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  1. 😀😀😀😀😀 ::::choking on coffee:::
  2. Governor set to open things up more this week? Maybe......he has press conference Thursday. Schools back in modified opening, less covid tests so hopefully cases are down and it's not because tests aren't done. Had both vaccines so after next weekend will be considered protected. Big issue here with folks from SC showing up here for vaccines. Hope all of you are well and sane.....hard to believe it's been a year!!😪😕
  3. GranysT, sounds like you really need to call Carnival back and ask for some definitive help. There have been glitches in the system for the past year with all the cancellation and rebooking etc
  4. I have a close friend whose 14 year old is in a Covid vaccine trial.....got first shot last week
  5. I don't think anyone can really answer that at this point. I would imagine the menu wouldn't be revamped completely.
  6. What can you say???? What a mess this is🙄 How can they be so careless???? Heads should roll for sure
  7. Our numbers go up and up with holiday surge and no maskers although more businesses are finally cracking down on that and some finding that requiring masks is actually helping their business as folks who want to be out but cautious are patronizing them ...too bad they didn't do this last summer. ....vaccines starting up as enough doses show up regularly but distribution is a mess. Supposed to get first shot next Wednesday!!!. Modified lockdown till Feb. 2. Hospitals about maxed out which isn't good😣
  8. Didn't find roll call for your sailing. Here is link to the roll card forum where you can start one for your sailing in 2022. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/646-carnival-sunshine-roll-calls/
  9. This isn't about MSC but will leave as long as it doesn't get political!!! Vaccination will hopefully lead to cruising starting up so that's my stretch for leeaving. So please no political stuff...😏
  10. Generally a font that is in cursive is more difficult to read especially on mobile devices
  11. As you can see, there is now a new thread for discussion of refunds. Never thought last March we'd still be doing this. keep it on topic ok?
  12. A while back this topic floated off into other topics and it's doing so again re Cruise cash, AARP etc. I was asked to keep it on topic so people can find codes. It's either about Allstate cards or its a general thread??? Alternatively I can lock this one, start Allstate thread #2 to start the new year and keep it on topic?
  13. Fyi, since someone asked earlier, a response to a deleted post will be removed if it quoted the deleted post . Too often an informative , long, on topic post will have some political or personal snarky stuff tacked on at the end.....not only does that post go but all responses quoting it.
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