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  1. https://www.azamaraclubcruises.com/le-club-voyage/terms-conditions Azamara Link
  2. He may have, there is an official account called Regent Seven Seas Cruises. And other employees have accounts as well.
  3. The account has been verified by Cruise Critic.
  4. Hi everyone! Our entire team at Cruise Critic will be meeting up and will playing Cruise Week Feud, where we'll have to guess YOUR answers to these questions! We appreciate you helping us out so we'll be selecting 10+ random winners to receive some cool Cruise Critic gear. Game Survey No 1 BONUS!!!! Answer these questions too, and we'll enter your name into the random drawing a second time!! Game Survey No 2
  5. Stopping by to let you know that I've read through the suggestions. No doubt that "off topic" posts should be moved; sometimes you see them before they ARE moved 🙂 Our Homeports area is divided into *what we believe* are logical forums to assist you in finding what you are looking for. We also have to think about those members who spend a great deal of time answering questions -- increasing the number of forums isn't always the answer for those folks. I would suggest that many "newbies" don't have any idea how varied our community is -- and don't realize we have specific areas for topics such as parking, arrivals, etc. We do try to educate in our welcome email -- but maybe we can spotlight a few areas from time to time to better highlight the depth of information you all share! I'll look a bit closer into the Homeports area. Laura
  6. Yay! Thanks Jenn and our dev team for sticking w/ this and getting it up and running! Laura
  7. Turtles06 is correct of course. We could have provided more information over the weekend, if we had any. We didn't. I've always felt posting nothingness is annoying to people (at least it is to me). I can assure you though that we (meaning the team here at Cruise Critic) always does everything in our power to either fix something or request that it gets fixed. Laura
  8. Good News everyone! We're happy to announce that we have opened registration for Meet & Mingle parties on board all sailings of Silversea Silver Moon! Here's a link to the registration page, if you're lucky enough to be booked! Cruise Critic/Silversea Meet & Mingle Party Registration on Silver Moon Enjoy! Laura
  9. A very long time ago, we recognized that not only did people like to cruise...they liked to talk about and share their cruising experiences. A small forum was opened on America Online -- followed by a brand new informational site called: Cruise Critic. One of our original creators reached out to someone he felt would be great at leading the conversations on the forums. That person was Host Walt. That was almost twenty five years ago. At this time, I'm sad to share that our dear friend Walt has passed away. Walt and I worked very closely in the beginning to create the type of community where we both wanted to participate ourselves. Oh, yes, we argued over details! But the end result was the best cruise community on the Web! He cared so much about you, our members and your experience. I learned from him every day. We never met in person, but the bond we created virtually via Cruise Critic was strong. I will miss his wisdom and his loyalty to Cruise Critic. He was a confidant, colleague and a good friend. Cruise in peace Walt. Laura & the entire Cruise Critic Team
  10. Hello: We do not feel the need to sticky this particular information.
  11. I was at Seatrade this week, and all the coolest Princess employees were wearing them! Very exciting!!!!
  12. We agree, which is why we left a permanent link on the Princess forum. I'm copying this over to the Princess forum as well.
  13. The issue is with the "traveling with children" option. It is on our engineers' radar list of items to be fixed. Thank you for your patience with this, we'll contact you via email with further assistance.
  14. OMGosh this looks deelish. Apple???
  15. LauraS


    This is beautiful...need to put this destination on my bucket list!
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