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  1. Games room is probably a good idea, but not for me. As for Kristin Kish, not a lot of know. Her own website has nothing on it except a link to buy her cookbook. Her "about" page is blank! What is up with that? I know HAL is eager to get "names" to tout, but why her?
  2. Yes, it's a good reminder to be thorough about hand washing. I'm more inclined to do this when I'm not at home and there could be more "unfamiliar" germs. I sing it only in my head, even when I'm at home. 😀
  3. Anyone remember the big-deal livestream a few years ago? It turned out to be the announcement of the partnership with Afar and the new logo design. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  4. Thank you both for the information. To many of us arriving at ports on a cruise ship, the variations in procedure make it look like they're making it up as they go along. Good to know there are plans and procedures in place. All we passengers have to do is go with the local plan and follow instructions.
  5. If you have a few days to choose from, the Cunard agent will check alternate dates and more than one airport, depending on the connections you would need to make. Prices vary, so some flexibility on your part could save you some money.
  6. I think they'll keep CO. It doesn't cost them much to have the program, and it looks like they're offering something very special. IMO, the problem with CO is that the value is so different, depending on the ship. I think the idea started with "what should we do with that underused ATK space on the K?" So they made it a special restaurant on the K and NS, which makes it look like you're really getting something for the money. To be fair,I've heard good things about dinner there, and the breakfast is definitely a step up from the MDR. But I doubt they thought beyond that to the other ships, where there isn't a space to dedicate to a CO restaurant. On those ships CO is mostly about priority--embarkation, excursion desk, front desk, tendering, seating at dinner. Is it worth $25 pp pd just to go to the head of the line?
  7. I don't think I've ever had to show ID or my cruise card to leave a port area, but it's common to have to show both when you enter the port area. Scanning the card going off and on the ship is normal, as is the metal detector when you return. Usually, the metal detector and x-ray of items you're carrying is usually done on the ship, just after you've had your cruise card scanned, although I recall tender ports where this was done portside (sorry, don't remember where, maybe Bermuda).
  8. OTOH, it doesn't involve much effort on HAL's part.
  9. Much as I'd like to see a better promenade deck on the new Cunarder, I doubt it. Look at how many Vistas there are in the Carnival corp lines. Once they bought that design, they used it over and over and over. Interiors vary, as do the slopes of the aft superstructure and maybe some extra partial decks up top, but it's the same basic ship. Sort of like housing developments in the 1950s (in the US)--why spend money on multiple designs when one design will do? HAL is building its third "Pinnacle class" ship, and now Cunard is getting one. I don't know if any of the other lines will get one, but Carnival has already spread design costs over 4 ships.
  10. Most Caribbean "scenic overview" tours are a lot of time on a bus. When I was looking at tour ideas for Martinique, I read some reviews of the volcano "museum," and decided it wasn't much of a stop. The church is nice. I was there on a tour to the gardens several years ago. Since I had seen the church, this time all I wanted to do was the gardens.
  11. I don't know about flights to/from Canada, but for a one-way flight US-London, Cunard's prices are much better than buying on your own. Airlines charge a lot for one-way tickets, but Cunard gets good rates because they buy so many tickets. When I called to find out about adding air to the crossing I had already booked, I was looking at a 2-3 day range, flying in ahead of the crossing. The agent I spoke to took the time to check both Newark and JFK, and only day flights because that was what I requested. I think I'm paying $480 for premium economy on British Air, a ticket that would be over $2000 if I booked it on my own. Not all airlines are available on any given day, and the price varies depending on how many seats are available. I didn't specify which airline I wanted, just the day and a day flight. Because I wanted a day flight, I knew I wouldn't have a lot of choices. I just took the best price.
  12. A lot of people don't know how to train a dog, whether it's a pet or emotional support dog. Our neighbors have a new puppy and they have hired a trainer to come to the house and work with them. Just basic pet obedience, not support or service. I watched them in the back yard the other day. The trainer was training THEM as much as the puppy. Too many people don't know how to manage a dog in public. I was thinking about this thread just this morning when I was at our local farm market. Bringing your dog to the farm market is the "thing to do." Most people are good about using a short leash, but there's always a few idiots with a large dog on an extender leash, and those are always the dogs that want to jump on people or lunge at other dogs. What's the saying? There are no bad dogs, only bad owners?
  13. Exactly. Cunard is somewhat less geared toward older cruisers, especially in more recent years, but there is an onboard practice of sharing tables and conversing with others. And one bad evening didn't make me stop sailing on NCL. Sooo many more reasons, but no need to discuss that on the HAL board.
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