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  1. You are very welcome~ Quebec City is one of my most favorite places in the world, even in the dead of winter during Carnaval when the average daily temperature was 2 degs. Fahrenheit~ :)
  2. Host Carolyn

    St. Anthony - L'Anse aux Meadows: A Viking Experience

    So you are docking or tendering at St Anthony and not Cornerbrook or St John? It's about a 40 mile drive each way if I remember correctly (we were on vacation, not cruise) and the Meadows are not a place you can really rush through and appreciate. I definitely would do a ship tour here but with time back and forth unless it's a really long port call you would not have much time there. There's a gift shop
  3. If you don't want to do a lot of walking in Old Quebec in the Upper Town take a carriage ride.. They leave from park near Frontenac and are a wonderful way to see that part of town. Whatever you do, stay in the walled old town in Quebec (we stay at Chateau Pierre right near Frontenac)... Otherwise you are just in another city. Lots of family run small hotels, terrific dining in both upper and lower town. A relatively easy walk is along the cliffs for a great view of the river and second taking the ferry over to Levis for a view of Old Quebec. We have never climbed the hill and still got great pictures!!
  4. Host Carolyn

    Any suggestions with pre-cruise hotel in Quebec City?

    Chateau de Pierre is on the park across from Frontenac. Excellent location, family run, have been staying there for 30 years. There are so many small hotels in the Old City, unless you want modern and generic hotel experience, stay in the Old Town. Lots of bistros, walkable etc.
  5. Host Carolyn

    Get me excited!!

    Have done Alaska 11 times and the Canada/New England once 4 times... love this itinerary although agree that the one-way Quebec itinerary is the best. All of the ports are relatively easy to navigate and wonderful restaurants for Lobster and seafood... we call it our "lobster lunch cruise." Portland, Bar Harbor (Woody's taxi to Acadia Park is the best option IMHO), and even Halifax to some extent walkable from the ship. I have been to Peggy's Cove but it's iffy in the fall, can be crowded and foggy so I would look at other options there -- Halifax is a beautiful city. I hope you can get excited.. completely different from Alaska but a wonderful itinerary.
  6. Host Carolyn

    Water temperature in December

    The water is not "warm" like it would be in southern Caribbean and it is the rainy season so cloudy days etc when water is cooler, maybe upper 70s. If you book tour ahead just be aware December weather can be very iffy so you might want to check with tour operator re policies. Some days it rains all day, some days part of the day, some days not at all.
  7. Host Carolyn

    Bay of Fundy Reversing Rapids with Limited Mobility

    When we were on Grandeur 6-7 years ago the ship offered a tour to reversing rapids that didn't include the caves or that much walking... are all the excursions up for this sailing? They are in "winter mode" up there. Will be glad to contact a friend who knows some locals to see if they know anyone who will be doing limited mobility tours but they don't have final tours set yet. I'd also keep looking at RCI excursions as well
  8. Host Carolyn

    Confused - Which snorkeling tour? Pls help.

    Cow and Calf will be less crowded as it's on the east end near Port Royal. My son has a house near there. Weather is just iffy this time of year. They just had a 3-day rain event with winds out of west instead of north on Roatan -- it's the rainy season so it's day to day on weather. If you do the tour with Radical be sure they allow time to return to ship ... are you docking at Mahogany or Coxen Hole? Road is 2-lane or are they picking you up at port for excursion. IF road, it's 2-lane so takes a while
  9. Host Carolyn

    Which ship, 7nt with Quebec City?

    I would look at itinerary before ship having done this cruise and visited Quebec several times. Overnight is Quebec is a huge plus -- so much to do and see. Ports like Charlottetown, St John (Newfoundland), Halifax are beautiful in the fall and unique. If you can do one from Boston to Quebec City you will have more Canadian ports... ???
  10. Host Carolyn

    Fresh Lobster

    Gilbert's Chowder House has been our "go to" place for lobster in Portland. Not fancy but good service and lots of lobster options. Seafood chowder is also delicious. Right along waterfront.
  11. Host Carolyn

    Bahamas in Feb from Cape Liberty

    One other thing to consider is when a cold front goes off the East Coast, especially off the Carolinas, you can have very rough seas. Ships can go around but still can be too chilly to be on deck (and decks closed off if it's really rough). Some don't think of that when booking but I've been out of Charleston in late winter when it was only warm in the Bahamas.
  12. Host Carolyn

    Help! Thanksgiving cruise NH to Baltimore!

    Be sure to monitor traffic reports on Google Drive, your GPS etc especially if weather is a factor so you don't get hung up in a long delay you can't get around. You are cutting it close IMHO with the big cities you have to navigate around. I would get as close to Baltimore as possible before stopping to do anything but pit stop! If time is close just leave cart at port, will cost more but doing drop off folks at the port, then car to airport, then someone getting back to port could really be a mess if there's a wreck or traffic issue
  13. Host Carolyn

    Things To Do At Port In Roatan

    NCL docks near Coxen Hole which isn't really a developed port area like Mahogany Bay where the Carnival Corp ships dock. You are however not as far from the West End and it shouldn't be difficult to get there if you don't want to book a tour. West End is main tourist area though and can be crowded if lots of ships in port
  14. Host Carolyn

    Excellent Hotel in Quebec City

    Chateau d'Pierre right on the park across from Chateau Frontenac is place we've stayed at since the late 1980s. Well located and great personal service
  15. Host Carolyn

    Preferred port for cruising to Cuba.

    IMHO I would pick a cruise that spent the night in Havana. Have friends who went on Paradise last month and they were in Cuba overnight; friends who went from Miami and spent only one night wished they had longer. Just my two cents worth!