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  1. We have never had to do any sort of customs or immigration form for Canada until we disembark at the end of cruise. This must be relative new or handled " behind the scene"
  2. You can't post their picture without their permission but you can post what they are wearing, backdrop etc. Hope you find them!
  3. It's a totally luck.. Have done this cruise 4 times and the only time the leaves had really changed in all the ports was last time when we went about Oct. 15. It had been warm and then very cold at night (in fact they had record low temps that week in Maine with daytime highs in low 40s and windy). In mid- late Sept. once it was in the 70s and 80s; another time in October they had changed in New Brunswick and outside Halifax in Mahone Bay but not in Maine and another time just a little bit higher elevations in Arcadia. Just book the cruise in mid-October and keep your fingers crossed would be my advice. If they have chilly early fall in Canada the peak may be over but have never really seen in Maine and New England before October. It's a lovely itinerary IMHO and one that a lot of people overlook. Ports are great, food delicious. If you do a one-way to Quebec City (or from Quebec) leaf peak may be earlier than mid-October as it's further north. That would be my ideal as Quebec is charming city and you get most of the same ports
  4. Closing this one since OP created another thread with a poll on it
  5. Bottom line: You will have to find another option at lunchtime -- several have been suggested above. The Main Dining Room(s) are not open for LUNCH on embarkation day.
  6. This has been discussed at length on another thread.
  7. I Check the next page on this board. There is an "All Things Charleston 411" thread
  8. Will leave this up for now since Carnival has offered similar tour but this as first thread will be only one.
  9. Gilbert's has a good lobster roll, right near dock. Also excellent chowder and place to sit out on a nice day
  10. Carnival occasionally also sails from Norfolk
  11. Had lunch with my son who lives part time on Roatan. Said there is a place near Cane (or Camp) Bay that has the bungalows. It is road accessible which is not case with Mango Creek. He is going back for a month tomorrow. If you can find out name of resort you would be going to they can check it out
  12. Even though have seen some lukewarm reviews have gone to Murphy's on the Water 3 times in Halifax. On waterfront near dock, food always delicious....
  13. Cruising from Charleston can be a challenge....very unique "situation" in large part due to historical district. Easiest solution is park and stay. Leaving this here since Carnival is only cruise line home porting here since the situation is a bit different
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