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CC Screen names, how and why did you choose them?

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6 hours ago, pompeii said:

Pompeii was the name we gave our beloved little pomeranian who came to us as a stray.  But everyone called him Pomp or Pompy.  

Curious as to whether you've ever been to Pompeii.


As to this thread's topic:  I wasn't very inventive--I'm Barb who lives in Michigan 😉

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Back around 2008 my then roommate and I purchased a gaming console. Just as we had just gotten home and taken it out of the box, hooked it up to the TV, we were rushing to get it set up and itching to start playing games on it we were faced with a screen forcing us to create a login name / set up an account.  ::sigh:: 


We couldn't use either of our own usual login names since it was going to be shared. We thought maybe we'll create separate accounts later but that's complicated - we need to start playing games right now so let's just go with anything.  Pretty much exactly at that moment, the cat started meowing from across the room. 


The cat was OBSESSED with his favorite toy and would very often sit by it and meow and meow and meow at all hours of the day for someone to come play with him.  His toy was a Purple Mouse attached to a Green Stick by a string, thus PMGS, and of course just as obsessed as he was, it was 24 hrs a day / 7 week = PMGS247.


We came up with that name in a fast scramble looking for anything, not really a ton of thought and the cat just happened to meow at just the right moment.  Now here I am 12 years later and it's one of my go-to's.  I guess I kept it since when I moved out of that house, I took the gaming console and thus the login.  At a certain point it would have been more trouble to go back to something else so it is what it is.  It's literally un-guessable if someone hasn't been told.  People have tried though, it is amusing.

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Hi CC members

Really glad to see that my username has provided a source of some lighthearted entertainment to everyone.

This was a response to a grouse of mine regarding Princesses lack of information, and is refreshing to see in these difficult times we are still able to stay positive and look forward to cruising again in the future!

Keep smiling everyone,


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4 hours ago, paradiselivin1 said:

Live by some of the best-rated beaches in the US and I live on a small island that many of my friends and neighbors insist is "Paradise"...

I loved on a small island for a year that I considered Paradise, many would not as it was Kodiak Island.

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Where my name came from (the genesis of Thrak) is somewhat convoluted and boring as well as dorky. However, the reason I used it here on CC is simple. I used the name Thrak for 3.5 years when I wasted my life (1.5 - 16 hours per day - yes, seriously!) playing Dark Age of Camelot online (another story there). I then quit gaming (for good - YES!), went outside, and started Geocaching. I needed a name to check things out on the Geocaching site so I just used Thrak - thinking, if it should turn out I was actually interested, I would change it. Nope. That was in August of 2005. When I "found" CC after our first cruise in 2011, I again needed a name in order to "check things out". Once again I just used the name I already had. So.... Thrak it was and Thrak it has remained. I don't foresee a further "addiction" but, should that happen, I will probably perpetuate the name of Thrak. Yes (no) that is not a full explanation. I could actually fully explain the name but, as I said earlier, it's dorky.


Also, NO - it doesn't have anything to do with King Crimson. I had never heard of King Crimson - or his album Thrak - until I began to be asked about my online name. Nope, nope, nope. No connection at all to King Crimson. Actually, even though this was brought up to me many years ago, I still haven't listened to any of King Crimson's music.

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18 hours ago, BarbinMich said:

Curious as to whether you've ever been to Pompeii.


As to this thread's topic:  I wasn't very inventive--I'm Barb who lives in Michigan 😉

Barb, yes we have.  We were lucky to go in the off season of early December a couple of years ago.  The weather was perfect, and there were no heat or crowds to contend with.  We loved it and were fascinated with every corner of it.   However, that was long after we named our little guy and I chose it for my CC name.

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This moniker comes from what I did early in our marriage to get permission to purchase a car DW didn't think we really needed. She then put personalized plates on the vehicle, BEG3YRS. I loved it. This was when we lived in California. Now we're in Arizona and that first beggar vehicle is long gone. Yet, I have another as you can see from my avatar. Same method, different state...

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The name of my chocolate lab who I had when I opened this account in 2003. She has since passed away but her name lives on here on Cruise Critic! 

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On 10/18/2020 at 7:59 PM, Steelers36 said:

Every Steelers fan knows "The Bus".  I honor him when I tack his number onto my team name.  If it already taken, I might go to #84, or perhaps someone else.  The love and commitment to the game matters as well as performance and results. 


And how about that 5-0 record now!


My nickname growing up was Tigger (from Winnie-the-Pooh) because, you know, tiggers like to BOUNCE!  🙂


P.S.  Go Steelers!  I just went from liking the team very much to LOVING them because my son played high school football and basketball with Claypool.  Needless to say, Chase was the best player on the team in both sports.   So, if you ever want to use #11, I'm all for it!  



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