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  1. If what he said about an emergency meeting is true, the "concerns" raised y others were probably as angry as yours. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience, but I hope that the strong reaction to this change will stop it in its tracks.
  2. As someone who has taught kids from 12 to 17, I am horrified at OP's description of this new kid program. How could ANYONE think it's OK to lump all the kids together??? I wouldn't put 12-year-olds with 17-year-olds, much less kids 7 or 8. Club HAL is partly to entertain kids and partly to keep them safe--babysitting. Letting kids leave on their own is crazy! A little kid is going to be curious to "see the ship" and wander God knows where. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad think their child is safe and supervised. HAL has made some poor moves lately, but this it beyond anything I could have imagined.
  3. Really, don't you know that some people are Important and Speshul???? But to be serious, another thing to add to the list of problems with the outside muster is the noise from below. If your station is on the side facing the port, there's a lot of hustle and bustle on the pier as the last of the luggage and supplies are loaded. Even if everyone is being quiet, it's difficult to hear announcements.
  4. No, it's typical. That ship shimmies in the wind. And if you have following seas (waves hiitting the ship at the back), the ship slams and bangs against the waves. OP, you're right that HAL used to have the adjustable height coffee table in some of the cabins. Oddly, the Neptune suites never had them in the time I've been in Neptunes. And I agree about the phone concierge. We had that in a Signature suite, and we always just got the front desk. Also agree about the high tables in CO. I sat in one of those stools and my back instantly screamed NO! So I asked to be moved to a regular table. Did you try any of the special entrees at dinner? Several posters have been asking about that, so it would be great if you could comment on them.
  5. I love your "script" for the announcements! Sadly, as my SIL is fond of saying, you can't cure stupid.
  6. Or people fretting because there are no "good" cabins left in their category. When I was looking for a NS near the lounge last year, there were no cabins showing near the lounge. I started plugging in cabin numbers and got a cabin right where I wanted. But HAL didn't make it easy.
  7. HAL doesn't show more than 10 cabins at a time. Of course, you can search other cabins by number, but that's time-consuming and a lot of people don't know that's possible.
  8. Darn! Wish I'd been more diligent about practicing the piano.
  9. The other good thing about Lincoln Center is that people actually LISTEN. Everyone listens. Poor Adagio, with only two performers, didn't always command people's attention. OK, it's a lounge and not everyone is there for the performance, but I've heard some loud conversations during Adagio performances. No rudeness like that during Lincoln Center.
  10. I would be surprised to see both Adagio and Lincoln Center on the same ship as they are both "classical" and I can't see HAL spending money on two similar groups. IMO Lincoln Center is way better than the best Adagio pair/groups I've seen on HAL.
  11. Only K'dam and NS have the large screen at the pool. The other ships don't have the double-height pool area, so the screen wouldn't fit. Some of the smaller ships (R and S class) have a screen at the aft pool, but I haven't seen it get much use.
  12. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows? In a tin cup? Oh yes, that's haute cuisine, all right.
  13. Tea dresses and hats? Men in blazers? I've been sailing on Cunard going back to QE2 in the 1980s, and I don't recall afternoon tea ever being that dressy. A few passengers, perhaps for a tea dance, but certainly not the majority.
  14. What music did you have during the day? I've been on the K twice, and don't recall any daytime music.
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