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OK, no, this post has nothing to do with navels . . . just some "Stay at Home" humor!  I have searched through the Cabin reviews, the ship reviews, the Cabin post on this forum -- and can find next to nothing on people's experience with Inside Cabins, specifically on Breakaway Plus class ships.  I've used the Deck Plan site (I don't know if I can name it here, so . . .), and have viewed all of the pictures I could find there.    My "burning" questions at this point are:

1.  Is there any kind of seating in an IC cabin?  Maybe just the little stool with the tray table top?  I'm thinking about TV viewing, which my traveling partner (AKA DH) uses to relax before going to sleep.

2.  Is it possible to store suitcases under the bed(s)?  I would think so, but couldn't find any mention of it.


Thanks in advance for any feedback on Inside Cabins!

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4 hours ago, IRMO12HD said:

1.  Is there any kind of seating in an IC cabin?  Maybe just the little stool with the tray table top?  I'm thinking about TV viewing, which my traveling partner (AKA DH) uses to relax before going to sleep.

At least for the Bliss (the BA+ class) when you browse the ship on NCL.com you can see overhead views of the different staterooms and see that the only seating in the inside rooms (don't see an IC code room on Bliss though) would be a stool by the little table/counter.


4 hours ago, IRMO12HD said:

2.  Is it possible to store suitcases under the bed(s)?  I would think so, but couldn't find any mention of it.

Generally, yes.  even in the Studio rooms you can store suitcases under the bed.

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My experience is as above, a stool in the room, but would be hard to watch tv on due to the small room and high level tv, it's more comfortable to sit/lay on the bed and watch tv.

Plenty of room under the bed for suitcase storage.

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We've sailed on the Breakaway (3x) and the Getaway (1x) in Inside cabins; am not 100% certain of the classification of our cabins.  In answer to your questions:


1) YES there's a SMALL stool that you could use to sit on & watch TV.  I, personally however, would prefer to lounge on the bed & watch TV.  The stool has no back.


2) We use two (2) large suit cases on wheels that EASILY fit under the bed(s)

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Ok, I admit that I only clicked on this because of the title... I've sailed all the BA and BA+ Class ships, and there is only the little stool... As for luggage under the bed, pretty much all cruise lines have designed their bed platform to accommodate luggage underneath, even the Studio cabins...

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You can check the deck plans of every NCL ship:





Click on the ship you are checking out (BLISS) LINK in post above 

Browse around (gray banner bar PICS DECKS (drag decks premium membership))

Left side Check out the classes of staterooms (colors and numbers) location

Right side click on an individual deck and stroll along the Promenade or other deck.

Note on some ships the floor plan for the Inside Cabin may be orientated different.

The side-ways cabins may give you a few more square feet of comfort space and

a slightly bigger bath room (no tub).

Invariably the only chair will be a stool that slides out from the small writing desk.


Need a chair with a back to it - ask your cabin steward for assistance - may be able

to snag a chair from the buffet - otherwise prop a pillow up lounge around on the bed.


Have a few too many steamer trunks - put the small one inside the big one and away

they go under the bed.


In most cases the bed can be split into two twins - again ask the cabin steward for help.


You can always pull up the floor and let your feet hang - well not really but improvise -

ask your cabin steward for extra pillow(s) if that will help.

HINT:  Musical Chairs is a solo enterprise in an Inside Cabin !  LOL !


Granted Inside Cabins are on the frugal side - consider for a few dollars (euro's) more

stepping up to a Ocean view or even a balcony which may provide you with a couch

and writing desk with chair.

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Thanks to all who replied!  This cruise is a replacement for our cancelled April 2020 cruise on the Bliss (on which we had a balcony 😞  ).  Unfortunately, given the increase in prices, I couldn't really justify paying twice the amount I had committed before (yes, I did get a refund), and so decided to go with an Inside Cabin.  I have used the CruiseDeckPlans site, and looked for similar cabins on all decks on all Breakaway Plus class ships. I noticed the configuration, with the mini "desk" and the two twin / ~King bed layouts, but noticed that there was no chair, or even room for one!  I guess my DH will just have to lounge on the bed to watch TV!  Thanks for the tip about requesting a chair from the steward, @don't-use-real-name; if there's room, we might just try that!  And yup, the suitcases are definitely going under the bed(s) -- I noted the dearth of storage space in the closet.

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On 10/13/2020 at 10:57 PM, BulldustHHH said:

I find Cruideckplans is pretty good for getting a general idea about cabin layouts:




Better if you can find a youtuber reviewing the specific cabins, of course.

  I never knew about this site.   It's great,  very helpful.   Thanks for posting!

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3 hours ago, jezabel80 said:

  I never knew about this site.   It's great,  very helpful.   Thanks for posting!

Using almost any search engine (Google for one) just put in the generic info you are looking for i.e.

NCL JEWEL 15500 and a host of sites should appear - videos reviews summary of features etc.

If nothing appears take a look at the deck map and see if a similar cabin mirror image cabin pops up

even be it on the other side of the ship.

When looking at a row of cabins on the same deck realize that every other one is a reverse (mirror)

image of its neighbor until you get to the of end of the row and a bulkhead or other hull structure

may change the cabin orientation. When looking for a cabin on the deck that the lifeboats are hanging

in their davits (these are Obstructed View OV) not all the reverse/mirror rules apply.

Search to find the best and worst features of your cabin selection.

And then there is Cruise Critic - - - for reviews of those that have been in the cabin you are researching.


Cruisedeckplans has a membership plan (lifetime fee about $25) that covers all the cruise ships of all

the lines and when viewing the deck plan of a ship there is the "DRAG-DECK" function where you take

your mouse click and drag one deck over another so you can see what is above or below your cabin selection.

Also with cruisedeck look for the little camera icons click on them for photo or video images of that cabin*

*note maybe a generic floor plan but you will get the idea - again the cabin you are inspecting - no camera

look on the other side of the ship - next door - maybe a cabin a few steps away to get an idea.


There is a lot of information out there - use it to make your cruise better than ever.


When booking or viewing a website some of these only provide a limited number of cabins to select - see

something close to what you have in mind but not showing availability - then call the cruise line or your

travel agent for looking at the BIG PICTURE of what is actually available. Just because there is a limited

selection does not mean that you have to take what is left. Sometimes for a few dollars more a whole

different bank of cabins become available or possible upgrades.

Timely shopping the sales and promotions may result in a wider inventory or unexpected selection

cancellation of something previously booked.


Find a better cabin or promotion as long as you are outside the FINAL Payment period check and see

if you can trade what you have for it. After the Final Payment there maybe the possibility of bidding on

a upgrade and/or calling NCL for entertaining a phone offer upgrade (usually a one time offer deal).




The OP was interested in an inside cabin - on some ships there are inside cabins on upper decks that

maybe more appealing in location and accessibility - you don't always have to accept lower deck locations. 

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