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  1. LauraS

    No numbered posts within the thread?

    We've added this to our possible "TO DO's: list. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. LauraS

    BBCode Not Processed on Update

    Thanks for sharing this feedback with us; we'll pass it along to the developer (if he hasn't already read it). Laura
  3. LauraS

    criticism not allowed

    That's just your opinion of why the topics were closed. We felt "question asked, and answered". We're addressing bugs and glitches at this time, in this forum. We want to get everything up and running the way it should be. We're collecting suggestions and feedback as well. We're listening to ideas, and everyone's thoughts. Right now, we have a great deal on our plate to fix and perfect. All other suggestions and feedback will just have to be put on the To Do List.
  4. LauraS

    Five Bugs, Glitches, Poor Settings

    1. Dropdown design element in the works for ship results. 2. We'll look at that, also in the works. 3. Someone gave an explanation further in this topic. 4. We can take a look at the commas; we did talk about it in development sessions. Not a big issue. 5. We'll see about the number. For the timebeing, the quote feature works quite well.
  5. If you hover over your avatar, you'll see a link called "Find Content" Click that.
  6. We'll be working on the font size/darkness. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Again, the Roll Calls are there, you'll have to browse for yours in the old-fashioned way. OR access via an old notification post if you have one.
  8. Until the Roll Call Tool populates with the thousands of posts, we'll have to go old school and browse. The TOOL will be fixed as soon as humanly possible.
  9. Your existing Cruise Critic countdown will display. Creation of a new countdown is not available at this time.
  10. LauraS

    Roll Call underconstruction

    Yes, for the timebeing we'll have to go "old school" and browse to find the roll calls. Thanks for your patience while the Roll Call Tool is being worked on.
  11. I will fix this. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. LauraS

    Oceania Sirena

    Although it says 'NO POSTS" all the Sirena Roll Calls are there: here's a link to the Sirena Roll Call Forum
  13. Hello Everyone, We're pleased to announce that our Cruise Critic Forums are back, and they are better than ever! We'd like to thank each and every one of you for your patience over these past days. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll see and enjoy: • Photo Gallery – with photo and video sharing capabilities where you’ll be able to create and share your own albums• Activity Streams – Personal to you, you’ll be able to easily follow your favorite topics and forums! • Easy embedding of videos and other content from a wide range of sites, from YouTube and Vimeo to other social media sites. Paste a link to an image, and it'll instantly appear in the topic or post reply editor• Easy to use mobile version*• And – TaDa! – “Like” a post functionality. Yes, we can hear you now: “It’s about time!”• Plus much much more!What’s Not Changing • Your post count will remain the same, all your posts will be accessible• Avatars, signatures • Member names and passwords• Existing subscriptions to threads (topics), forums, etc.• Legacy join dates will remain unchanged• All the forums and discussion areas that you know and love , including our Roll Call forumsWhat Will You Need to Do?• Upon your first visit, simply log in with your existing Cruise Critic member name and passwordWhat is Changing• *The Cruise Critic App will no longer be accessible• Lots of new features, funn stuff and tools Need Help? Report Bugs & Glitches Want to test one of the new features? If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to let us know. We're looking forward to continuing to provide you with the best cruise community possible. LauraS - community@cruisecritic.com Cruise Critic
  14. Hello Everyone! We're pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Regent Seven Seas Cruises to offer you [B]Official Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle parties[/B] on board all of their ships! Registration begins today for sailings and will allow you to enjoy an opportunity to get acquainted with fellow cruisers with whom you've communicated here on Cruise Critic. The first parties will be held on board: Seven Seas Explorer: May 11, 2017 Seven Seas Mariner: May 13, 2017 Seven Seas Navigator: May 13, 2017 Seven Seas Voyager: May 02, 2017 Click here to[URL="http://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/cruiselinel2.cfm?cruiselineid=29"] Register to Attend a Meet & Mingle[/URL] and for more information. Regent Seven Seas Cruises will be providing a private lounge (or other venue) as well a hosted one-hour cocktail party with hors d’oeuvres. Your will receive an invitation delivered directly to your stateroom with the date, time and location of the party. This makes it easier than ever to meet up with your Cruise Critic friends; some of whom you've been chatting with online for months, even years! Be sure you invite your family and friends to take advantage of this great offering from Cruise Critic and, especially, the hospitality from Regent Seven Seas Cruises! Laura Note: Parties will be held when there are a total of twelve (12) persons registered to attend. Registration closes 30 days prior to sail date.