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  1. On some crossings, DH and I wouldn't see each other between breakfast and tea because we were so busy doing different things. I love browsing a library. I may not find something by a favorite author, but sometimes I'll give a book a try and find a new favorite.
  2. I agree with all of this. I haven't been on Eurodam, but I've been on the Vistas and the K. I didn't mind the hike to the spa on the Vistas, but on the K, I remember saying to DH that we didn't need to actually go into the gym because the walk to and from it was sufficient exercise! On the plus side, you're close to the dining room. Yes, the cabins are smaller inside, but they're still plenty big and IMO the larger balcony makes up for it.
  3. If you don't like the version of scone you got, just flip it over! Whether it's clotted cream or whipped cream, that is a pitiful serving of jam and cream. Come on over the Cunard where the scones are not pre-filled, and they serve real clotted cream!
  4. HAL is pretty good about providing sugar-free desserts, so there's probably sugar-free ice cream. I am pleased to say that HAL has never had climbing walls, ziplines, ice rinks, bumper cars, or water slides. So no temptation to do something that you probably should forgo (as should I). HAL does Alaska well. The 14-day itinerary usually offers good options for whale watching tours. Do some research and see if you can find small-boat excursions. The "deluxe" ships have bathrooms, which the little boats won't, but they've also got a zillion people jostling for space at the rail. Lots of info is available at the Alaska port of call board. HAL's internet plans are unlimited, not by the minute. They sell three tiers. The least expensive is "social," which gets you to facebook, etc. The next is "surf," which lets you surf the net so you can use email and other websites. The third is "stream" (I think) and it gives you access to streaming sites. You can buy just a day here and there, but it's cheaper to buy the package for the whole cruise. Also remember that your ports will mostly be in the US, so your cell should work without being on roaming charges.
  5. The cost of CO varies. According to the website, it's $35 per person per day on the two Pinnacle Class ships (Kdam and NS) and $25 on the rest of the ships. But some people report being offered CO at a lower rate. The "expanded menu" means there is one extra main course at dinner. Otherwise, the CO menu is the same as the regular MDR menu. Sorry, other than "Peruvian chicken," I don't know what the extra items are. And I don't know what Peruvian chicken is.
  6. Yes, Maasdam is small compared to most cruise ships. And yes, it wasn't built in the last few years. To help us answer your question, what amenities do you look for in a ship?
  7. Is priority luggage delivery a 5* perk? Baggage tags for my upcoming cruise in a NS are marked "priority." I think it's because of the suite, because I'm not 5*. I care about priority boarding, but I don't care about priority luggage delivery. I don't know how quickly my luggage is usually delivered. I board, drop the carry-ons and go to the MDR for a leisurely lunch. Then buy the spa pass, maybe get my bearings on the ship by strolling around. After all of that my bags are waiting for me. I've always had my bags before muster drill and I unpack very quickly, so that's good enough for me.
  8. I like the bed position on main deck OVs because if I leave the drapes open and tilt my head back, I can see the stars at night. But I wouldn't be able to see anything if I had an OV on Promenade deck. I'm thinking about a cruise on Veendam and trying to decide between OV (practical) and verandah (expensive) and lanai (midway between in price and openness).
  9. Thanks. I was thinking about a Rotterdam cruise a while back and I wondered about those corners, but the deck plans showed a line where a partition would be, and stairs along the side. I ended up booking something else, but if I do book a Rotterdam cruise I'll definitely look for one of the corners.
  10. I miss the jazz combo, too. I never heard them play Latin music, but their jazz was always great. The last time I heard one of those combos on HAL, they also played sets of dance music and the dance floor in the Ocean Bar was busy.
  11. How is the balcony different from the other afts? On the deck plans it looks like there's a partition to separate it from the open corner.
  12. What a perfect cabin for your dog. Dogs do enjoy people watching. I've seen comments that the door is difficult to slide and that if you're trying to get outside while holding your drink or a book, it tends to close on you. Did you experience anything like that?
  13. No, they don't because they aren't onboard all the time. HAL has three groups that are supposed to rotate--the Step One dance group, PMJ, and another singing group. I'd rather have PMJ than the dancers again.
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