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APT Budapest to Amsterdam

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Have booked the above cruise for May this year. I'm just after opinions on this company and itinerary. APT generally gets good reviews but I'm after recent experience if possible. Thanks in advance!

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We did this cruise late Nov through early December 2019. And also 3 pre/post nights in Budapest and Amsterdam. We found the itinerary a good mix of cruising and time off the boat. I’d say APT offers spot on what they say they will deliver in their brochure. If there’s anything you’d particularly like to know please ask.

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Thank you for your input Ethel. As APT is an Australian company, I presume the majority of passengers would be Australian. Also, just wondering how soon before departure did you get travel documents/ info about flights and the actual cruise.? We booked through a travel agent so i guess I should just ask them, but if you have helpful information, that would be much appreciated.

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I think you will be on a Amawaterways ship. You may want to post which ship you will be on. The reviews are very good with Amawaterways. 


APT has an investment/partnership with Amawaterways.

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Mo, you are right, the majority of passengers were from Australia. There were also a reasonable number of English people.


We booked directly through APT about 6 months before departure and our flights were ticketed within a week or so, after we had paid the deposit and then we could see them on the Emirates app, choose seats etc. 


The itinerary was received about 5 weeks prior to departure, in the mail and also accessible via an app. It does have pickup times from hotels etc listed. You can’t pre-book excursions, but there didn’t seem to be much of an issue with people missing out - never heard any complaints. The itinerary didn’t have daily times of arrival and departure from ports along the way, we received these the night before in the dailies. Unlike some of the cruises discussed on this board, we did not have a lot of long days and evenings in port - quite a few were half days I guess due to the sheer distance to cover?? We did find we enjoyed the leisurely days, not getting up early every day, there’s plenty to see from the boat as you cruise along.


APT does mean what they say about freedom to do what you like. It was completely up to you whether you went off the boat, joined a tour or ventured on your own. Or joined in the activities on board (we didn’t). All arrangements went like clockwork, and the guides in port were local and very good. The ‘special events’ are, of course, specially put on for tourists. 


I’d describe the food as ‘good quality banquet’ safe options rather than ‘high end restaurant’. Lots of beef and fish, some chicken, pork, lamb; not much shellfish; European style. Breakfast and lunch were buffets or could order from the menu. Wine was very free-flowing; we found the included options fine but we are not fussy:) Nice touches like birthday cakes.


Service was very good. Rooms thoroughly cleaned twice a day. The butler service that is on offer for more expensive rooms is pretty laid back (Australian style?) Someone will appear late afternoon with a small plate of canapés. For other service it is requested through the reception desk. Room service is available for these rooms, which is great for when you have had enough of communal dining.


The cruise really is totally inclusive, we didn’t manage to spend an extra cent on board, apart from a massage. I think APT deliver a great product for their target market. The only hesitation I would have about booking again relate to our personal food preferences and not enjoying having to make small talk at every meal. 

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Not sure if you have seen this page and reviews and info about your ship?


We have travelled with APT/AMA some land and river cruises but not on AMA VERDE.

We have found a lot depends on the quality of the cruise director and other staff on board. Also river levels can impact and interrupt sailings, common to all river cruises. 

Our cruise director on our cruise in December was wonderful, experienced and pleasant to deal with.

We did not have a full ship so plenty of space to sit/move around on board.

Fellow passengers were a mix of mainly Australians some from NZ.

Other sailings we have had much the same with additions from UK and Egypt.

Families are travelling together too sometimes.

Have a great cruise spring is a nice time to travel in Europe. 




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Thank you for the helpful information. I just have a few other questions. Assuming that there is no issue with river levels, how much bus travel is involved? How far are the ports from the towns? Also, regarding excursions, is Rothenburg a worthwhile excursion from Wurzburg?

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Rothenberg is worth seeing albeit can/will be crowded, popular small town.

The drive from Wurzburg is also attractive.

However Wurzburg is also worth some time the river runs through the town, beautiful old bridges and a lively university town, with many attractions.

Difficult choices we have been fortunate to have been to these places more than once and at different times of the year.

Some ports/stops are right on the rivers, so bus travel is not required.

Salzburg or Cesky are done as day trips and longer bus trips.

Bratislava is also done as a bus trip and Nuremberg is a short bus trip from the ship.

Others may offer more advice. Each day can be busy but of course you are free to do as much or little as you wish.

Another issue for May, there are a few public holidays so check if any may impact your trip.


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If this is the itinerary with the signature experiences - concert and train ride on the Danube part and Namedy Castle on the Rhine part of your journey - you are in for a treat. If not, I think it is still great. APT also handled the drought issues in 2018 really well from what passengers reported, I am confident they are equally as good during flooding. And the AmaWaterways ships are nice. One thing you will need to put up with is the sundeck being closed for much of the Canal and the Main river, but that is the case with all four-level ships. However, if the Amaverde is a split-level design she might have a section that is ok. Others can tell you more and there is a thread on the Main river further down the pages on this forum that has info.

Nuremberg harbour is on the Canal and I believe the most unattractive dock with the longest bus ride.


For the public holidays this is a good website to check: https://www.feiertagskalender.ch/index.php?jahr=2020&geo=0&klasse=5&hl=en&hidepast=1 

As regards Rothenburg and Würzburg, that is a difficult choice. Rothenburg is one of the most attractive medieval places in Germany and probably the most popular. I have never been and do not like crowds that much. Würzburg I have been to and it is lovely for spending more than two hours in. Could you decide as you go along or do you need to sign up for the excursion before your trip?


May is a lovely month for travelling. Have a great cruise.




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This was our tour (I think I have this right, apologies for spelling)


Budapest, docked in town, optional bus tour of city (we didn’t do).


Vienna, docked a little way out of city centre, can catch train or orientation tour by bus.

Bus to Schonbrunn Palace. Also travel by bus in the evening to the concert. 


Melk, bus up to Abbey, walked back to boat through town


Durnstein, docked in town


Linz, day trip to Cesky Krumlov, 2 (?) hours each way


Passau, docked in town


Regensburg, boat was running a little late so stopped along the way and buses provided (approx 30 mins) so that we could still be in time to do tours. Boat caught up and docked in town so we could board after tours.


Nuremberg, bus to town (we chose to do alternative hike, also a short bus ride).


Bamberg, bus to town.


Wurzburg, docked in town (we didn’t do Rothenburg)


Miltenberg, docked in town


Rudesheim, docked in town


Andernach, docked in town, bus to Namedy castle


Cologne , docked in town


Amsterdam, docked in town, optional bus to Zanse Schanns










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Thanks for the information Notamermaid. Yes we are on the APT cruise with the signature experiences. That public holidays site was most helpful. The only one that I can see that will impact us is May 1. We begin our cruise in Budapest then but will have a free morning. I guess we will do a bit of walking until we board the ship. I don't think we have to sign up for excursions before we leave, but I will clarify that a bit closer to departure date.

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Thanks to Ethel6666's details I have just remembered that my ship too docked out of town at Nussdorf a district of Vienna. Many lines do that now. The dock looks concrete structure and boring but a short walk away is the train station and tram stop in the village. The tram is a pleasant ride. Our excursion was directly from the dock by coach into town. For our free time we were on our own as regards transport but your line may have a shuttle option.




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