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  1. No, they don't show up on the onboard statement. I'm always surprised at the number of bonus points I get because I look at my statement but forget about the money I spent in advance booking tours.
  2. Perhaps you should try HAL's newest ships, Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam. They've "freshened" the ships to the point that you can have your ears blasted every evening at BB King or the Rolling Stone Rock Room (named for the magazine, not the group). Old school stuff like an orchestra and dancing, maybe even a little jazz combo are gone. When I got off the K'dam this winter, I said to myself, thank God there's still Cunard!
  3. (bold added by me) I want to believe that, but it's HAL...
  4. So if I accept an upsell that amounts to $150 per day on an 8-day cruise, I'll get 4 cruise-day points?
  5. You were smart to do the self-disembark. I was on that cruise and you were at the Southwest gate around the time they announced they were suspending disembarkation for a while.
  6. I think someone posted that suite guests on ships other than the 3 new Pinnacle class ships are still getting PG breakfast, but I'm not sure of that. And looking at the link fatcat posted (thank you for that!), I see that there's no mention of CO in the description of suites. So, on non-Pinnacle class ships, do suite guests get the "expanded" dinner menu?
  7. That was my first impression of CO. The difference is when you're in the CO, you feel like people walking by are watching you eat. But in the MDR, everyone is eating and you don't feel like people are looking at you. I got used to it and it didn't bother me. Forget converting Tamarind. Too many people love it.
  8. Yes, I was quite surprised. I remember the scratchy sound from earlier days on QE2.
  9. If you buy a tour or PG dinner in advance, it does count toward the bonus. But if, as you suggest, CO is considered an upsell then I guess it wouldn't count.
  10. The dinner menu has one extra main course. I can't remember what was special about the breakfast menu. I think it's like the expanded room service menu, steak and eggs, and other things that you pay for in room service but suites don't pay extra. I do know they were very generous with the mimosas. 🥂
  11. That's a lot of "ifs!" My last two winter cruises have been slow disembarking because of a shortage of Immigration staff at the terminal. Both times, the ship stopped calling people to disembark and announced that it was because the lines in the terminal were so long that people would have to stand for an hour. The second time, there weren't many ships in port, and still the terminal got backed up.
  12. The priority lines at shorex and guest services exist. You don't have to ask. There's a special mat you stand on and supposedly you're served next. At least, that's how it was for guest services on the K, where the regular line was at the right end of the counter and the CO line was at the left. I tried it once just to see how it works. I did not get noticed/called by the next available staffer. Instead, I had to wait for the staffer directly in front of the CO mat to finish with someone who was taking a long time. Meanwhile everyone in the regular line had quick issues and that line moved quickly. I'd have been finished sooner if I'd stood in the regular line. NOT complaining, just pointing out that, as you said, this "priority" wasn't worth anything.
  13. The HAL tour is from a boat. IIRC, as we left the marina channel, we turned left and went along the coast of the island to some reefs. We were out of sight of the development, but it's hard to say how far away we were. I snorkeled in Aruba on a boat trip booked through the ship. Too many boats and swimmers in a small area. I'll be there again this winter, so I checked non-ship tours in Aruba (on Tripadvisor). They all go to the same few crowded places. Some of them claim to have the bar open the whole time, more party boat than snorkel trip. I've only seen the bar open after the snorkeling, which is how it should be.
  14. Get everything in writing from your new TA. If you book directly with HAL, the details you're describing show up in your voyage personalizer. If you book through a TA, they don't. If you click on boarding pass, do you see it appear? If it shows up, save the file and print from the saved file. If it doesn't come up, check your popup blocker. You have to disable it to get the boarding pass and luggage tags to pop up. Also, you only need to print the first page of the boarding pass. Scroll through the rest of the documents to see some details about the cruise, but you don't need all those pages when you check in.
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