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Transfers in Tokyo

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We are arriving at Haneda mid afternoon on a Friday in April. Our hotel, Metropolitan Maranouchi Tokyo Hotel near Tokyo Station. We will have 3 large cases plus a backpack and a CPAP machine. We are in our 70s. We know that taking the monorail is the suggested method. But luggage is our question. Are there reasonable alternatives? I have tried to look at various options but all involve connections or waiting almost two hours for the bus. After a 15 hour flight I don’t think that is an option. Suggestions?


Secondly, we will need transportation to the port in Yokohama. This will be on a Monday. We are in port overnight so we have time on our side. Again, there is the luggage question. The train has been suggested but we have no idea how to accomplish that. I know this will be expensive but are looking for reasonable costs. Again, suggestions? We do not transport after the cruise as it ends in Singapore.


i have tried to research some transportation companies but cannot contact them directly. They give a phone number but no email address. I can fill out a reservation form but I don’t want that unless I know the cost. I also am unfamiliar with the various pickup and drop off locations. I found one with a reasonable cost but cannot figure out if the price is per car or per person. That makes a big difference. Also, are credit cards accepted or do we need Japanese currency.


Thanks to all responses. I have tried to figure this out but. Just get more frustrated.

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In September we used Viator for our transfers from Tokyo to Narita.  They used Green Tomato.  They were very reliable and professional.  

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From Haneda you might want to just spend the big bucks and grab a taxi.  I believe the fare is generally in the $55 to $60 range which might be well worth the money to avoid waiting for a bus unless a bus is going directly to your hotel.  Consider that most transfers buses will cost a couple at least $20 and may not get them directly to their hotel (in which case you will likely have a long walk or need a taxi).  So, for another $30 you can use your own taxi from door to door.    And keep in mind that saving some money on shared shuttles might mean multiple stops (and delays) before you get to your hotel.



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“Reasonable” costs are buses, subways, and trains. But then you have to operate on their schedules.

If you want quick, easy transport, you need to use taxis - which are expensive.


A taxi to take you and your bags / equipment from Haneda Airport to a Tokyo Station area hotel will cost you around US$100.

There are also inexpensive shuttle buses from Haneda to Tokyo Station. But then you will need to get yourselves and your things to the bus, then get yourselves and your things onto a taxi at Tokyo Station to get to your hotel. Are you willing / able to do that?


Same story for transport from your Tokyo hotel to the cruise terminal in Yokohama. There are trains, subways, buses and taxis available to get you there. Which are you willing / able to use?

Minatomirai subway gets you to within 2 blocks of the terminal in 29 minutes for US$4.

Narita Express train gets you to Yokohama Station in 30 minutes for about US$12.

A Taxi from Yokohama Station to the Osanbashi Cruise Terminal is about US$15.

A taxi from your Tokyo hotel to the Osanbashi Cruise Terminal in Yokohama will cost you around US$150.


If the local transport companies gave you a telephone number, why is it that you cannot contact them directly? You must have a telephone at your house. Call them for information. There will be an English speaker available to help you. You may save a lot of money.


Alternatively, why not just stay in Yokohama?

Taxis and transfer buses from Haneda Airport to Yokohama Hotels are not expensive.

Yokohama Hotels are generally less expensive than Tokyo Hotels.

Once you have all your “Stuff” parked at a Yokohama Hotel, it is easy and inexpensive to go to Tokyo for sightseeing.

When it is time to go to your ship, the taxi for any Yokohama hotel to the cruise terminal will be inexpensive and easy.

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When we flew into Narita (the other Tokyo airport) I found land transportation very expensive.  We did end up booking an airport pickup from Klook, it was really costly but we had 6 people and luggage.  Taxis are cheaper than a private van to hire.  Looks like Klook is offering airport pickup at 135 USD.  You could also check with your hotel and see if they offer a service.  https://www.klook.com/en-US/activity/18077-private-haneda-airport-transfers-tokyo/

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Last year we used Tokyo Airporter for transfers from Haneda to our hotel in Shinjuku and then a few days later from the hotel to Osanbashi Pier.  If you email them with your requirements they will provide a quote.  We paid in JPY cash on each day.  We were very pleased with the service.


Email address:   reservation@tokyoairporter.com 


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Thank you all for your suggestions. I think we finally have this worked out. First of all, Green Tomato only does shared Transport for Princess passengers. They would do a regular taxi but that was very cost prohibitive. I did finally find email addresses for Transfers. Calling Tokyo could be very expensive especially if I was put on hold. We do not have free international calling. Thank you , BruceMuzz, for your details about using public transportation. Our hotel is sort of connected to the Tokyo Station. The hotel website shows a video of how to navigate the station. We will probably still get lost but should eventually get it figured out.

Aussgirl, thank you for your suggestion as we found them to be the most reasonable. Plus, we found another couple to share the ride to the port. We are relieved to have this figured out.

i will try to report back how this works out after our cruise.

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For future reference, international long distance calling from USA to Japan should not cost you more than 10 cents per minute. That’s what my friends and family in the USA pay when they call me in Tokyo.


Telephone etiquette in Japan is quite a bit more sophisticated than in the USA. When you telephone a company here, a real human always answers the telephone and talks to you. Putting somebody on hold on the telephone in Japan is considered very rude and very rarely happens. 

When you telephone a Japanese company and get a Japanese answer, just say “English Please”. In a few moments, an English speaker will help you.

Those terribly annoying robo-calls you receive in America (seemingly every hour) are illegal in Japan. If you have a telephone here, you will never receive one.


So far as costs are concerned: My Japanese friends tell me that when Americans go shopping, they ask, “How cheap is it?”; when Japanese go shopping they ask, “How good is it?”. You are going to find that the Japanese value high quality and convenience over just about anything else.

Most everything in Japan is expensive by American standards - but it is also much higher quality than American standards. From food to housing to transport to everyday goods, Japanese is very good and usually quite expensive - but a great value for money.

This information may be of some help to address the culture shock you will experience when you visit Japan.

Edited by BruceMuzz

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Thank you, BruceMuzz. I appreciate your information on Japanese phones. I guess I have been put on hold and played the phone game too many times. You mentioned earlier about staying in Yokohama. Originally our flight flew into Narita. I was just breaking up the trip. We have never been to Tokyo so wanted to see sights close by rather than spend so much time on trains. We have two full days to explore. We are looking forward to experiencing Japan and a more civilized approach. Learning about different cultures is one of the reasons we travel. Thank you for your perspective on Japan.

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In reading thru this thread I noticed that most flew into Haneda.  Just curious if there was a particular reason - availability and price of flights better than Narita?  My reason in asking is we'll be on a repositioning cruise from Tokyo (Yokohama) on Ovation of the Seas, which I've been told will dock at Daikoku. 


We're reading and trying to decide: (There's four of us traveling together)

1) What touring and sites we'd like to visit in Tokyo and Yokohama, time permitting 

2) If we want to stay multiple nights pre-cruise in Tokyo or Yokohama and commute to the opposite city for some sightseeing there also

3) What, if any, is the advantage of flying into NRT or HND (There are non-stop flights from the US into both airports; those into NRT offer better options, multiple departures and slightly better pricing.)

4) Removing costs from the equation, wondering if we should place our emphasis first on which airport arrival and go from there in selecting a convenient hotel and then proceed to research/select tours.  Our preference is convenience, especially transferring from the airport - hotel  and hotel - cruise port, with two 28" spinner bags & a carry-on pp.

Appreciate any insight and thoughts you may share.  Thanks much!

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Posted (edited)

Since CC is a cruise site, many posters asking questions about Tokyo airports are going on a mass market cruise. They are using Haneda airport for a couple of good reasons.

The real Tokyo cruise terminal (Harumi) is very small and conveniently right downtown. But the Rainbow Bridge that crosses Tokyo Bay is too low for large cruise ships to get under it and get access to Harumi Terminal. As a result, only the smaller luxury lines call at Harumi.

The big ships are forced to call at Osanbashi Terminal in Yokohama - about 50 miles South of Tokyo. Osanbashi is a great place to call, but getting into Tokyo and back can be challenging and potentially costly if you don't speak Japanese.


Narita Airport is larger, newer, and offers more variety than Haneda, but it is located about 60 miles North of central Tokyo.

On the other hand, Haneda is newly renovated, enlarged, and is located just a few miles South of central Tokyo - in the direction of Yokohama.

Getting from Narita to to Tokyo or to Osanbashi Terminal in Yokohama is not difficult, But it is more costly and takes more time.

Getting from Haneda to Tokyo or to Yokohama is very easy, fast, and inexpensive.


The Japanese are building a new cruise terminal just South of the Rainbow Bridge - and very close to Haneda Airport. This terminal is scheduled to open sometime this year, and can accommodate large cruise ships. This makes Haneda erven more desirable for people on mass market cruise ships.


Daikoku Terminal in Yokohama is unfortunately not a very nice place. It is a cargo pier that is used for cruise ships that cannot get a slot at Osanbashi Terminal. If you fly into Haneda Airport, it is a relatively short taxi ride to Daikoku. There are also a few shuttle buses available from Yokohama to Daikoku Pier.

Edited by BruceMuzz

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