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The Fleet Report and Daily for Saturday June 15th, 2024

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Today is Global Wind Day, LGBTQIA+ Equal Pay Awareness Day, and Magna Carta Day

Art is the proper task of life. - Friedrich Nietzsche

Meal Suggestion for today - Shaved Asparagus Salad
Drink of the Day - Porn Star Martini
Wine of the Day - Holesinsky Winery Non
Destination of the Day - Ketchikan, Revillagigedo Island, Alaska

Today in History:
1215 King John signs Magna Carta at Runnymede, near Windsor, England
1878 World's first moving pictures caught on camera (used 12 cameras, each taking 1 picture) done to see if all 4 of a horse's hooves leave the ground

Ship Locations


Seattle, Washington 07:00 - 15:00


Vancouver, BC Canada 07:00 - 16:00

Nieuw Amsterdam

At Sea Destination Vancouver, BC Canada eta 06-16

Nieuw Statendam

Copenhagen, Denmark 07:00 - 15:00


At Sea Destination Whittier, Alaska eta 06-16


Livorno, Florence-Pisa, Italy 07:00 - 19:00


Bodo, Norway 07:00 - 15:00


Montreal, Quebec Canada 07:00 - 15:00


At Sea Destination Seward, Alaska eta 06-16


Skagway, Alaska 07:00 - 21:00


Isafjordur, Westfjords Iceland 07:00 - 15:00


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Posted (edited)

Greetings from beautiful Port Charlotte.

It’s 78 this AM with a high of only 84 but pretty humid.

Meh on the days and the quote.

The asparagus salad sounds good.

We’ve been to Ketchikan and it was a beautiful and sunny day in the rainiest city in the USA.

It’s off to breakfast in a few minutes at our favorite diner, I’ll have the Western Omelette.

The US Open third round coming up today, Pinehurst is playing very tough with its diabolical greens and tough waste areas, I wouldn’t play that place for free.

Have a great day and stay well.

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Porn Star Martini:


1 1/2 oz. vanilla vodka
1/2 oz. passion fruit liqueur (such as Passoa or De Kuyper)
1 oz. passion fruit puree
1/2 oz. lime juice, freshly squeezed
1/2 oz. vanilla simple syrup
2 oz. sparkling wine, chilled
Garnish:  1/2 passion fruit, fresh


Add all ingredients except sparkling wine into a shaker with ice and shake vigorously until well-chilled.
Strain into a chilled coupe glass.
Garnish with a passion fruit half.
Serve with a sparkling wine sidecar (on the side).


Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 6.13.11 AM.png

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Today’s Care List:

Kazu with foot infection and having foot pain

Lazey1 recovering from Covid


Fires, flooding and storms across the US

Citizens of Ukraine, Israel and Gaza, hostages still held

All Dailyites going through worries and stress, whether mentioned or not


From the Rotation:

Tana with chronic pulmonary issues, weakness

Rafinmd recovering from Cardiology tests

StLouisCruisers’ nephew Alex’s in-utero identical twins


Celebrations and Shoutouts:

Bon Voyage Himself (Father)!

Welcome Home Mtn2Sea (Robert & DW)!

Cruzin Terri and DH home from Barbados

Welcome home Vict0riann’s Pat!

Catmando’s DB Scottie post stroke, out of ICU

Overhead Fred and DW at Canada Cottage


The Daily Gardening Club posting wonderful flower pictures

All the contributors to the Fleet Report/Daily


Upcoming Cruises or At Sea:


Lady Hudson (Symphony of the Seas to June 21) 7 Night Bahamas & Perfect Day Cruise, with twin sister Karen, swin26 (Rotterdam to June 22) 14d North Cape & The Midnight Sun, Himself (Eurodam to June 22) 7 Day Alaska Explorer, Suslor (Rotterdam to June 29) 21d Midnight Sun & Norse Legends, Cruzn single (Westerdam to July 7) 28d Alaska Arctic Circle Solstice and  StLouisCruisers (Zuiderdam to July 20) 42d Ultimate Viking Explorer & Passage

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8 minutes ago, JazzyV said:

Rafinmd recovering from Cardiology tests

Thank you Rich, Vanessa, Debbie, Ann, and  Dixie.  Back much later today when I get significant use of my right hand back.



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Good Morning, thanks for today’s daily fleet report.  Some severe storms knocked out the heat, humidity and overnight the power.  The outage lasted about two hours so clocks got reset this morning.  Today we are traveling to NH to visit a friend for lunch and celebrate her upcoming birthday. She and DH sane the same birthday, DH quick to point out not the same year.🤣

I hope everyone has a good day today.


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Good morning.  Thanks for the Report.

Cool and sunny this morning, only 8C (47F) but we should get to 23C (73F) this afternoon.  

Interesting days.

I don't agree with the quote.

The meal suggestion sounds good, I'll pass on the drink, hope the wine is tasty.

Prayers for everyone on the Care List.  Cheers for all the celebrations.

Have a wonderful day.

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Thank you for today’s FR & D, Rich! A gorgeous start to the day. Yesterday was another beauty- but not even a drop of rain. Wrapped up the day sipping wine looking out at the Atlantic. It has been a gorgeous teal blue color for the past week or so. Looks like more of the same today. I have had to use insect repellent this week. On Tuesday, the local no see’ems attacked & my legs still have a bunch of tiny red dots on them. 



Vanessa, thank you for keeping up with all of us. I was exhausted after reading about your busy day yesterday! Thrilled you can do it. You have come so far since April!


Gardening, Bindi walks, pool work out, a wine tasting at my favorite local wine bar & a post tasting gathering at a friend’s. I will throw some chores in for good measure. 








Prayers for all who need our support. 

Cheers to all who are celebrating! 

May we each find a reason to smile today!



Holesinsky Winery Non-alcoholic (lite) Buhljolais Rosé of Syrah 2022

Rich, I appreciate you giving me puzzles that allow me to test my decoder ring occasionally. This one was interesting. Our first wine from Idaho! And it is really a lite wine vs non-alcoholic. 7% alcohol- I can picture sipping it on a sweltering summer day. A bit elusive there is a link on the vintner’s website www.holesinsky.com to use, if you want to see where to purchase it. Their price is $14.00. BTW - Wine Enthusiast gave this an 86!

Winemaker’s notes

Back to collect its next Platinum medal from all over the country! It’s our Buhljolais Rosé’s 4th vintage and we promise you’ll be more than delighted. This light rose has a soft aromatic blossom nose leading your taste buds to dream of summers full of ripe strawberry and white peaches with an elegant zest that will keep your glass full all summer long.


The nose showcases notes of delicate strawberries and minerals. As you sip the aromas come through on the pallet with a subtle, refreshing sweetness, and a clean, balanced passion fruit finish.


We suggest trying it with a spinach, strawberry, and goat cheese salad with raspberry vinaigrette.

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Good Saturday morning.  Thanks for the Daily and map today Rich!  Everyone deserves equal pay for equal work.    I don't agree with the quote, some of us just don't have it.    I have been to today's port.  I like my asparagus a little more done with Hollandaise so I will pass on the salad.   I also will pass on the cocktail if the vino is 0 alcohol I will pass on that too and waste my calories on the real stuff.  Thanks for researching these for us each day.  


Thanks for the Cares and Celebrations reports Vanessa.  Continuing prayers  for Jacqui, Tana and Chuck.  @Cruzin Terri I am sure it felt so good to sleep in your own bed.    Roy, I hope you procedure wasn't too rough and I hope your right arm feels better today.    Prayers for al in war zones through no fault of their own, Ukraine, the remaining hostages and the innocents in Gaza.


My brother remains in rehab and I think it will be that way for a while.  It sounds like they are using an IV antibiotic on him as he mentions being woke twice nightly to have the IV changed and lines  flushed.    He is doing his PT twice daily.   A cloudy start here but it should clear up as the sun gets higher.    More of the same here other than smoking some ribs in the BGE so I don't have a fail like I did 2 weeks ago for company.  A good day of sports with the US Open from Pinehurst and the US Olympic swimming trials.   Have a nice day!  Nancy



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Good morning friends!  What a gloomy, misty, cold 42F day it was when we arrived in Isafjordur this morning.  By lunchtime it should clear a little and temp will rise to the low 50’s.  Costa Favolosa arrived after we did and Viking Star is here today too.   We are anchored and tendering today. I’m sure Viking bid high for the dock and got it.  On cruisemapper it shows the Costa ship docked too.  Guess Holland America is the red-haired stepchild!  When we were here in Isafjordur last August they were working on improving the dock situation so that was interesting to see.


My cold sounds worse today and is more in my chest.  We went over for an hour and walked the town so I could get some fresh air.  Temp is now 46 and there's still fog on the mountains.


Thanks to Rich @richwmn for the Fleet Report and Daily as well as the fleet location maps.  A diverse grouping of days to recognize and a quote I could easily forget.  No thanks to the meal, drink and wine.  Nice day for the Magna Carta, and an interesting fact about the first moving pictures. Thank you ladies for your reports – Debbie @dfish, Dixie @summer slope and Ann @cat shepard


Saying prayers for the people of Israel and Ukraine, the hostages still remaining, and the military members on watch over there.  Also for DB and Alex’s twins, and our group of people here with health issues and various other problems in their lives.  Hoping for the best and much improvement for you all. 


Cheers to all celebrating special events and cruising.  Thank you Vanessa @JazzyV for the lists each day!


The MLS Next youth soccer teams are headed to Nashville for the start of the national tournament which lasts a week and begins tomorrow.  It’s a knockout tournament so if you lose a game you move on to the showcase games.  Whoever wins every game this week in their age groups is the best of the best.  I texted Ren and he says he’s confident and excited.  I’m proud his team qualified and gets to go.  Tomorrow afternoon they play FC Cincinnati.  We just read Cincinnati has a great player who is leading in goals scored this season so watch out FC Dallas!


The port today is Ketchikan, Revillagigedo Island, Alaska which was our port on Dec. 22, 2023.  Yes, I’ve been there (most of us have).  Here is the link to last December’s Daily.



Tonight is Canaletto for us.  Last night was dressy night with beef tenderloin again.  Thursday night was beef tenderloin for the 150th anniversary menu so it’s getting a little old.  So DH and I ordered cheese tortellini for a change and it was nice.  We’re trying to eat less, so had no starter or dessert.  I even had a small serving of the tortellini


Hope all of you have a nice Saturday and are trying to stay safe and keep well!

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Ketchikan, Alaska!  In 2002 DH and I took our first cruise at the behest of our DDIL who was interested in trying it.  So with her and DS we flew to Anchorage and boarded the Star Princess in Seward, Alaska.  Our better photos of Ketchikan would be taken on future cruises but here is a photo of DH and I kayaking in Ketchikan.  7/18/2002





On Sapphire Princess on September 6, 2009 DH and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.





This was B2B cruises in Alaska and this was the first week.   After a nice walk around town checking out the salmon running at Creek Street, we took in this view of the long line of passengers returning to the ship before sailing.  There were two gangways open, too!







Our sunniest visit to Ketchikan was on our 14 day Amsterdam cruise on August 28, 2019.















We went down to Creek Street to see if the salmon were running. 












And here’s the rapids the salmon try to move up.








Leaving port that afternoon we saw the spot we remembered kayaking at in 2002




And the flag comes down for the day





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Happy Saturday. Thanks for the Daily and Fleet reports. 

Sunny and 81 today. I will be working in the garden today. 

Visited Ketchikan May 2023. We were on Nieuw Amsterdam and it was rainy.  20230602_095017.thumb.jpg.cccf0fc6bc1820b74e85d59653b5dc3d.jpg



Bon Voyage to @Himself

Crisp Mini on Embarking/Disembarking in DzC


Thinking of all on the care list. 

Celebrating with all who are celebrating. 

Have a safe and healthy day. 

Saturday | Funny animal memes, Cute funny animals, Saturday humor


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Thanks for our Saturday Daily, Rich & thanks to Vanessa, Dixie, Ann & Debbie.


Great collection of days especially LGTBQ & pay awareness day.  I like the quote.  The meal sounds good.  It would be great with my meal tonight…




Father’s Day sale so I couldn’t resist.  DD DH and I always had them for that weekend so I decided to keep up the tradition.


Rainy day here so I guess it will be more sorting and packing inside as the damn legs and foot permit.    I’m running out of boxes - will have to see where I can find some.  Liquor store was a bust so maybe the grocery store?  I refuse to buy boxes for giving away stuff 😂 😘 




Prayers for those on the Care list, those suffering losses, grief, pain, health problems, worries & those that need them. 🙏 Cheers to those celebrating and cruising 🥂 



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I visited Ketchikan in September 2016 and it was one of the very few sunny days we had on that seven day voyage.  My sister, my girlfriend from MD and I took a yellow Zodiac type boat to the Tongass National Park for a hike in the rain forest.  The sea is really deep and below the rock faces it dropped to 350 feet.  My last photo if a deep water submarine base in those waters.  It was fun and I am glad I was fitter then walking on the slippery trail.  It ended with a canpfire and warm beverages.   



Tongass Island.jpg

Boat spray K.jpg

Banana slug.jpg

Beach rock.jpg

Eagle Island K.jpg

Heather Nancy Tongass.jpg

Ketchikan rock face 2.jpg

Ketchikan rock face.jpg

Our rubber boat.jpg

sub base.jpg

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Happy Saturday!  I support Global Wind day, a day for discovering wind energy, its power and the possibilities it holds to reshape our energy systems, decarbonise our economies and boost jobs and growth. Unfortunately, it is a controversial topic in Ocean City, MD.  Many are concerned about turbines ruining the view but I had no problem with them in Europe.IMG_8183.thumb.jpeg.5e9c672a03f629bfd3e9570d5d4e6af6.jpeg


Everyone deserves equal pay for equal work. Unfortunately, LGBTQIA+ and women still do not.  It is Pride Week in Baltimore.IMG_0567.thumb.jpeg.a3d1215ca4c76e9a44cd6eb669b5915a.jpeg


The Club Orange dining room on the Nieuw Statendam in March had a delicious shaved asparagus & seared tuna on the menu every night.  It was delicious, I had it twice.


Today, we will be celebrating my parent’s 65th anniversary.  I feel so lucky to still have both of them and that they are happy and healthy.  I’m making crab cakes.


Positive thoughts for those who need them.  Cheers for those celebrating.

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Good morning, everyone!


It is a chilly start to the day at 56F.  The house really cooled off last night.  I am hoping to keep it cool until I have to turn on the AC.  Fingers crossed it works well.  We are heading into a two week period of hot, hot, hot.


I skipped the gym yesterday to go to Story Hour with River.  DN Kourtney joined us with her two littles, Samson and Griffin.  After Story Hour the kids played in the garden for a while and then we went and had ice cream for lunch.  A successful day, I'd say!


@kazu Enjoy that lobster!   We're jealous  here!   


Today's meal sounds interesting.  I don't know if I'd like the asparagus raw, but I'd give it a try.  The shaving part is for presentation.  You could just as easily cut it into short pieces.  Blanch it if you'd like and then chill.  It will still be crisp.  Shaved Asparagus Salad




This next one uses cabbage and radicchio along with sugar snap peas.  The peas looks really nice in the presentation of the salad, but I know I would never get it to look like that.   

Shaved Asparagus Salad with Radicchio




And here's one with hazelnuts and goat cheese.  Shaved Asparagus Salad with Goat Cheese




Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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Thank you Rich, thank you Debbie, thank you Vanessa, thank you Ann, and thank you Dixie for all your work.  And thank you everyone for being here!


Thank you @Denise T for the pictures of Coast Guard Base Ketchikan and and of the Fast Response Cutter USCGC Douglas Denman. This class of cutters are notable for being named after Enlisted Men and Women Heroes of the United States Coast Guard. The Douglas Denman is the 49th built of the Sentinel Class.


Stay Safe, and prayers for those in need.


- Jack

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