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  1. I agree that breakfast in part of the MDR instead of PG is a step down from the NS experience. Not flaming you, but other than that, I don't resent the CO idea or see it as a dilution of the value of a NS. As long as HAL doesn't sell so many Orange Passes that it makes getting a table at breakfast or dinner difficult or crowding tender priority, what's the harm? The only 4 star perks included in CO are the priority embarkation and tendering. CO doesn't give the 4 star perks of free laundry or discounts on wine packages and specialty restaurants.
  2. That seems to be what HAL is saying, some sort of set-aside area of the MDR. I was not a big fan of CO, especially losing the quiet start to the day in PG. But the freshly cooked breakfast made up for the loss in ambiance. However, for the non-Pinnacle class ships that will have space in the MDR and no kitchen right there, I expect that the food will come out of the main kitchen, and be no better or faster than it has been in the past in PG and MDR.
  3. It's hard to describe, but there's a simple way to tie a bow. Start with the usual single knot. Then fold the two loops and tie those loops in a second single knot. I call it Ben Miller's knot because he was on some game/chat show whinging about being unable to tie shoelaces in a bow in the usual way, so he came up with this alternate method. (it's on youtube when he was on "Room 101") To be fair, it may be easier to tie it this way on someone else. DH could never tie a bow tie, and this is how I tied it on him. I found using the regular way to tie a bow difficult with the tie.
  4. Yes, NS passengers got CO perk included when I was on K'dam this winter. I expect that dinner in the "special" part of the dining room will be for CO and NS passengers on the ships that don't have a separate CO restaurant.
  5. Yes, that's what it sounds like to me. The original announcement said that there's a limit. I suspect the limit will be how crowded the dining area can get before there are too many complaints.
  6. Have you seen the giant comparison chart on the website? Somebody posted a link to it a while ago. When you go to "our ships," there's a place to click to see the chart. It's dizzying to see how many variations there are from ship to ship, even within a class. HAL has corporate ADD. They have a bright shiny idea, do it on a few ships, then they get distracted by a NEW shiny idea and the previous one dies out.
  7. Thanks for posting this, Kevin. Interesting that they've added a special event (possibly a cocktail party somewhere?). I wonder what "restrictions" apply to the upgrade? Does this put you at the head of the line to get an upgrade? I love aft cabins on the Vista ships. I wouldn't want an "upgrade" from there. So they've lowered the price and added some elements to the Orange Pass. Sounds like $50 pp pd wasn't the right price. Does this offer come only after you have booked? I've had cheap upgrade offers pop up after I've completed an airline booking, so perhaps HAL is following that model.
  8. Maybe it's less expensive on the Oosterdam because it isn't a separate restaurant. I'll be curious to learn how that will work.
  9. We blame Orlando for a lot of things, but this isn't his fault. I appreciate your frustration--I'm not good at waiting for details like this, but I suspect they're doing the calculations by calendar. You're well outside final payment, but there are a lot of people who are inside that time period, and their numbers have to be crunched first.
  10. We always paid for them in PG. Actually, the only time we ordered them in PG was when we had a beverage package, so they were "free." The poor waiters had to go a long way to get them, so we gave up on ordering them after that cruise. Question for someone who has been in a NS on ships other than K'dam and NS--are there free mimosas in the PG at breakfast? Club Orange started this winter, and the mimosas were free (and replenished generously). So I'm wondering if the mimosas are now free for NS breakfasts on other ships, even if the separate CO dining area hasn't been built. As for ordering 2 for one person, I'm going to ask about that this winter. I'm traveling solo, paying for two people in the NS, they could at least let me have the phantom companion's mimosa!!!
  11. Can anyone recommend a car service to use to get to the airport? I'll be staying on Granville Island and I need an early pickup (6:15). I'll be flying on July 1, and I know that's a holiday so I don't want to risk calling a taxi. I'd like to have something confirmed. Is aerocar any good?
  12. I don't know. All you can do is try. And please come back and let us know.
  13. They have reduced the price AND they're giving it free to 3rd and 4th guests in a cabin?? Sounds like not many people are doing the "rack rate" buy-in to Club Orange.
  14. I agree that HAL should have organized a shuttle, especially given that local transportation would be stressed on a holiday. But HAL doesn't control the berth assignments, so you can't blame them for not being closer to Gamla Stan.
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