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Too much leg contact

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A few yrs ago I was playing BJ on the Indi. I'd been at my chair about 2 hrs and this chap sat in a vacant chair next to me. He was a tall guy with longer legs than usual.  Once play began, his leg was constantly banging on mine. I maneuvered to avoid contact  which was impossible. It is difficult to concentrate on my cards while  getting rapped  with leg. After a minute or so of this I quietly informed him that his leg was rubbing against mine and would he please stop and  became quite indignant. He

did try to do a better job managing his leg situation but with out success.

The table was full, my game was being interrupted,  so I left the table  very pissed. I did return once he departed.

How would you have handled this situation if it was happening to you?

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I also get very irritated when some guy thinks because I'm female, he can SPREAD into MY space!  And that's the one's I'm not married to, btw.  DH has a license. Strangers do NOT. 


At the casino we play at frequently, a spreader who was on the corner and had plenty of table real estate on the OTHER side, kept rubbing knee to mine.  First attempts were a couple of gentle nudges back to his own space.  Then a small fist shoving gently over. OOPS!  Last attempt at being 'nice'... I mentioned to the entire table, including his wife at the other end (who didn't care and probably wished the jerk would evaporate, poor thing).. that I didn't like under the table knees rubbing and it was making me very irritable and ruining my cards.  The dealer laughed and said, " she's not kidding either'... I laughed and said, "no, I'm not!".... STILL THE  KNEE.  So... finally & obviously, moved the cup holder on my right side (right handed, so awkward and you can't do that on cruises).... and wrapped my handbag around it to hang between us. BARRIER. Still had motion, but no direct contact.  MUCH better.  UGH.


DH said on the way home that the guy does it to him too.  REALLY?! 


Plan B... I have started carrying garlic tablets to chew on in said handbag.

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