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Live from the Sky Christmas/New Yrs

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2 hours ago, Crown Cruiser said:

Colo Cruiser,


The sea witch and logo must have been originally painted at the sanctuary pool as soon as the ship came to Fort Lauderdale.  We were on Dec. 4-14.  It was there on the 4th and I saw the champagne bottle  break on that wall when they were filming for the naming ceremony.   The bottle exploded on impact (as it was meant to).  I thought maybe the wall got scratched up, so they repainted it.  Maybe?  🙂

Thanks when I saw pictures/video of the ceremony I really didn't pay attention to where to was held. I assumed it was near the large pool and bar.

Then when someone mentioned that maybe the retreat pool logo got scratched up from the bottle I thought that the surrounding area was so small and closed in to hold a big ceremony like that. maybe they were touching it up.

No biggie.

Yeah I don't think it was there when I got off on the 1st.

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Have to confess, I feel pretty redundant posting pictures of the Sky. There were many excellent ones posted in the live threads from the past few weeks, not to mention all of the thousands of pictures and dozens of YouTube videos posted by the bloggers, youtubers, and so-called influencers who were invited on the initial three day Mediterranean cruise with the expectation that they put out as much as possible about the Sky on social media. If you haven’t seen any of this, you should really have a look. On YouTube, simply search for sky princess cruise; also, here’s an Instagram page of over 9000 pictures. Just copy and paste.



When using my iPad or computer, I did not need an Instagram account, but on my phone it would not allow me to view them without an account.

Not sure if I’m allowed to post the link, but I’m sure the mods will delete it if need be. I don’t really have a lot of patience for Instagrammars and ‘influencers,’ but they sure do take darn great pictures! On YouTube, search up Ben and David Sky Princess. 
They’re bloggers who have excellent footage of the Sky from the inaugural sailing. Again, not sure if I am allowed to be posting the above information. they have great footage, in one of the videos, of the Sky suites. It looks like all the bloggers were allowed to go through to film for a few minutes during certain cocktail parties held in the Sky suites.

During the last week, we only ever saw people up in the sky suites once. We knew they were there, because the kids went and checked to see if names were up on the iPad. 😁. They said that it looked like one main family had both suites for the week. Out of curiosity, one night over dinner, we decided to put in a random date for March 2021, and pricing started at $25,000 for two people in one of the suites. Pretty sure that is what I put down as a down payment on my very first house, LOL. Good on them! Livin’ the dream!

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Sabatini’s menu. We will be going there for dinner tomorrow, so will report back. Was not overly impressed with it last year, so am hoping that I make better selections with my courses this time.






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Our hopes for a second opportunity for a proper Princess sailaway yesterday were dashed when an announcement was made around noon that it would be moved to the piazza. Sure enough, as we pulled away from PE, the heavens opened up .... for about 4 minutes. Timing is everything! 

DS got the haircut he wanted (a ‘fade’ which looked exactly like what he typically gets from his favourite place back home) after finding a barbershop (he refused to go to a hair salon) across the main street that runs in front of the Ross plaza. $23, not bad. 

Speaking of haircuts DD got hers chopped off two days ago at the on-board salon. She has (had I guess) super long hair that went to below the middle of her back. Got it cut into a very cute above the shoulder style. She’d planned to do a mid cruise cut a couple of months back and saw that there was a promo in the salon on the final sea day of the last leg. It was $69 for a scalp treatment and cut. Good deal and turned out fantastic. However, I’m pretty sure that DS’s $23 fade took more time and intricacy LOL. She let them know that she’d be donating it, so they cut it in the proper way. Now there’s a long ponytail sitting in our room 😲.


I like the Sky’s tendering ticket system. On Regal, we had to go to the MDR and wait in there for a tender. Here, you go to Ocean Terrace on 7, get the number of tix you need (one person in the family can get them all), and wait anywhere in the piazza area on 5,6,7 for the announcement for your group. Way more relaxed.


Adam, the CD, mentioned yesterday after the comedy show that some of the game shows in this leg are taking on a more adult twist. I’m not one for attending game shows, but will try to find out what those twists are. 

Dinner last night was much faster with 4 people rather than the 8 we had on the last leg. Found out that cute Sunil has a Croatian gf in the other MDR 😊. We were able to get a corner window table in his section for this leg. 

My sister, who left us for the Allure sailing today, iMessaged last night that her 12 yo started following Cptn Tuvo on instagram! His handle is Captain Bye-Bye, of course. Absolutely love him. Such a great mix of personable and professional. The other day, he stopped and chatted with my DS and his friends in the hot tub and before he left, gathered all the dirty dishes that were in the area 👍🏼. He just seems to have the leadership skills that others read books for, down pat.


Looking forward to Princess Cays today! 

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On 12/28/2019 at 1:17 AM, h-sar said:

Above Cabin S202 



Near as I can tell, your cabin will be kind of below this area. It’s is a corner of the Sanctuary where they seem to keep extra loungers at night and it then becomes a massage room and cabana in the daytime. I think there will be very little traffic above you.

Thank you for this.

We are so fortunate to live near the PE port for 7 months of the year and book a drop and go (after final payment) trip just as a getaway. I always pick the least expensive balcony and choices are usually slim pickings. We don't mind because the fares are so reasonable. We like the higher, forward or aft decks best and I think this cabin may be a winner!

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13 hours ago, h-sar said:

Have to confess, I feel pretty redundant posting pictures of the Sky.



Please don't feel redundant! Those of us who are sailing on the Sky soon (and I'm sure those who aren't) are appreciating every photo, comment, review and opinion you are posting. I, personally, can't get enough so thank you for the tremendous effort you are putting into this especially while you are on holiday!

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Good morning! Am back at my happy place 🥳. Princess Cays 


As is the norm, my husband and I left on the very first tender at 9:15 AM and hightailed it to our favourite spot under the gazebos just prior to the picnic eating area. Gives great views of the water, the ship, close to bathrooms, the buffet, and the fruit stand. We always hit the right side of the tenders when facing the water, so don’t cross over the bridge to the other side. Definitely busier on our side, but I enjoy the people watching over here.


Was utterly quiet and blissful when we first arrived and is getting a little bit busier at around 1040. Kids will be here around 11, as is their norm 😁. Have been used to free Wi-Fi on the island the last three years or so, but does not appear to be working today, unless one is logged into their own Internet minutes.

So, below is what the island looked like at 9:30. We will get about 90 minutes of quiet time before the masses descend. LOL. 

Notice that some of the picnic benches have been covered for easy cleaning. There also seems to be a lot more paved sidewalks in the back areas. Picture of one of the crew spraying mosquito repellent. Last year, my body was covered in bug bites from the pesky no see-ums, like literally covered, because I forgot the bug spray in the cabin. This year, I have doused myself in spray. Picture of DH doing his typical inspection of vegetation.

The bathroom that is usually right behind us, that we typically use, was destroyed in the fire they had here a while back and the area is slowly being rebuilt.













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And now at 10:45....


Im hovering over the fruit prep crew 😁. Want to get a plateful as soon as they get it set up. I have this aversion to flies on my food so like to be one of the first ones to get to the fruit and the barbeque LOL.









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6 hours ago, voljeep said:

how are the bee's around the bar area ?  they were so bad on our 12/5 PC day , we  just headed back to the ship after about an hour or so … not worth the risk, even with my EpiPen  close by

Weirdly (and thankfully), not even a fly today. First time, in a dozen times at PC, I’ve not seen the desserts in the buffet completely covered in flies. Today, not one bug, not one fly, not even a bee. There was a bit of a pleasant breeze, so maybe that had something to do with it. Or maybe the bug guy is just spraying the heck out of them 😆

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Around 2:30, got back on the ship and finished a fantastic 2nd lunch of the day 🤣 at Alfredo’s. Having seen some of the pictures of the burnt pizzas, I had been a bit worried, but the pizza today and yesterday was absolutely fantastic. Ordered my usual Magro caprese style salad and a vegetarian pizza to share with my husband. He also had the minestrone soup which he said was very good. Last week, someone in our party had the minestrone and it was just lukewarm. When she mentioned it to the waiter, he laughed and said that due to the age demographics of most Princess cruises, they tend not to serve their soups overly hot. He said to always mention to the waiter that you want it piping hot.


Late in the morning, the pod people arrived and interviewed with my view of the water and the ship.😆. If you, yourself, are a pod person, I bear you no ill will. We can still be friends. Just don’t know how people enjoy these clamshells which don’t allow for any breeze and actually often don’t allow for any shade inside of them either.




One of the huts selling souvenirs. We tend to not take any cash to the island, but if you wish to buy any souvenirs or get some hair braiding done, ensure you have cash as your money goes straight to the vendors, not added to your cabin charges. Vendors are absolutely not aggressive and will never approach you. I’m sure they would not be allowed to work on princess cays if they behaved otherwise. Another reason why I really enjoy princess cays. Nobody wants me to pose with their monkey for a tip, or with a hat festooned with local fruit, or buy a woven friendship bracelet made in China.


Drinks available at the Island buffet.



The medallion items which can be purchased on deck 7 across from the Princess Live bar 

4B4CCFEE-0905-4AC7-8801-8F943E97D100.thumb.jpeg.1dbd4a8541dc6450747c20a139ec593a.jpegView as we tendered back to the ship. This is the smaller side of the beach which is over the bridge.


Alredo’s lunch...with just the right amount of chili flakes 👍🏼








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On 12/28/2019 at 8:44 AM, h-sar said:

Oops, missed this question. It is in Take Five, the new jazz lounge. Deck 6 next to casino. Same location as Club 6 on Regal. Very attractive venue. Will have to check it out this week. Last week was all about spending time with extended family, so didn’t get to all the venues. 

And am totally wrong on this one. Should have checked first instead of going by assumptions. Also should’ve realized how many times I have seen the Hanukkah Service sign in front of Take Five for the past few evenings, LOL. Walked in to Take Five a few minutes ago to check out what the snack for the platinum/elite lounge was tonight. And walked in on a post service snack of potato pancakes and other assorted snacks. 😄. They looked yummy, but the line was way too long.

Asked one of the servers about the elite lounge and he directed me to Vista at the book of 7. Came in here just now to discover that one of my favorite Princess snacks, the bruschetta, was being served tonight. Place is not full by any means as it is a huge venue, but there are at least 4 to 5 dozen people in here right now. Snacks were delicious! Not sure if this is a permanent lounge venue or just for the holiday cruises. Dates were sooooo good. Soft and fresh. 



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Dinner in the main dining room last night took a good half hour less than it did last week because then we were a party of eight and now we are a party of four. Managed to secure a table in Sunil’s section: corner next to the window. I think he’s really going to miss bugging the younger kids who are no longer with us!

Pictured below, in assorted order:


One of my favorite little desserts from the international coffee, pistachio pudding. Ate the strawberry or it would look a lot prettier.😄


Poolside pizza (where there is no longer a daily special - just in case I failed to mention that before)


Salty Dog smoked hickory ? burger with bacon jam and provolone from yesterday. Really good. 


My grilled pineapple and melon appetizer at dinner yesterday, followed by the grouper fish in a mango salsa, very delicious, and another profiterole, this time with maple ice cream and a bit of a maple sauce. It was beyond delicious.

My dessert plate from the buffet pastry shop after coming off the island this afternoon. Cupcake with the icing of the day, can’t remember what it was, but it was very good, mini Keylime tart, and a fruit tart. I shared the plate with others in the family, just in case you’re wondering LOL.










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3 hours ago, dkitty said:

the above snacks look incredible!  Are you doing a tour in St Martin?  I have a Bernards tour schedule, not sure if I should keep it it not .  Thanks for all your posts.

We’ve done a few tours in Saint Martin already, so the last few times, have gone to Orient beach, by the Bikini beach bar. We actually managed to reserve, a couple months back, loungers right in the first row by the water. Discovered last year when we were there that one could do this. No extra charge for this other than the cost of the chairs. And PS, in case you’re wondering, this is not the clothing optional side LOL. That’s on the other side of the beach.


If you have not done a tour there before, you should really do it at least once. My stipulation with the family is that the first time we are on an island, we must do a historical/cultural tour; after that, the kids can pick a beach. The social teacher in me, I guess 😄.

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On 12/24/2019 at 12:59 AM, h-sar said:

Why is there so much US football on MUTS?! Three straight days in a row. I can understand if it’s the Super Bowl, but pretty sure that ain’t happenin’ right now.

Sadly, Super Bowl will happen on our cruise.  I'm American, and I despise football and the worship of it.  The up side is that while the masses are engrossed in Super Bowl on Feb. 2, much of the ship will be pretty quiet.

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On 12/24/2019 at 9:13 AM, hllwdcruiser said:

One word of caution though, I paid with a credit card I never use - only used it once and it was there - and soon after my card was compromised several times.

Thank you for that.  Because our Visa expiration date is close to sailing date, I couldn't complete our Personalizer using the card we always use.  Visa wouldn't send the card early, and wouldn't clue us in on the new expiration date.  So I had to haul out one we never use, just to finish the check-in process.  If our new cards show up before we leave, I'll try to log back in and revise the card.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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3 hours ago, ecs66 said:

Sadly, Super Bowl will happen on our cruise.  I'm American, and I despise football and the worship of it.  The up side is that while the masses are engrossed in Super Bowl on Feb. 2, much of the ship will be pretty quiet.

Did I mention the doubleheader of football this late afternoon and tonight?!

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