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  1. Keep this in topic as related to Carnival. If becomes about Royal it will be moved. Thanks
  2. All the more reason to stay on topic!
  3. ******Please return to the topic of this thread which is masks versus no masks and cruising.This is not a forum to discuss religion, political decisions, vaccines,, death statistics. It really doesn't directly relate to Carnival because we have no idea what written policy and requirements will be. thank you.
  4. Hi, tattoos, Just an FYI posting in all caps is considered to be "shouting" online. Thanks for your cooperation in using upper and lower case in your posts.
  5. Interesting but off topic for the most part so can we please go back on topic?????
  6. Please use to discuss ......other threads will be removed or merged. Thank you!!!!
  7. Very well put and not that different here here. Gyms and Y just opened 30% capacity last weekend, no bars open, no movies. I go on errands, occasional lunch with my son. So few people wearing masks especially in small towns, some hotel workers clean rooms maskless. Schools are a mix, colleges a mess pretty much. I'm glad football is back. NFL has funny rules though..... We got nixed to have some fans in stands by league but Bengals and Brown's can have 6000...go figure...
  8. These articles are on the appropriate cruise line board if you would liKe me to create a board something like Latest News Updates on Cruise Reopening I will do that but not going to have new threads for every article on cruise lines other than Carnival and more importantly not going to go off topic, discuss Covid..if this board is created.
  9. Locked the old one...no posts for months, already 22 pages
  10. Also sailed on Seabreeze in 1993/94. Girls cruises. We closed the disco way way down almost in crew quarters deck each nite. Loved this ship as well.
  11. I'm going to leave most of the off topic posts if they don't violate guidelines AND relate to cruising specifically but from here on please back on topic about MSC'S experience....why I don't usually keep non Carnival posts etc. One can only speculate till guidelines for Carnival come out
  12. Thanks. Basically same here....our party university even made BBC news for all the parties and a humongous slip and slide!😕😕 Now everyone has to go home for online learning.......
  13. Link to article of interest but Princess topic. Ruby docked in Australia so not U.S. related
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