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Non-slip matting for counter tops and other sufaces?

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I'm asking this in the Antarctica boards because this seems like a place you are more likely to get rough seas.


When I owned a boat we got a roll of non-slip rubberized matting that we put on many different surfaces to keep things from slipping off when the boat rocked.  A roll was cheap from Bed, Bath and Beyond and could be cut to fit any surface.


I'm wondering if anyone has done this for tables, bedside nightstands, etc. in your cabin. I haven't seen it in in the usual lists of things to bring (over the door shoe holders, magnets, etc) but realize that the motion is usually not an issue for most cruises.   I use a CPAP so having it not slip off the bedside nightstand is very desirable!


Here is an example from Amazon.


What are your thoughts?

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You can get rough seas anywhere

 We just put the small stuff in the drawers

 bottles we stick in the cushions on the sofa or lay them on the floor between some cushion to keep from rolling

drinking glasses we put in the desk drawer

never felt to  need for the non skid  other than our sailboat



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I've rarely hit seas that warranted this. On our last sailing on Carnival Pride we came back through the remnants of a nor'easter and hit 40-50 foot seas and things stayed put for the most part (as mentioned we put the smaller stuff in drawers).

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On 10/22/2020 at 10:20 AM, LHT28 said:

We just put the small stuff in the drawers


That's what I do.  Whatever seas in which I am sailing, I am most concerned about my glasses.  I put them in a drawer with a wash cloth under them to provide some cushioning in case such is needed.  I do this every night on a ship.  Really, nothing more is needed.  If King Neptune is really having a bad day, the ship's Master will offer advice as to what one ought to do with one's "stuff" in the stateroom as well with what you, the guest, ought to do, i.e. get to become acquainted with the floor of your stateroom and not in a chair.

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Several of the polar expedition ships (100-120 passengers) we've been on place these non-slip liners on cabin desk tops. That said, when the ship is going through heavy seas, it is best to stow as much as possible in drawers/cabinets or, possibly on the floor. Polar travel can be quite an adventure.

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On my first 3 Antarctica trips the cabins actually already had the non slip stuff inside all the drawers and on the desk and benchtops - so even in the roughest of seas my stuff never budged. On my 4th trip the suites were newly renovated and my friend knew the owners of the ship who had told them nope they had not thought of that in the redesign. So I knew in advance to pack a small roll and scissors. One place I found it useful was on the wardrobe rail so coat hangers didn't slide back and forth!!! (That noise use to drive me nuts).

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On 10/22/2020 at 11:42 AM, nolatravelgirl said:

Dollar tree sells 4 packs of these gripper pads that are similar to the shelf liner. I use them under cutting boards at home. These would be easy to pack.


Also from Dollar Tree - I bring these collapsible boxes, approx. 10" X 12". They can sit on top of the counter, or fit inside a nightstand drawer.  You don't need high seas for small stuff to roll around - pen, mascara, lipstick, rings, etc.  

collapsible box 2.jpg

collapsible box.jpg

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