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What is your next cruise? A 3 part question. 🤔

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1.  Quantum Alaska May 2021

2.  Next one I think will sail is not Quantum in May.  It will be the one I book when Quantum gets cancelled.

3.  I won't be devastated if it doesn't sail as it was an impulse booking.  My DH thought we should have something to look forward to, so I booked.

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All 7 cruises we had booked before the shutdown have now been canceled, so we are waiting to see how everything settles down.  Got the full refund for 3, so we have a fcc for a full fare, and 3 FCC for the deposit.

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1.   11/29/ & 12/6/20  Harmony 


2.  8/8/21 & 8/20/21 Jewel  Baltics/British Isles


3.  2/10/21 Serenade Sydney to Tasmania....but mostly since there is another 7 legs attached to this one.  First one falls...they all fall.  😞 

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1. Symphony 10/2/2021

2. Symphony 10/2/2021
3. Symphony 10/2/2021


We were booked on the upcoming 11/2 Vision sailing (11-night southern Carib) but we preemptively canceled before final payment to avoid tying up all those funds for another 12-18 months. RCCL hasn’t moved their cutoff beyond 10/31 yet but I’ll be surprised if it actually sails. Moved the FCC to the above listed cruise a week ago and reset our countdown.

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9 minutes ago, sellwingri said:

1.  Freedom Nov 15

2.  Anthem Feb 6

3.  Ovation from Japan. May 7


Our Ovation is the one that ends up in Singapore for drydock. You have a much better chance than us

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1.  Insignia Jul 2021

2.  Insignia Jul 2021

3.  Disappointed, yes, but we've held off booking anything until picture clears up.  Will book again when we get more information about what cruising will entail once cruising resumes.

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1) Independence of the Seas.  11/19/2020

2) Independence of the Seas.  11/26/2020

3) Odyssey of the Seas    04/30/2021 


Don’t expect to be sailing on our B2B Thanksgiving week cruises on the Independence, however still hoping for a miracle.  Also hoping our booking for the inaugural cruise of the Odyssey will not be postponed due to further delays at the shipyard.  Originally we were booked on the April TA sailing on the Odyssey, however Royal cancelled that back in June.  

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5 hours ago, Ourusualbeach said:

1. OA Nov 15, 2020 

2. SY Mar 13, 2021

3. OA Dec 20, 2020


Not devastated at losing number 3 but disappointed.  If this doesn’t sail it will be our first holiday at home since 2010.


We were on the 11.15.20 Oasis too. I'm more relieved than disappointed since we were able to L&S to Harmony.

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1. Odyssey of the Seas, March 2022


2. Oh man if this one doesn't sail, we've got bigger problems than cruising. 😉


3. We would absolutely be crushed to not sail this one. We had originally booked Oasis of the Seas for March 2020 (cancelled in Dec 2019 bc we couldn't find affordable airfare, but it would have been cancelled anyway due to COVID), then Independence of the Seas for  August 2020 (as a re-do of our Oasis cruise, with our first-ever one bedroom suite ☹️, but we took the 125% FCC when this one was cancelled). Happy that we got a quick 4-day on the Mariner of the Seas in February 2020.

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1. Symphony of the Seas March 2021

2. Symphony of the Seas March 2021

3. Symphony of the Seas March 2021


Still working and running a business so we tend to only cruise once a year.  Not sure we will ever retire.  We work with the hubbys parents that are in their 70's and 80's and they still work every day so we plan to do the same.  Our home is next to our business so no commute either.


We were supposed to go on Lady O back in April to celebrate my hubbys 50th birthday.  Oh well! I am hoping that things start moving again soon but at a smaller capacity.


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12 hours ago, John&LaLa said:

Before the next cancellations are announced, how about a little game.


1. What is your next 'booked' cruise?


2. What is your next 'booked' cruise that you think will sail.


3. Of all your 'booked' cruises, which one will devastate you if it gets cancelled, or you decide not to go


Here are ours.

1. Mariner 12/14/20

2. Mariner 6/18/21

3. Ovation 3/11/21 (Australia/New Zealand)





1. British Isles, 12 days, Celebrity Reflection, July 30th, 2021

2. see above

3. Devatate? None. Our group of six has a 'Plan B' in case this one doesn't go down or go down the way we like.   

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  1. Harmony - Dec 13th 2020
  2. Oasis - May 16th 2021
  3. None really.  I'll be disappointed every time a sailing cancels but it is what it is.  I'll likely still be around when they restart and every time a couple cancel, I upgrade the next couple.  Eventually I'm going to have some pretty awesome cruises that actually happen.  Or aliens invade during a Yellowstone eruption and it doesn't really matter.  
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1. Freedom 11/29/20 (in an aft balcony)

2. Celebrity Edge 12/13/21

3. I won't say "devastated" but very disappointed if the Celebrity Edge in 12/2021 gets cancelled because it was supposed to be our "safety" Southern Caribbean cruise so we booked our first suite.

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6 hours ago, ryano said:

1. Ovation Alaska 9/10/2021

2. Ovation Alaska 9/10/2021

3. Ovation Alaska 9/10/2021


If a September 2021 cruise gets cancelled over COVID, Im done. It will have been one month short of 4 years since the last one.



No cruises will be booked until there are no more threads asking about cruising in a pandemic.

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Next booked cruise was 22 nights in Oct/Nov on the Grandeur.  We cancelled those 2. So our next booked is 3 weeks in Feb on the Vision but we will most likely cancel those. 

Next cruise booked that I think will be a go is Allure, Sept 2021 for 3 weeks. Now the question will be, will they allow B2B?


Disappointment but not devastation since we are older cruisers. We mainly cruise to get away for a while and to meet up with cruise friends we have made. 

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