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Breeze Cruise 2019 Augest 31st- September 7th *Lots of Pictures*

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So I actually wanted to give this whole cruise review a crack, I am new here but I have sailed Carnival pretty exclusively for all of my life lol. I did go on Royal Caribbean Symphony of the seas in February of this year. 


Anyways, Some Pre-Cruise Info. I was originally booked on the Liberty to sail out of PC on September 3rd I believe it was. Well I knew with the hurricane barreling towards us there was no way that was going to happen and I really needed a cruise to have some time by myself and relaxing to where I could just unwind as I had recently gone through a pretty rough Breakup with my long time Girlfriend. So I called Carnival on August 30th and I essentially asked was there anyway I could transfer my booking and pay whatever the costs and fees were to leave on the Breeze on the 31st, And Carnival was pretty accommodating for this I got an interior guarantee so I didn't know what or where my room was until I woke up on cruise day. 


Anyhow Onto Cruise Day As I did this essentially the day before the cruise left I Woke up on Cruise day and starting loading my car up to make my trek of two and a half hours on over to Port Canaveral


Gas station on the corner of the street that I live on boy someone was getting a lot of gas for the Hurricane.



Getting Closer!!!!




So Close yet still so far away,



And There is my girl.



So Story time, This was my first Solo Cruise and I was honestly pretty nervous even at 28 years old I get some pretty bad Social anxiety so my nerves at this point were ratcheted up between my anxiety and my total excitement at about to be boarding a Cruise. But alas, The parking garage attendants made me park on the Ground level for some reason which also made me nervous because had the Hurricane hit like projected I was pretty sure I Would come back to a totaled Car. I was so Excited though for the cruise that I completly forgot to drop my Suitcase off at the porters until I was ALL the way through security and checked in, Oof Lol.

Inside picture before I realized I still had my suitcase lol



Soon it was time to Board and off I went......









This was my first time On board a Dream Class or the Breeze so the First day I spent a lot of time Exploring.....


But My first Stop was, 



And Thennnnnnnnnnnnnn



We Had Disney Fantasy and Carnival Elation in PC with us today.





I had Honestly forgotten how small the Fantasy Class ships were I haven't sailed on one since I was 14 or so so yeah it has been a hot minute. 


So After these Pics I had gone and Explored a lot and tried to learn my way around the ship and find where everything was, Well When I came back up on to Lido/Deck11 I noticed Elation was pulling out at like 2pm seemed early to me so not sure why she left so early?





By this time our Cruise Director Matt Q came on and said our Rooms were available well remember I told you I didn't know what room I was in until that day? Well I was on Deck 7 Forward I had gotten one of those Walkway/Forward facing Interiors with a view Room. 





Anyways Muster Drill went Kind of smoothly? Except something happened on the second level of the Main show Lounge I was on the ground floor and I heard from some fellow cruisers that apparently this Chick was really wasted and Called this Black guy a word in which I will not repeat on here and he slapped her. Anyways I treated myself this cruise I caught some of Sail away but earlier in the day I had booked a 90min Hot Stone massage for myself and I haven't ever done this on a cruise so this was a treat and my god was it heavenly. Yeah I got upsold after it was over but I didn't care I booked two more massages and thoroughly enjoyed them. 


When I got out of my massage it was like 530pm and I had reservations for myself at the steakhouse that night. So I went to my room and got cleaned up.


When I arrived at the steakhouse I was promptly seated in-between this older couple and this family of three and I was pretty anxious being by myself and dining alone. But My waiter was phenomenal and made me feel so welcomed and awesome. I started with the Lobster Bisque but I apparently forgot to snap a picture of it Sorry,


I also started with the Mushroom risotto,



And Then I had the Ribeye with the Mac and Cheese, 




And to Finish I had the Cheesecake and After all of that food I needed to be rolled out of there lol,



After Dinner I went up and Snapped some Nighttime/Dusk Photos around the Ship,







After This I went to the Welcome aboard show and then went to my room and laid down and fell asleep watching one of the Movies on one of the rotating Movie Channel.  This Concludes Day one. 🙂


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I hope you are doing more Pics.....Love the ones u have posted so far.  Will be on the cruise in May 2020

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Great Review, Thanks for taking the time to share!!

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Enjoying your review! Thanks for taking the time.

We sailed on the Breeze October 2018 and loved it so much we booked it for this Christmas week with all our kids. Although I’m bummed they closed the Tandoori grill I’m looking forward to trying the Seafood Shack.

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2 hours ago, Jerseygirl1416 said:

Enjoying your review! Thanks for taking the time.

We sailed on the Breeze October 2018 and loved it so much we booked it for this Christmas week with all our kids. Although I’m bummed they closed the Tandoori grill I’m looking forward to trying the Seafood Shack.

any tips for the breeze. we doing winter break too. 

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Day 2 Sea Day-


So this was the First of our two sea days I will be honest as I much prefer sea days. Anyways I woke up and looked outside of my window and noticed a few ships,



After That I went and Showered and since I had one of the Rooms that overlooked the front of the ship with those forward facing areas I did spend a lot of time up here since it was quite and for some reason a lot of people do not know about these areas still. But after I showered I went out front and snapped a few more Pictures, 






Then I went and looked online and noticed the Convoy that was getting out of dodge away from the Hurricane, 



After That I went up and grabbed some Breakfast and just explored a little bit more as well, The Lines in Lido are always a mess on Sea Days and today would be no exception.




Ironically the Ship I was originally supposed to be on was in our congo line of ships as well. 



By this time It was time for my second massage yeah my S&S Card bill would reach new heights It has never reached before for me lol. 





After my second Massage I went to my room and took a nap and watched a movie but then when I woke up I was starving and tonight would be the first elegant night, Now let me tell you I have this love hate relationship with dressing to the 9's I can do it but I do not like to do it all the time I even have a custom suit lol, Well I was not feeling it so I just went to the seafood shack and got some crab legs and shrimp. But as I walked out on deck well I Will let the Pictures speak for themselves.





It Started pouring and IT would not let up all night, Here is my food, I ate at the aft/Tides Bar and I got to know this really nice Female bartender there and for the rest of the cruise when I wanted a soda or anything else or even just to eat that is where I went I gave her 40$ at the end of the cruise for making me feel so special and welcomed. 



After I ate I went in search of a good place to watch Glass up on the big screen and well because it was pouring it was not difficult at all to do that.







After the movie was over I went back to my room and showered and crawled into bed and fell asleep watching movies on the movie channel. 


Up Next Day 3 in Cozumel. 

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Day 3 Cozumel-


I woke up around 730 or so and got dressed for the day, I had no plans and no excursions booked here as I was just gonna walk around take some pictures and see if anything caught my eye. Anyways I went up to grab some pictures of us pulling in as well as breakfast and was just planning on taking my time as I was in no rush. Well I got upstairs and it was honestly pretty Overcast and looked like some showers were going to come through typical Cozumel morning.




















At this point it started to dump rain Florida Style on us so I ran down a deck and hid underneath some of the coverings. 



After we finished pulling in I made my way down to Lido and got some breakfast and it was a madhouse but after I got my food I went to the Tides bar and talked with my new favorite person. After a few hours of talking and having Finished eating I decided to make my way down and get off of the ship.











After I walked around awhile and took some ship pictures I decided I had enough of that and made my way back on-board, As I said I had nothing planned so I just went back to my room watched some movies, Made some phone calls back home to check on everything and at this point I found out that the hurricane made a big turn and was headed for Bermuda and nothing really happened back in Florida. After having done all of that I made my way to Lido and grabbed some lunch and just mingled until sail away which was pretty active.













Not going to Lie I love horn wars it brings out the kid in me, I think I look forward to horn wars more then anything else on a cruise lol. So I was slightly disappointed when one did not happen here in Cozumel with three different CCL ships in port.


After That I made my way down to the Italian restaurant for dinner as I had reservations for myself, I arrived and was promptly seated. 







I have to say this was a steal of a meal for only $15 It was fabulous and I will defiantly eat here again when On a ship that has it.  After this I went down to the Punch Liner comedy club to check out a show, 




All the Comedians on this cruise were hilarious and well worth it. After this I went up and checked out the Rock n Glow Party.




After that I just wondered around for a bit enjoying the quite at different parts of the ship and then Made my way to the room to shower and go to bed :).


Next up Day 4 in Belize.




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What an incredible adventure! Thanks for sharing and taking us along! 

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I completely agree with you that the food in Cucina is delicious and definitely worth the upcharge. Unfortunately, I didn’t think the Steakhouse was so great. David’s on the Pride is much better. I also agree that the lines in the buffet are awful but luckily there’s lots of alternatives. We only ate in the buffet once for lunch on a port day at Mongolian grill which was good and the line manageable. I hope Carnival moves away from the cafeteria buffet set up moving forward and goes to separate islands of food to avoid the long lines.

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Day Four, Belize-


Now I am going to be honest Belize is not a favorite port of mine I just have never felt safe here for some reason and always been pretty sketched out about this one. I had no excursion plans here but I woke up that morning and went up to lido and saw we were already stopped off of the cost. Belize is a very pretty Tender port I will give it that.












As I said I didn't do much here I essentially just checked around the Port area and just headed back to the ship and hung out and probably ate a few too many Guys Burgers lol. 


I also went down and Checked out the BBQ and ate at the Casino Bar and checked out a College Football game,



And then I headed up to my room to rest a bit and found this little guy,


Side Note I kept trying to save all of my Towel animals but for some reason my room steward kept removing them? I had even asked when I board to let me keep them? Another Side note is I had asked for my room to be tended to at night yet she always did it in the morning? I dunno just everything I asked for she did the opposite of it for some reason.


Tonight was the White hot Party and I took a video of this not sure how I can share on here, But I do have to say MarQ Was Probably the best Cruise Director I have ever had he was high energy and wasn't shy about interacting with you.  Anyways here are the movies for tonight.






After this ended I just went back to my room ordered some room service watched a movie and Passed out.


Up Next Day 5 in Mahogany Bay

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They don't use UV lights (Black Lights) anymore for White Party, probably for heath reasons. Those are just purple spotlights.

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Day 5 Mahogany Bay,


I woke up about 8am and I got dressed and headed up and found we were practically already docked, I hate oversleeping and missing us pulling in. 








After I took some pictures I decided to go grab some breakfast, I had no plans here was just planning on wondering around the port area to do some shopping if something caught my eye. But After I ate I headed back to my room to grab something and I noticed the Miracle was pulling in. 











After This I decided to get off the ship and wonder around a bit.








After this I just wondered around and did some Shopping spent more then I would have liked but oh well. After I finished up my shopping I made my way back onboard went to my room to drop off my stuff and then went up to eat lunch with my new favorite bar tender. I really wish I could remember her name but she said she would be on my breeze cruise in March I am taking on an Eastern Caribbean itinerary.  Soon it was time for us to pull out well the Miracle pulled out first they were headed to Belize and then we pulled out. After Dinner I made my way up to watch the new Godzilla movie on deck.




After the Godzilla movie it was time for the Mega Deck party.





After about twenty mins of that I decided to go wonder about a bit and then I headed to my room to shower and get ready for bed. 


Up Next Day 6 in Costa Maya.




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