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  1. But could you tell me more about the Mendenhall ice cave tour you mentioned? We've been to Mendenhall and I was considering re-visiting it again, but the ice cave sounds really interesting.


    My research today on the ice caves was such that you can only get there by hiking 6-8 hours or possibly going via kayak (but you need to be experienced). It is too physically demanding for me to consider.


    Here are some links that might help you:






    Hope this helps.


    Thanks everybody...

  2. For reasons that I can't explain, I am unable to edit my original post so am posting a modified itinerary based on everybody's input:


    8/25 Arrive Anchorage 8pm


    8/26 Rest/Relax/Acclimate (P/U Rental Car):

    Possibly Short day excursion:

    Hatcher's Pass or

    Matanuska Glacier (2 hours each way likely too much for first day)


    8/27 Explore Prince William Sound (Return Rental Car):

    Doing one of the following:





    8/28 Take train at 1pm from Anchorage to Seward to board Silver Shadow


    8/29 Hubbard Glacier (Cruising on ship)


    8/30 Sitka 9:30am-5pm

    Charter small boat with captain

    $1,000 for Captain Davey http://www.puffinsandwhales.com sounds steep.

    Other suggestions?


    8/31 Juneau 8am-11pm

    AM Taku Lodge Feast & 5 Glacier Discovery (Floatplane)

    PM Heli-Flight & Mendenhall Glacier Walk

    9/1 Skagway 7am-3pm

    Chilkoot Bus Up/Train Down or some combination


    9/2 Ketchikan Noon-4pm

    Neets Bay Bear Watch by Floatplane


    9/3 Inside Passage (Cruising on ship)


    9/4 Vancouver


    Also, I will ask you collectively to decide who is the winner and I will send them $50!


    Thanks again for helping.



  3. Let me further elaborate. I have to travel with medical equipment and perform therapies each day. The therapies require 1 hour in the am and 1 hour in the pm. In addition it takes about 1 hour to setup and 1/2 to disassemble if we travel. Therefore, it is much easier to have a base camp (in this case 3 nights hotel in Anchorage and 7 nights aboard a ship). That is why I can't do overnight trips because of the work required to assemble & disassemble the equipment. I will gladly PM anybody who has questions but prefer not to post medical issues on the internet...


    I have a car reservation at AVIS in Anchorage for 8/26 & 8/27. Sorry for not posting that previously.


    Please keep the ideas coming.

  4. No, I am not loaded with $$$ but this trip is on my bucket list and I want to do it right. If I am going to spend thousands of dollars on the trip of a lifetime, I want to reward you for helping me make the most of this experience. Whomever posts their suggested itinerary for us that closest matches our final itinerary will receive a $50 via paypal or check in the mail! So, please give me some suggestions and help make this the best trip of my life! And, one person will get paid $50!


    Here is some history to help guide you:


    Personal Background: I am getting a 2nd chance in life and have booked a Silver Seas cruise to celebrate my 20th anniversary with my wife in August. Candidly, I don't expect to be physically able to make this trip again so want to make the most of it.


    Medical Requirements: I travel with medical equipment which is one of the reasons why we passed on the Denali train. It would have been incredible but impractical. I can handle pushing myself for 1 full day excursion but not back-to-back full days.


    Interests: We love everything about nature. Our top 2 interests are watching bears catch salmon and seeing the iceburgs calving. My wife did read about a tour of the ice caves under Mendenhall Glacier which sounded amazing. We aren't set on Mendenhall but love the idea of being under & inside the glaciers. I like the idea of helicopter to glacier but not sure if it is really as great as it sounds.


    Here is our preliminary itinerary to be tweaked based on your input:


    8/25 Arrive Anchorage 8pm


    8/26 Rest/Relax/Acclimate: 2-4 hour excursion (Open to suggestions)


    8/27 (Open to suggestions for all day excursion)

    Possibly http://www.phillipscruises.com Any better ideas?


    8/28 Take train at 1pm from Anchorage to Seward to board Silver Shadow


    8/29 Hubbard Glacier (Cruising on ship)


    8/30 Sitka 1pm-6pm (Wife wants to do a Kayak tour but I think we won't see much. I was thinking of a small boat rental to see everything. Thoughts?)


    8/31 Juneau 8am-11pm Totally Confused:

    Tracy Arm fjord and/or ice caves under Mendenhall or combo? Which tour?


    9/1 Skagway 7am-3pm (Wife found "Alaska through a lens" to Haines which sounded lame to me. I was thinking of Chilkoot Bus Up/Train Down. Not sure which of the many tours.)


    9/2 Ketchikan Noon-4pm [Neets Bay Bear Watch by Floatplane]


    9/3 Inside Passage (Cruising on ship)


    9/4 Vancouver



    Thank you in advance

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