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5-12-2 Thursday Weigh-In----May Day May Day

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Help we need to lose some weight NOW

Want people to look at us and say WOW


No really, we want to lose for health reasons

If we could just get though the different holiday seasons


Can't give up on ourselves we say

We just will try day by day by day by day


Up and down, we go each week

Never give up on the loss's we seek

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Good morning.  Belle thanks for the start of another week.  

Remain at lower end of range.  Can’t wait for the “puffiness”  belly midline to absorb.  Even if that doesn’t change pleased with the results.  I’m comfortably wearing size small — never thought that would happen.  

celebrating Mother’s Day tonight with dominoes and Mexican food.  The tomorrow will go to SanAntonio  for weekend.  Will get to se TN son and Gs (they don’t know I’ll be there).


Still walking 2.5  - 3 miles daily.  Have to go out by 8am  or after 6pm during hot months.

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Izena hope you had a nice Mother's Day celebration.  Nice that you get to wear a size small!!!!


I finally weighed myself today - I stayed the same - I will take it ... we've been playing cribbage and have been snacking so I am slightly surprised.


Belle - I'm going to post (later) our itinerary of our Alaska cruise ports - would be great if one matched!!  After 19 years of talking it would be nice to have a conversation face to face!!!   Jan

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Hello all--- little late in writing.


Izean you're doing so good. Bet you look great. A size SMALL. Congrats!

Doing so good on the walking. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned,

(Glad you have to cook for everyone)


Jan happy for you that you stayed the same with your snacking. Nice you play

games in the evening. Yes, see if any ports at the same time. Trouble is 19 years ago

we were younger--our faces too!😄


Jo where are you. Are you alright?


Ombud have we lost you?

Susan you too--are you lost?


Take care

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HI all!


Belle ~ yes, I'm fine thank you, just too lazy to post. I hope you & Jan get to meet up in Alaska. It's always nice to see a person you've been chatting with.


Our Mothers' Day is the same as yours but DD#2 thought it this weekend so sent me flowers instead of a card! DD#1 sent me a card with nice words.


Jan ~ lucky you having someone to play cribbage with! My DH doesn't play but my kids did. Maybe I'll play with DD when I visit her in 5 more days!


Izena ~  great being a small! That'll never happen here but a medium might be doable.


I'm down 0.2 lbs since last week. I'm up 1 lb since the start of this year.


I booked another TA cruise for Nov 2023 & got a price reduction on my Jan. Princess cruise so feeling petty happy about that. Now if I could only fit into the 2 dresses I have my eyes on!!


Have a nice weekend & stay safe.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Jo - Nice that you were down a little bit.  Hope you have a wonderful time visiting with your daughter!


Belle - This is our schedule for August - our cruise is out of Seattle.


Sat 20-Aug 7:00 am to 10:00 pm Dock KETCHIKAN, ALASKA

Mon 22-Aug 7:00 am to 11:00 pm Dock VICTORIA BC CANADA

Thu 25-Aug 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Dock SITKA, ALASKA

Fri 26-Aug 7:00 am to 8:00 pm Dock ICY STRAIT POINT, ALASKA

Sun 28-Aug 7:00 am to 8:00 pm Dock SKAGWAY, ALASKA

Mon 29-Aug 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Dock JUNEAU, ALASKA

Tue 30-Aug 6:30 am to 1:00 pm Dock KETCHIKAN (WARD COVE), ALASKA

Wed 31-Aug 7:00 pm to 11:59 pm Dock VICTORIA BC CANADA


Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  Jan

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Jan, do you believe none of the dates/ports line up. 

Think it's because we each leave from a different port and your cruises are 7 days and

mine are 10 days.  Bummer!


Jo have a good visit with DD and happy you got to book another cruise.


Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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Hi all!


Jan ~ thanks for your good wishes. That is a lovely itinerary you have. I made sure my 2 Alaska cruises had Sitka & Icy Strait Point in them.


Belle ~ oh, too bad about none of you & Jan's ports lining up! Thanks for your good wishes too. I'm pretty sure I'll be gaining on that visit as eating out is high on the list of things to do!


Have a great week & stay safe.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Jan Yes always a next time but you would think some ports would be

the same. It's just that the timing is off.


Jo yes doing Sitka and Icy Strait.  I have done Sitka before but not Icy strait.

New port for me.


What's nice about Alaska if raining or if don't want to get off the ship just

seeing the scenery off the deck or from your balcony is beautiful.

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Belle and Jan have great cruises.  Might do alaska next year.


The weekend in San Antonio was incredible.   Gala my exs wife is so much fun.  She has  2 daughters and a grand daughter.  They are Ukrainian.   She had some sad stories about atrocities of war (sounded.Ike holocaust stories)..   I felt very welcome.  In fact I’m going to join everyone on a thanksgiving cruise.   Ate too much including a bag of Cheetos.   Did get walk in every morning on the River walk. 


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Hi Izena glad you had a good time in San Antonio. Nice when exs can get along

with each other. Sorry about the wife stories. Hope she doesn't have family there.

Nice you all will be cruising.


Know if you ate to much maybe a gain but Walking everyday on the River Walk

you might of helped not to have a gain.   


Think I'm Addicted----to cruising! Just booked another cruise with my November cruise to

make a b2b. Couldn't help myself.😄


Been trying to eat better but my mind sometimes says the --Heck with it. Not giving up.

Cruising in  7 weeks --3/4 days. Depends how you count, if count the day you leave or not.


Take care

Edited by Belle
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Glad to see you back in here. Hope you enjoyed your cruise.


Why we don't gain sometimes or all times on a cruise is because we're

busier than at home and walking a lot to get exercise. Plus, sometimes eat less

then we think, smaller portions.


Why easier to gain at home, we had different foods (or at least cooked different)

on the cruise and we're use to eating, so at home eating more than normal for us

and not walking as much.


They say fast on fast off----does it work---sometimes yes--sometimes no! It should

work ALL the time!




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