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  1. Back to topic, please.......which is not law enforcement preparedness etc Thank you!
  2. Discussion started by OP is will you cruise again when this pandemic is over and cruising resumes. I've let it stray a bit into a flu vs. CoVId 19 debate, medical stats. But keeping it on topic from now forward. Will you cruise again in the future....
  3. No political stuff please! And Saudi jokes......not appropriate Thanks
  4. Please put all REFUND only comments on this thread so they will be easier for all to follow! Thanks......
  5. From what I have seen on this and other boards people are being bombarded with offers. The cruise lines are trying to just refund money, apply FCCs, etc. Carnival is frustrating a lot of you. I understand why these offers are coming out but they aren't helping! My advice for what it's worth? Take a deep breath, realize that it's going to take at least weeks for them to catch up just sorting out what's owed etc for cancelled sailings. And know ---I'm sure of this -- that those of you anxious to hop aboard one of the first sailings when they do resume will find a "deal". There are different deals for different bookings etc. and that's often confusing in normal times. Now it's just nuts. It will get better. Deepl breath....
  6. if the situation is really untenable with the agent and you are uncomfortable dealing with her on this, call the agency, ask to speak to a manager and see if they will release the booking? That might be best option??
  7. I lived in Emsworth, rode streetcar to the old Ben Avon High School and still in touch with some childhood friends. Be safe up there
  8. I don't envy anyone working for the cruise lines. I think in an attempt to retain/entice bookings there will be a rash of offers re drinks, spa packs, OBC etc. If I were still a TA .... glad I am not -- I would be telling folks to just sit on offers like this until there was a booking to apply it to? It seems like accounting and customer service at all the lines are in zombie mode -- justifiably- and they need to sort out refunds, FCCs etc. I'd print out and also keep in inbox anything I get and at least give them a couple weeks to hopefully sort some things out. Lots of moving parts, lots of answers... Be well
  9. No but I was smuggled through it😁😜. First two cruises on her got me hooked..enjoyed seeing her still seaworthy when we were sailing from Everglades. Wish I had done a 2-nighter just to be onboard again
  10. I'm thankful to hear that most of you are doing well -- sounds like it's pretty much the same no matter where you live except for a few isolated places that aren't on as restricted a lock down. I remain hopeful that we can get through the next 2-4 weeks when it sounds like a lot of the country will reach the peak of this pandemic but it's frustrating not knowing what's going to happen and having life turned upside down. We all just need to follow the rules to slow it down. I hope your family and friends are all well and please come back and keep us posted
  11. We have a couple of off topic, Carnival and not Carnival -specific, topics now -- Memory Lane comes to mind! And the virtual cruise on Vista. I have tried to be more lenient with posts not on topic but it's up to you guys to remain respectful, not interject rants or bicker in these threads. This is a community and I would love to see every one step back from all that's going on in the world and enjoy the escape here on CC without dissension. It's going to be a long month with most states in stay at home status. We're all in this together Carolyn
  12. Please keep posts about refunds, FCC on appropriate threads....thanks
  13. I'm leaving this for now. I do not dispute the accuracy of some of these are calculations and know that it is difficult to get in touch with Carnival, your PVP or even your agent now but I hope that each of you will rely on information directly from the cruise line or it's representative in making these decisions about your cruise and which option is best for or applies to you. People on the boards are being very helpful sharing information with all good intentions but please double check everything yourself for your own booking. I speak this as a cruiser and former TA!
  14. ************** We are all eagerly anticipating Carnival's announcement today which will hopefully give most of you some clarity about your future booked cruises and getting money refunded future cruise credits etc. I realize that many of you are very frustrated. I just want to say that there will be just one thread created regarding Carnival's announcement today and all posts that are disrespectful, personal attacks and off topic and don't relate to the announcement will be deleted. I will use the first thread created as the one to post on and may retitle it so that all of you know where to post. I hope you will respect this and have helpful conversations instead of bickering over minor details. This virus situation is something completely uncharted for all of us and a frustrating time but we can use these boards to be helpful and kind instead of disrespectful. Thank you, everybody....be well. *********** """
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