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  1. Yes, please do ask. People are curious about this!!! All HAL has said in the press release is that it would roll out across the fleet "in 2019." If they really mean to do this on all ships this year, it has to be something like roping off seats because not all ships have a drydock scheduled.
  2. I remember taking my niece out to dinner when she was about 8. We went to the salad bar and I helped her get what she wanted. Dressings were in crocks set in ice. When I asked her if she knew what dressing she wanted, or did she want to taste any, she reached toward one of the crocks with a finger outstretched. I grabbed her hand before she could put her finger in the dressing and put a little of the one she wanted on my plate and let her dip her finger in that to try it.
  3. I've read posts resenting that. And you've been here long enough to remember the resentment of the reserved chairs for lanai cabins. People are less annoyed when a new area is built for something exclusive than when an area that was once for all becomes a place for only some. And as RocketMan said above, roping off an area isn't going to please CO passengers. It's still the MDR. So I think it will cause negative responses from both sides.
  4. Only because of CO, or were there other reasons?
  5. I've been on a couple of HAL ships where they had the beginnings of a Noro outbreak. They jump on that in a flash--no self-serve coffee in the Lido, no salt/pepper on the tables, etc. A friend was on Something of the Seas when Noro was so bad that they went home early to super-clean the ship. She said the ship was a ghost town because so many people were in their rooms. I've never seen that on a HAL ship, even when they've had some Noro. "Abundance of caution" seems to be a favorite company expression.
  6. I don't think they have, at least not many. Unlike the reserved lanai chairs and Lido cabanas, CO didn't take away a heavily used area that used to be open to all (and free). But when HAL starts walling/roping off sections of the MDR, I think some passengers will be turned off to the extent that they will at least look elsewhere if not leave. On K and NS, CO is relieving some of the pressure for busy times at the MDR, so it's sort of helping pax not in CO by freeing up some tables. But when CO takes away tables in the MDR, I wonder which areas will be impacted, fixed dining or anytime? Yes, it's the same number of people in the space, but the way the CO space is used will be different. Even if a table is empty in CO, they can't seat non-CO pax in there.
  7. We had an evacuation on K'dam last year in the Caribbean. They never tell you how the patient did, so all you can do is hope and pray it turns out OK. They used the aft-port corner of the ship. We were in the deck 7 aft-port corner and it was loud, even inside. They asked people at the aft and port side to stay off their balconies and we did, so I have only a few distant photos of the helicopter.
  8. I still prefer early fixed at a large table, but I agree with many of your comments. I was very disappointed that nearly all the Lincoln Center sets were in conflict with my dining time. It hadn't been like that the previous year. I don't like the idea of mixing anytime with fixed. One of the good things about fixed is that the dinner has a sort of cadence--starters all at once, then mains, then dessert--which I think makes for smoother service. Adding someone who is 45 minutes "behind" the cadence makes it awkward for the waiters and adds to the bustle in the area. On other ships, when a couple at our table was dining at a specialty restaurant, we might have "anytime" passengers seated in their spots, but because they were seated at the same time as the rest of us, it worked out fine. As you said, my understanding is that you can opt out of fixed to anytime, but you can't go back.
  9. Given the amount of air in baked goods, ingredients like flour and sugar take up less space in storage than finished products. And I haven't noticed a decline in freshness over the course of a week or longer cruise.
  10. That certainly is a possibility. Threatening the fleetwide ban does two things. First, if (when?) a few ships are banned, the judge can point out that she COULD HAVE made it worse, so shut up and take your punishment. (I'm sure she'll say it in a nice way, I'm imagining what Judge Judy would say) Second, making such a huge threat gets publicity. Lots of companies are fined for a variety of things and it doesn't always make the news. The expression "there's no such thing as bad publicity" does not apply in a case like this.
  11. I don't think HAL has announced a schedule beyond saying it will roll out to other ships "in 2019." I wonder if HAL even knows HOW they're going to do it--build a Wall! to give CO passengers a private area? Change the chairs in one area to orange upholstery to indicate that certain tables are for CO passengers? The Vistas have more Neptune Suites than K or NS, so they'll need more tables than on the K or NS. Not sure how the number of Neptunes compares on NA and Eurodam. Enjoy!!
  12. You might try asking what NS they're offering. Those corner afts are fabulous.
  13. I used to like the taco bar before I read your post!!!!!!! 😱 I like to get a salad and then put some taco stuff on it. Sadly, the K doesn't have a taco bar or a taco station in the Lido, and I really missed my "enhanced" salads.
  14. I have the opposite problem. Sometimes I want a little of several things, and if the first thing I ask for covers the plate, where does the other food go? I hate waste, so if they give me too much, I have a problem. I don't want to stuff myself, but I don't want to be one of those people others tsk at and say "Look at her, she took all that food and didn't finish it!"
  15. I never found packing or wearing evening clothes to be a challenge, but I have never had an ambition to travel carry-on only. There are plenty of lightweight easy-to-pack suits and gowns. DH's tux was a lightweight wool that didn't wrinkle. My gowns aren't full or fussy, so they pack well, too. Of course, HAL doesn't require that level of dress. We saved the tux and gowns for Cunard. What do you mean by uni-functional?
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