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Red October charges in US$

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Hello, I'm hoping someone who has charged their Red October tour to their credit card can answer my question.

If you do decide to charge the fees to your credit card, do they charge you, for example, $2000 in U.S. dollars, or do they figure out what $2000 USD is equivalent to, based on the days exchange rate, in rubles and charge you the ruble amount, which then your credit card company when they receive the charge would recalcuate back into USD based on that days exchange rate and then finally charge your credit card in USD an amount that may end up being the same or more or less than the original $2000?

I hope my question makes sense to someone! Thanks very much for any replies!!
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To answer your question:

YES, they quote you in dollars but the charge will be in the equivilent roubles on the charge slip. Your CC company will convert it back to dollars.

also note they charge a 3% surcharge for using a credit card.

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RO did the same for us. What was strange about the RO store, was prices all listed in USD, then when you use the cc to pay, they convert to rubles as it is not legal to use any other money in Russia other than cc with prices in rubles and the rubles itself. I know every one uses USD, but, you can get in trouble and you can miss your ship. I, myself, did use USD to pay for the bathroom, but used the cc for all other purchases, whether it be at the museum or church shops or the RO store. The town is run by the mafia, so of course they want crisp new bills. However, I was warned by our security department to not take a chance. My cousin just went to St. Petersburg for the Rotary Club and was also advised not to use USD. Like I said, everyone does use USD, but just imagine the petty theft around several thousand tourists all carrying large amount of cash in their wallets, with the thieves all knowing you can't do a thing about it with a ship to catch. The credit card is much harder to use so they tend to avoid them, but just the same, it still can be stolen.

Check out this website which tells you authorized stores can accept USD.

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That's really interesting.

If I remember correctly, the items simply had numbers on them indicating the price. For example, a lacquer box may have had a sticker that read "15" and perhaps RO simply changes from Euro's to Dollars, verbally, depending on what will give them more.

Wouldn't suprise me.

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I find it interesting that Ro now takes Euroes. Every where you go in St. Petersburg, they want USD not Pounds, Kroners or Euroes. I wonder now if it is a great way to raise prices without changing all the stickers with a price on it.
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I think Red October quotes their store prices in Euros, because that is now the most common currency in Europe. But, if you buy something, you are charged Rubles. That's what happened with us. As far as the quotes for tours, we were quoted in US dollars because we're from the US, but charged in Rubles. They were using as an exchange rate 30 rubles to the dollar. But, when my credit card statement came through we were actually charged more than RO quoted. The actual exchange rate at the time of the charge wasn't as good as the rate RO was using. So, if RO quotes you $500, let's say, for a tour, by the time it reaches your credit card company, you might be charged $515, for example.

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The guy who set up our RO tours when we were in St. Petersburg was from England and was told to pay in USD not pounds. For some reason they sure want those USD. That is why I was surprised to hear the store now charges Euroes. Interesting.
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