxi, in country they have never been, involving a language we’re not familiar with, makes me feel somewhat uneasy. Although, they are both adults, I feel responsible for their safety... which I could not assure if they are in a cab that ends up in a different location for unknown reasons.


So, I will definitely further study other options.


Thank you again once more for taking the time to provide me with this information. I really appreciate it! 

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