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  1. Host Carolyn

    Bar Harbor tours and Lobster

    Second the recommendations for Gilbert's in Portland. Turn left along waterfront, not far at all
  2. Host Carolyn


    Made in Roatan gift shop! I know there is one near Coxen Hole where RCI docks. Locally made items
  3. Host Carolyn

    Need help with choosing itineraries.

    I agree. Only reason I would choose Cayman etc is if you were going to scuba and snorkel
  4. Host Carolyn

    Private excurions or buy through the cruise line?

    I would choose Bar.Harbor over Saint John. Been to both several times. Bar Harbor is gateway to Acadia National Park which is just beautiful. Good seafood restaurants, nice little town
  5. Host Carolyn

    Sharks and snorkeling

    My son loves there and I will ask. I know they see eels, beautiful stingrays and lots of colorful fish but never mentioned shsrks. I'm sure some divers who post here will chime in
  6. Host Carolyn

    orphans in Roatan

    My son has a home in Roatan and lives there part of the year. More fortunate locals and members of the "expat" community hold events throughout the year for the.orphans and lower income children for back to school, Christmas etc. These kids are for the most part well taken care of, courteous and grateful. They see the ships come and go and are very excited to actually get to go aboard, meet one of the officers, get a tour and enjoy a meal. Many locals work for the cruise lines there in shore services -- a friend of my son's is a kitchen manager at Mahogany Bay and his kids would love to go onboard one of the ship s but not every child can go. I for one will always be glad to see less fortunate kids get the opportunity to do something really cool like this which is exactly how they view it. Trying hard not to interject myself into this "debate" as a host here on CC but have seen these children in the island and it pains me that they were basicaly resented and denigrated for just being kids having a special day. And FYI the orphanage has running water, electricity etc and while conditions may not be up to our standard of living, they have sinks, showers, proper bathroom facilities and a laundry so they have clean linens and clothes. There is someone to care for them if the are sick..You are exposed to more germs during your day ashore than from these kids who took a field trip to the ship.
  7. Been to all 3 and would do Lunenberg and Mahone Bay. We did both together, had time for sightseeing and lunch at leisure, not full of tourists. Lovely towns especially in the fall. Lunenburg is a hidden gem. Peggy Cove is picturesque but often very crowded and could be a disappointment on a foggy day
  8. Host Carolyn

    Fire at Princess Cays in Bahamas

    I don't think Princess has had enough time to begin to assess damage. June's a long way off but it may be a couple of months till they know for sure. Generator seems to have started fire it's been reported and other buildings related to water treatment, power etc were destroyed/damaged so I imagine it will be a while. I would keep watching the Cruise Critic news and Princess website for the latest updates. Fortunately this occurred at night when no passengers and crew were there but unfortunately it took over 30 minutes for help..
  9. Host Carolyn

    Bar Harbor Lobster Tour

    Lobster Boat Lulu used to be a good option.
  10. Host Carolyn

    Hilton by Quebec City?

    We usually stay at the Chateau de Pierre but have also stayed at -- or have friends who have stayed at -- Auberge Place de Armes, Auberge St Louis, Hotel le Priori. I always stay in Upper Town, just like it there, lots of small restaurants, beautiful view of seaway etc. But we always spend some time in Lower Town antiquing, sightseeing and for at least one meal. It's a delightful city!
  11. Host Carolyn

    Animal Encounters at Little French Key

    I have used Bodden Tours many times. If you ask them before booking I'm sure they will be happy to give you some options for the beach time and activities
  12. Host Carolyn

    Hilton by Quebec City?

    The Hilton is about 30 minutes from airport with traffic... always stay in the old city Upper Town which is about same distance. There are some wonderful small hotels within the walled city and of course the Frontenac
  13. Host Carolyn

    T Rex Costume

    Since the OP has spoken with Carnival and made her decision based on their input I am closing this topic
  14. Host Carolyn

    Anything Québec (Quebec) City....

    There are are numerous lovely small hotels in the old walled city. We always stay there anyway.
  15. Host Carolyn

    Hotel 1/2 way

    Which cruiseport!? You can find reviews of hotels en route on Trip Advisor