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  1. Awww, lovely! Happy Mother's Day! How interesting that you have a speaker talking about volcanoes--very timely!
  2. 3rdGenCunarder

    Pool questions on Konigsdam

    There's a nice walking/jogging track up on the top deck. Lots of fresh air. She can walk on the "promenade" deck, too, but it's narrower than other HAL promenades and has lots of turns. And the gym is pretty good.
  3. 3rdGenCunarder

    Thank you so much Angus Struthers....but...

    I haven't read any Q&As for other lines. Are they usually more responsive than Angus was? This one reminded me of the phone intercept that says "You are 96th in the queue. Please remain on the line as your call is very important to us."
  4. 3rdGenCunarder

    QM2 World tour, Rudeness of guests

    I agree with all of this. Don't confront a rude person (or the parent of a misbehaving child). Whatever you saw happen to the waiter or other staff is going to be worse when it's turned on you.
  5. 3rdGenCunarder

    When will more cabins be made available?

    Does the new website still have that?
  6. 3rdGenCunarder

    When will more cabins be made available?

    Have you ever noticed that the same few seats are "taken" on almost every flight you search, even when the flights have been open for booking a short time? They probably do it to make it look like people are starting to book and make you think you'd better think about buying your ticket soon. I think that's why HAL never shows more than 10 cabins. It makes the product look desirable.
  7. 3rdGenCunarder

    New retail stores on Maasdam

    It must be a huge savings in both dollars and environmental issues. I don't know how it will work on HAL, but I've experienced the digital photo selection on QM2 and it works well. They do put some photos in racks, usually the first ones taken, to lure you in. After that, you go to a computer kiosk and find your pictures. You need to know when it was taken and where--like first formal night, staircase--and select that and then scroll through the photos. They may even have time parameters, like 7-8, 8-9, etc. I found it easy to locate our pictures. They're watermarked, so you can't take a photo of the screen. Once you find a picture you want, you order it right from the console. (I forget at what step you enter your cabin number). Once it knows what you look like, the system uses facial recognition to match your other pictures to your account. We had one printed and something was askew, like the paper went through the machine crookedly. Someone should have noticed it and reprinted it right away, but I suppose the machine just keeps spitting them out and the workers slap them into folders. Anyway, I looked at it, saw the problem, and went right back to the desk. They saw the issue and reprinted the photo, no charge for the bad one. You do have to learn the system, but photo staff circulate around the room and are helpful, but not pushy about buying. And although they close the racks during not-open ours, the computers are available all the time. I don't remember if QM2 had the option to do the mugs, etc that HAL is selling.
  8. 3rdGenCunarder

    Pool questions on Konigsdam

    I've seen someone in a harness like that once. Maybe HAL should get a bunch of those and have a "lap swim" hour.
  9. 3rdGenCunarder

    European Cruise Questions

    And the crepes are OK? I tried them on Veendam several years ago, and they should have had "Goodyear" stamped on them. K'dam has a bakery section of the buffet that turns out all kinds of fresh (baked right behind the counter!) goodies. Very dangerous.
  10. 3rdGenCunarder

    What exactly is Pol Acker?

    Thanks for the laugh! What an old thread. I saw some names that haven't been here in a long time.
  11. 3rdGenCunarder

    Pool questions on Konigsdam

    On our Alaska cruise the pool was not heavily used, even though the roof was closed and the water was fairly warm. But it was September and kids were back in school. If you're a serious lap swimmer, you probably swim well enough to swim the length of the pool in a few strokes. You'd spend all your time turning.
  12. 3rdGenCunarder

    Thank you so much Angus Struthers....but...

    At least he varied the wording from one post to another, although they all pretty much the same thing. "Thank you for your comment/question. We'll think about it."
  13. 3rdGenCunarder

    QM2 World tour, Rudeness of guests

    "I paid a lot of money for this cruise and I expect to be waited on hand and foot!" I've seen it, and the finger-snap attitude that comes with it. We did the first circumnavigation of Australia on QM2. We had a great roll call, and I learned that Australians could book a variety of segments, while from the US I could book only the full circle (which is what I wanted, so no problem). I joked to my husband that it would be like a bus, with people getting on and off in each port. I meant it in a good way--how great for people who didn't have 3 weeks to spend on a cruise to still get a taste of Cunard. Then one morning, I met a couple from the US who were all the wayers. It was the buffet, so I doubt they were in the grills. She was horrified that so many passengers were not on the full world cruise. And Australia? OMG, it was like a bus with people getting on and off in every port! Clearly, in her mind, these short-segment passengers were riff-raff who should never have been allowed to get on the ship with the Important and Exalted world cruise passengers. Fortunately, she was a rarity.
  14. 3rdGenCunarder

    Single thread - New website issues and discussions

    Post of the day!!! :D (y)
  15. 3rdGenCunarder

    New Dress Code Designations?

    Have you sailed with HAL? I've watched the level of dress slide down the sartorial slope on HAL.