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Unable to send private messages?

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I noticed that I am unable to send private messages -- says "you can send 0 posts per day".


Was wondering why that is?

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Just now, puppycanducruise said:

Only moderators can send private messages on this forum.

Us regular guys cannot.  I don't know why, that's just the way it is.


I was sure I was able to send PM's before but I'm only on the board sporadically.  




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4 hours ago, bamelin said:


I was sure I was able to send PM's before but I'm only on the board sporadically.  





PM's have never been enabled on Cruise Critic since I have been a member. I joined in 2003.

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I guess I was misremembering then!  Not an issue just wanted to make sure my account wasn't broken or something hehe

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Howdy all! emo22.gif


No PMs allowed through Cruise Critic during my time too. As for IMs, there was a feature on the old vBulletin software. More about that further on down in this post.


From the Guidelines:


Answer Posts on the Boards, Not Via Email!
Please try to answer message board posts on the boards instead of E-mail when appropriate. There is a lot of great information that we're all missing because it is passing through private E-mail. There are of course times when private E-mail is more appropriate but if you have information that would be helpful to many people, please try to come back to the boards and post it rather than replying to a posting through E-mail.


As for any member contacting another member via email, we have the default set to NOT automatically show email addresses in member profiles. What this does is give all members control over who contacts them, allowing the member to make a concerted decision whether to let other members know their email address or not.


Any member (Except members that are TAs. And yes, TAs may be members and post. See the Participation of Travel Agents section in the Guidelines.) may put their email address in their signature or posts and ask others to email them if they want. (As long as it is NOT about a Facebook group!) However, I suggest the email address should be shown in the following format: hostkat at cruisecritic dot com. This should prevent harvesting by spam-bots.


But before anyone does that, it is best to set up a throwaway email account only to be used for Cruise Critic correspondence with other Cruise Critic members to protect their privacy. Use that formatted email address in their signature or a post. Once a member has a relationship with the other member and feel they can trust the other member, then the member can decide if they want to give them their real email address via the throwaway email or not.


At this time with our one year-old Invision Community software, if a member wants to tag a particular member to get their attention in a thread they can type the member's user name with an @ in front into their post to that member. As you start typing their user name you will see a list that you can scroll down and click their user name to select. The name will then appear in the post as @bamelin and they will receive a notification about it.


FYI: I used the OP's member name since as I type this no one is following this thread. I wanted to make sure they know there was this reply from me to their original post.


Now back in the day with the old vBulletin software prior to October 2018, if you and another member had your own registered identities for certain instant messaging networks and placed the info in your Cruise Critic profiles, you would then be able to contact each other via IMs with those networks.


A member could click on User CP or Quick Links then Edit Profile. Scroll down to the Optional Information - All information will be viewable by other forum members section. There they would see the following:


Instant Messaging


You may enter your registered identity for the instant messaging networks if you would like other visitors to be able to contact you using that medium.


ICQ Number: 

AIM Screen Name: 

MSN Messenger Handle: 

Yahoo! Messenger Handle: 

Skype Name:


Once the member entered their registered identity and clicked the Save Changes button back then, their instant messaging network logo would then appear in the upper right corner of all their posts under their join date & post count. They and other Cruise Critic members registered with the same instant messaging network were able to click the logo appearing on the corner of their posts to contact each other via their shared network. With the current Invision Community software,  no such Instant Messaging feature.


Hope this information will be helpful to all!


Happy sails,


Host Kat emo32.gif


Edited by Host Kat
Additional information.

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