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    • Equinox 9/17 LIVE BLOG; Aqua Class - 1st Time Celebrity! Let’s Cruise!
      Hello everyone! I’ll be live blogging my trip on the Celebrity Equinox 9/17 to 9/26. We are traveling from Fort Lauderdale to the ABC islands.
      First, a little about me.
      I’m Dee, and my husband is Russ. We have traveled on many different cruise lines; out first cruise was on  Renaissance to New Zealand back in the 1990s, and we were hooked! Lines we’ve been on include Carnival, Norwegian, HAL, Regent Seven Seas, the Caledonian Sky (Japan), and Viking Ocean. 

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    • On Board Le Bellot, Wild and Authentic Corsica, 12-19 September
      We boarded Le Bellot yesterday in Nice and we are having a great time so far!
      Saturday, September 11 we drove from Albany to JFK and flew on Delta direct to Nice. Landed early at 9:15 and were out of customs around 9:45. They didn't check our vaccine cards upon arrival even though France is now closed to unvaccinated Americans. 

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    • Freedom of the Seas - A Weekend Getaway Live
      Join the Bird live on an exciting weekend getaway on the newly amped Freedom of the Seas. The Freedom of the seas first set sail in May 2006. She was amped in March 2020 just before the pandemic shutdown and remains new and fresh with all of the latest that Royal Caribbean has to offer.  

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    • Live review of my Vacation including MSC Seaside from Genoa 18th Sep.2021
      Okay… i am going to do it… a live review… puh! Jesus! Usually I write books…
      It won’t be just about the cruise that I will board on the 18th… it will be a review about the preparations upfront too.
      But first the data for the cruise!

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    • Live review from Seashore Western Med
      10th Sept 2021 Embarkation in Barcelona went well. Medical form rechecked a number of times as we went through.  Covid test quick, result through in 20 min allowed to board. Although it says cabins not available until 13.00 we checked ours about noon and bumped into our cabin steward.  He said cabin ready.  Our bags did not arrive until around 14.00 but that was fine as we were able to use cabin.
      We are on deck 14 mid ship.  

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    • Singinalot's SEMI Live Greece DIY Island Hopping
      This will probably be a bit like @Hoopster95 greece report when he started with bits and pieces and did the great wrap up at the end.
      It has been almost 2 years since I have done a trip report!  Like everyone else, the past year and a half has caused us to cancel so many planned vacations. It has been brutal on my travel planning heart. We booked a trip to the Maldives & cancelled, we booked 2 trips to MX & cancelled, we had a November TA on Allure of the Seas cancelled, etc etc etc…

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    • Live from Mariner of the Seas b2b 9/13-9/20
      Tomorrow I will be boarding Mariner of the Seas for 7 days. I plan to go live from the ship and take you along with me.
      If you have any questions ask away and I will do my best to get back with an answer.

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    • On Allure now Sept 5
      2300 cruisers on board. They are doing a great job of Covid protocols. The only place we’ve seen them not really followed is in the elevators. It’s supposed to be one party per elevator but no one‘s paying attention to that. But they are keeping an eye on masks and social distancing.
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    • Live from the Eurodam 9/5 - 10-18
      The ship looks great  about 800 guest on board this leg.
      The crew are so happy to be back . New uniforms in Lido and the dining room.
      Entertainment is very good.
      Canolato changed the menu a little.
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    • Live on Majestic Princess 09/05/2021`
      OK, I did not want the string of "live from" to die with us. I will be busy having fun but will try to relay current info when I can.
      Embarkation: due to an early flight we arrived before the doors opened. Once the terminal opened we were shown to the elite waiting area after showing our paperwork. No snacks or drinks but warm and welcoming with a view of the ship. Boarding started at 11:00 and we were among the first ones to board. Click photo to read more.....
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    • LAFFNVEGAS "LIVE" from the Nieuw Amsterdam/The Return.... Part Two
      Good Evening CCer, it has been almost 5 weeks since we disembarked from the Nieuw Amsterdam which was the first Holland America ship to sail after the pause. We were fortunately enough to be on that first sailing having booked it the day that HAL annoucement their return to Alaska. 
      As mentioned in my first Live From we would be returning. September 4th.  Click photo to read more.....
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    • Live(ish) report - Celebrity Apex - Greece - 9/4/21
      Celebrity Apex 2021 - Greece - Day 1   Good morning, dear shipmates! At last we get to take you (and us) on a vacation again. We are just waiting for our flight to Athens at Frankfurt Airport. Tomorrow morning we are going to embark on Celebrity Apex to cruise in Greece and Croatia. After the cruise we booked a week on the Island of Zakynthos at a beautiful hotel… As always we’ll try to take you along for some virtual traveling. Click to read more..... 
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    • It's time for some Mojitos - NCL Encore Live Review Sept 4th 2021
      Hey all, so excited to give you guys a LIVE review on Encore this upcoming week! I have the basic unlimited wifi, I hope that it is fast enough to post some good photos and such for you!
      1) Feel free to ask any questions, I will do my best to answer them 👍
      2)  🍹 I am a glass very full sort of person. I don't mind waiting in line, hiccups, etc. So if you are looking for a review filled with outrage and such, this will not be it. 
      3) I hope you enjoy the review! 😄
      Quick Details: I am flying out tomorrow morning at 7am Central time, out DFW airport to SEA with the airfare promo and transfers to the port. I got my negative PCR test yesterday morning as a precaution, and I have been in a self quarantine for 3 weeks since both my husband and I work from home. We are both DINKS, no kids, two dogs, we like to drink, we do not smoke, we do gamble and we love a good meal or two. We have done Alaska before with NCL in 2019, on the Bliss, almost same itinerary except the Bliss went to Skagway. We are sailing comped through Casinos At Sea, and have a balcony cabin on deck 9 that is angled (woohoo)
      (I'll be back in a bit to give more pre cruise details, gotta go clean my house and double check my packing 😛)
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    • Live from QE sailing 3rd Sept
      We awoke to another grey day but that improved rapidly in many ways! Arriving at  COVID testing station, all is very efficient. Noticeable that many are arriving way before given time. We had 12.15pm allotted but drove in  about 10 minutes early and was having our test at our exact time. Then to theOcean Terminal, and upstairs to checking area, received results and on ship with no wait at all. There were certainly holding areas where some where being directed. Very impressed by the set up, but it takes everyone’s effort to make it work efficiently! Click to read more....
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    • Live on Horizon 9/4
      Working to get this started, hope it works. 

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    • Mardi Gras 9/4-11/21 Somewhat Live Thoughts and Information
      Hi everyone. Anthony here. I wish I had the patience to write a witty and fun filled blog of my journey but that's not the person I am. Instead this will be an informative and direct thoughts from my experiences on the Mardi Gras.
      Some background. I along with my husband Robert are 60 years old (my 60th is next month) and while we are native NY'ers we have been living in Philadelphia for the past 15 years. Click to read more.....
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    • On Britannia now
      We have just arrived in Liverpool to a dull, damp day and we are not getting off. We chose not to book a P&O tour as we have been here many times. We are enjoying the cruise far more than anticipated. Click for more.....
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    • Live from Carnival Sunrise B2B 9/2-9/11
      Hello everyone. I'll be cruising on the Sunrise for 9 days starting tomorrow and plan on doing a live review during my cruise. 
      If you have any questions I'll try to answer them for you.
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    • Live from Seashore 09/05/21

      Got the tickets today, boarding time 9am. To be honest, i don't believe they are ready for new guest at 9am.....
      I think I'll be there arround 10ish.... 
      More to come... 
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    • Live from the Splendida
      Greetings from the MSC Splendida! We embarked this morning at Trieste, the embarkation process was surprisingly quick. We arrived at the port right on time at 10 am. It took a few minutes to explain to the man at check-in that we hadn’t spent any time in the countries on the “no-go” list during the past 14 days. They checked our passports and our CDC cards, and after that we had an uncomfortable but rapid COVID swab test. We were whisked on board and enjoyed a glass of champagne at the concierge desk while various bits of information were provided.
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