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  1. Thanks for our Sunday Daily, Rich and thanks to Vanessa, Dixie, Debbie & Ann. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the Father’s out there whether they be here on earth or in heaven. Great collection of days and I’d be happy to drink Chenin Blanc over today’s vintage 😉. I like the quote - think it is quite true. It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day after the dismal one yesterday. Ivan and I will put in the finishing touches on several planters and hopefully then, all will be done. He wasn’t a happy camper yesterday with the weather. thankfully this is not my fence but it’s a clever idea 😜 @Cruzin Terri I am so sorry to hear you have covid 😞. I hope you can recover quickly and easily 🙏 You really don’t need this on top of everything else 😞 Prayers for those on the Care list, those suffering losses, grief, pain, health problems, worries & those that need them 🙏. Cheers to those celebrating and cruising 🥂
  2. Thanks very much both for the suggestions. Between them all, I’m sure I will find a solution. I’ve had enough boxes unti now between deliveries, etc. I had saved them all rather than recycle them. @ger_77 Gerry wishing Chris a very happy birthday today. @rafinmd Roy, I hope you are feeling improved as the day goes on 🤞
  3. Have a great celebration for your friend’s and DH’s upcoming birthday 🙂 I don’t like your cold’s progress, Sandi 😔. More in your chest is not a good sign. I hope I am not speaking out of turn but…. A visit to the doctor may be in order. You don’t want to end up with pneumonia or bronchitis. Congratulations to your two grandsons! Always a proud moment for any grand parent. 🙂 Thanks. It’s been a long time since I’ve needed boxes and back then both the liquor store and grocery store were really good sources. Appreciate the tip and yes we do have Dollar Stores here. (Slightly different names like the Great Canadian Dollar Store and Dollarama) but the same concept. Appreciate the idea. I refuse to pay for boxes for stuff I am giving away - LOL. @Cruzin Terri Welcome home!
  4. Bon Voyage @Himself!! Have a great cruise and a WONDERFUL time !!!!!!
  5. Thanks for our Saturday Daily, Rich & thanks to Vanessa, Dixie, Ann & Debbie. Great collection of days especially LGTBQ & pay awareness day. I like the quote. The meal sounds good. It would be great with my meal tonight… Father’s Day sale so I couldn’t resist. DD DH and I always had them for that weekend so I decided to keep up the tradition. Rainy day here so I guess it will be more sorting and packing inside as the damn legs and foot permit. I’m running out of boxes - will have to see where I can find some. Liquor store was a bust so maybe the grocery store? I refuse to buy boxes for giving away stuff 😂 😘 Prayers for those on the Care list, those suffering losses, grief, pain, health problems, worries & those that need them. 🙏 Cheers to those celebrating and cruising 🥂
  6. Blessing to her in heaven on her birthday 🙏 Yes they are, Gerry. One thing the deer don’t touch. They are early this year a the peonies are very late. Just starting to show a smidge of a blossom. It’s a very strange season!
  7. I’ll get the November cruise removed for you and glad to see you found a nice replacement cruise 🙂 Happy to add it for you 🙂
  8. The Bon Voyage threads are derived from this listing. If you would like to receive a Bon Voyage I need the following details please: Your EMBARKATION date The SHIP you are on  # of days including if you are on a Collectors or B2B & the NAME of your cruise     B2B? If you want a Bon Voyage for them, please give the dates. Thank you 😃
  9. This thread has been updated at…… https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/3013688-⭐️-⭐️-⭐️-⭐️-holland-america-board’s-future-cruise-listing-updated-friday-june-15th-2024-⭐️-⭐️-⭐️-⭐️/ which is where all posts in the coming week need to go. I will not be reading any more posts here.
  10. HOLLAND AMERICA BOARD'S FUTURE CRUISE LISTING Updated June 14th, 2024 We all love to hear what cruises you are booked on. I post the Bon Voyage threads 7 days before sailing so, to be included in this: Post 3 weeks in advance so you aren’t missed. 1st cruise, anniversary, special celebration? Let us know. Details needed are in the 2nd post of this thread. Please use REPLY and not QUOTE when posting to this thread. Using 'Quote' makes a very long thread and cumbersome to read. Don’t mistake this for a Roll Call. Go to the Roll Call Section here on Cruise Critic to find your cruise & sign up. This week’s additions and changes are in BOLD and highlighted in aqua (sea colours) JUNE 2024 Eurodam - 15-Jun-24 - ^ day Alaska Explorer Himself Oosterdam - 24-Jun-24 - 21 day Med Adriatic & Italian Splendour mr. godfredo Zuiderdam - 29-Jun-24 - 21 day Viking Passage Harboursiders Koningsdam - 29-Jun-24 - 7 day Alaska Inside Passage leerathje - with dad, celebrating his 84th birthday on board, 1st time Alaska JULY2024 Westerdam - 07-Jul-24 - 7 day Alaska luvteaching - with friend for her first cruise & Alaska Zuiderdam - 20-Jul-24 - 35 day Voyage of the Vikings BetsyS cunnorl Toad cruising Katie Rotterdam - 20-Jul-24 - 14 day Best of Norway wandb Volendam - 27-Jul-24 - 24 day Canada, New England & Iceland Cruizer Bill & Cruizer Diana AUGUST 2024 Koningsdam - 03-Aug-24 - 7 day Alaska doone - family & friends’ road trip to Vancouver Westerdam - 04-Aug-24 - 7 day Alaskan Explorer Brewgirl1 - surprise birthday gift for DS Rotterdam - 17-Aug-24 - 14 day Best of Norway 0106 Zuiderdam - 24-Aug-24 - 7 day Canada & New England Crazy for Cats - B2B with Aug. 31st dfish - BwB with Aug. 31st SharoninAZ - B2B with Aug. 31st Westerdam - 25-Aug-24 - 7 day Alaska Explorer LAFFNVEGAS dobiemom Volendam - 20-Aug-24 - 11 day Newfoundland & New England Cruise RetiredNow1 - B2B with Aug. 31st Zuiderdam -31-Aug-24 7 day Canada/New England Crazy For Cats - B2B following Aug. 24th dfish - B2B following Aug. 24th Sharon inAZ - B2B following Aug. 24th Volendam - 31-Aug-24 - 10 day Newfoundland & New England RetiredNow1 - B2B following Aug. 20th SEPTEMBER 2024 Westerdam - 01-Sep-24 - 53 day Majestic Japan Cruise lindaler Mickie MikeD4134 - celebrating both birthdays on board Seasick Sailor Eurodam - 07-Sep-24 - 7 day Alaska luvteaching Koningsdam - 07-Sep-14 - 7 day Glacier Bay Inside Passage musicismylife Zuiderdam - 14-Sep-24- 7 day Canada/New England schooinmy Noordam - 15-Sep-24 - 14 day Great Alaskan Explorer vms - 1st time to Alaska & 50th state visited Zaandam - 18-Sep-24 mum6 - 1st solo cruise Eurodam - 28-Sep-24 - 7 day Alaskan Explorer Halj01935 - celebrating 34th anniversary TAW1963 Rotterdam - 28-Sep-24 - 15 day Jewels of the Baltic krittycat OCTOBER 2024 N Amsterdam - 04-Oct-24- 23 day Panama Canal & Bahamas Shih Tzu Momma - celebrating 50th anniversary on board Volendam - 05-Oct-24 - 14 Night Atlantic Coast Taters Koningsdam - 05-Oct-24 - 17 day Circle Hawaii Vict0riann N Statendam - 05-Oct-24 - 14 daylands of Legends & Eternal Cities SCabs111 - celebrating 20th anniversary on board Oosterdam - 10-Oct-24 - 10 day Adriatic Antiquities crystalspin - B2B2B with Oct. 20th & Oct. 31st Rotterdam - 12-Oct-24 - 15 day Atlantic Sojourn NextOne SUESEABE Zuiderdam - 19-Oct-24 - 21 day Perfect Caribbean Escape R/T Boston cate54 - mother & daughter birthday voyage N Statendam - 19-Oct-24 - 28 day Greek Isles & Adriatic Dream sailingdutchy - B2B with Nov. 16th Oosterdam - 20-Oct-24 - 11 day Mediterranean Romance crystalspin - B2B2B following Oct. 10th & with Oct. 31st Oosterdam - 20-Oct-24 - 25 day Meditteranean Romance & Spanish Farewell kazu P&PNH HELENPSL Live4cruises - celebrating 25th anniversary on board Westerdam - 22-Oct-24 - 22 day Pacific Crossing - Seattle to Sydney Hows the Serenity Rotterdam -27-Oct-24 - 12 day Panama Canal Sunfarer Himself Oosterdam - 31-Oct-24 - 14 day Spanish Farewell Nickelpenny - B2B with November 14th crystalspin - B2B2B following Oct. 10th & 20th NOVEMBER 2024 N Statendam - 02-Nov-24 - 14 day Atlantic Dream SusieKIslandGirl Eurodam - 02-Nov-24 - 15 day Bahamas Caribbean / Eastern Wayfarer Euby Cailey53 RedneckBob N Amsterdam - 03-Nov-24 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean Gsel - 1st solo cruise Rotterdam - 08-Nov-24 - 9 day eastern Caribbean chill6x6 Volendam - 09-Nov-24 - 42 day Ultimate Mediterranean & Atlantic Passage Loreto PRPLE StLouisCruisers Cruising-along Zuiderdam -09-Nov-24 - 14 day Southern Caribbean FlorenceItaly Norwegian Bliss - 10-Nov-24 - 7 day Mexican Riviera LAFFNVEGAS dobiemom N Statendam - 16-Nov-24 - 14 day Passage to America sailingdutchy - B2B following Oct. 19th N Amsterdam - 17-Nov-24 - 7 day Western Caribbean NCTribeFan - celebrating birthday on board Eurodam - 17-Nov-24 - 10 day Southern Caribbean Navybikermom Zaandam - 20-Nov-24 - 28 day Circle of Hawaii & Sea OV Cortez RetireNow1 Zuiderdam - 23-Nov-24 - 11 day Eastern Caribbean Wayfarer seagarsmoker wdw1972 Eurodam - 27-Nov-24 - 11 day southern Caribbean Wayfarer Cruise Suzy N Statendam - 30-Nov-24 - 14 day Caribbean Collector saturn93 Koningsdam - 30-Nov-24 - 10 day Mexican Riviera & Sea of Cortez Jacqueet DECEMBER 2024 Noordam - 08-Dec-24 - 14 day Indonesia Discovery LouCoop Koningsdam - 10-Dec-24 - 11 day Mexican Riviera 57redbird Volendam - 21-Dec-24 - 14 day Southern Caribbean Holiday Infi - 11th annual HAL Holiday cruise ? - 220De -24 -13 day Far East Holiday Discovery mr. godfredo N Statendam - 28-Dec-24 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean Lucie73821 Koningsdam - 28-Dec-24 - 7 night Mexico Holiday madera1 Rotterdam - 29-Dec-24 - 12 day Panama Canal Sunfarer Holiday pdanza22 Eurodam - 30-Dec-24 - 9 day Southern Caribbean Seafarer Holiday markpark ANUARY 2025 Zuiderdam - 04-Jan-25 - World Grand Voyage cunnorl MikeD4134 Noordam - 04-Jan-25 - 28 day Coral Triangle, Volcanoes & Great Barrier Reef SusieKIslandGirl Roz Andy&Louise BlackJack2 Texas Hikers Koningsdam - 04-Jan-25 - 7 day Baja Peninsula gknep Koningsdam -04-Jan-25 - 24 day Baja Peninsula & Circle Hawaii NCTribeFan 0106 Volendam - 04-Jan-25 - 21 day Ultimate Caribbean RetiredNow1 Oosterdam - 06-Jan-25 - 22 day South America & Antarctica dfish & Sue Eurodam - 08-Jan-25 - 21 day Western Explorer/Eastern Caribbean Wayfarer Roz Rotterdam - 17-Jan-25 - 9 day Eastern Caribbean doone - with friend Eurodam - 18-Jan-25 -11 day Eastern Caribbean Wayfarer summer slope Koningsdam - 28-Jan-25 - 18 day Circle Hawaii Kc52 - B2B2B with Feb. 15th & Mar. 22nd Cailey53 Cruizer Bill & Cruizer Diana luvtwotrvl & trvlcrzy jeh10641 Oosterdam - 28-Jan-25 - 22 day South America & Antarctica Jacqueet NCL Bliss - 30-Jan-25 - London Cruise Tour & 13 day Transatlantic Southampton to Miami LAFFNVEGAS FEBRUARY 2025 Koningsdam - 14-Feb-25 -35 day Hawaii, Tahiti & Marquesas cate54- mother/daughter cruise Zaandam - 08-Feb-25 - 27 day Amazon Explorer Traveling Dot Brewgirl1 N Statendam - 08-Feb-25 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean auggiemom Eurodam - 08-Feb-25 - 11 day Eastern Caribbean Wayfarer bfury Koningsdam - 15-Feb-25- 35 day Hawaii South Pacific (Hawaii, Tahiti & Marquesas) fox02554 Overhead Fred canadianbear Kc52 - B2B2B following Jan. 28th & with Mar. 22nd crystalspin rollie cate54 Eurodam - 19-Feb-25 - 10 day Southern Caribbean Seafarer wdw1972 N Amsterdam - 23-Feb-25 - 7 day Irish All Stars Charter (FLL-HMC-St Thomas- Grand Turk-FLL) Shalandara - celebrating DH’s birthday & 30th anniversary on board - B2B with Mar. 2nd MARCH 2025 N Statendam - 01-Mar-25 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean doone - celebrating sister & friend’s birthday on board N Amsterdam - 02-Mar-25 - 7 day Joc02025 Charter (FLL- HMC- San Juan - St Maarten - FLL) Shalandara - B2B following Feb. 23rd Rotterdam - 07-Mar-25 - 9 day Southern Caribbean RedneckBob N Statendam - 15-Mar-25 - 7 day Western Caribbean Lucie73821 Huskerchick & POA1 N Amsterdam - 16-Mar-25 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean seagarsmoker Kc52 - B2B2B following Jan. 28th & Feb. 15th Eurodam 17-May-25 - ? day Alaska Barbaragirl - 1st HAL cruise, celebrating 37th anniversary o board Westerdam - 16-Mar-25 - 43 days South Pacific - Auckland -Vancouver kplady APRIL 2025 Eurodam - 02-Apr-25 - 10 day Western Caribbean Explorer Cruise Suzy - with DS & DDIL Eurodam - 02-Apr-25 - 31 day Western Caribbean Explorer & Panama Canal RetiredMustang N Statendam - 05-Apr-25 - 14 day Europe Transatlantic musicismy life Oosterdam - 19-Apr-25 - 25 day Western Crossing: Madeira, Morocco & Côte D’azur kazu MAY 2025 Eurodam - 03-May-25 - 7 Day Alaska Explorer Denise T dobiemom LAFFNVEGAS N Amsterdam - 04-May-25 - 14 day Great Alaskan Explorer Vict0riann Oosterdam - 14-May-25- 10 day Western Mediterranean Medley with Malta overnight VMax1700 - celebrating 50th wedding anniversary on board N Amsterdam - 18-May-25 - 7 night Northbound Alaska wdw1972 - with DS and DIL - celebrating their 10th anniversary JUNE 2025 Eurodam - 07-Jun-25 - 7 day Alaska Explorer jaycie622 Westerdam - 08-Jun-25 - 28 day Alaska Arctic Circle Solstice FlorenceItaly NextOne StLouisCruisers Cruising-along Oosterdam - 08-Jun-25 - 10 day Malta, Sicily & Aegean Jewels Veenendaal6 Oosterdam - 19-Jun-25 - 10 day around Italy’s Boot Navybikermom N Statendam - 29-Jun-25 - 28 day Arctic Circle Crossing - Greenland & Iceland StartrainDD - B2B with July 27th JULY 2025 Volendam - 12-Jul-25- 25 day Canada, New England, Greenland & Iceland Loreto - celebrating birthday on board crystalspin & dr’ spin Zuiderdam - 19-Jul-25 - 35 day Voyage of the Vikings Jacqueet N Statendam - 27-Jul-25 - 14 day Wild British Isles StartrainDD - B2B following Jun 29th - achieving 5* AUGUST 2025 Eurodam - 23-Aug-25 - 7 day Alaska Explorer: auggiemom SEPTEMBER 2025 Noordam - 14-Sep-25 - 14 day Great Alaska Explorer Gsel Lazirus65 OCTOBER 2025 Rotterdam - 04-Oct-25-22 day Norwegian Fjord crossing Mr. Boston Vict0riann Noordam - 05-Oct-25 - 7 day Great Bear Rainforest Loreto Volendam - 07-Oct-25 - 45 day Mediterranean & Atlantic Passage Harboursiders Rotterdam - 26-Oct-25 - 12 day Panama Canal cruise seagarsmoker NOVEMBER 2025 Oosterdam - 02-Nov-25 - 15 day Cultural Crossing with Andalusia & Morocco 0106 dfish - & Sue Sharon in AZ Nickelpenny ger_77 kazu Rotterdam - 02-Nov-25 - 9 day southern Caribbean ABC Islands Euby Rotterdam -28-Nov-25 - 9 day Southern Caribbean ABC Islands wdw1972 DECEMBER 2025 Eurodam - 14-Dec-25- 14 Day Eastern Caribbean , Bahamas & San Juan Holiday Cruise Suzy JANURARY 2026 Oosterdam - 09-Jan-26 - 22 day South America/Antarctica Archipelago Koningsdam - 14-Jan-26 - 21 day Western/Eastern Caribbean - Leeward Islands Overhead Fred - B2B with Feb. 26th Rotterdam - 18-Jan-26 - 21 day partial Panama Canal & ABC Islands doone - & family & friends crystalspin & dr’ spin - with DB & SIL FEBRUARY 2026 Koningsdam -14-Feb-26 - 11 day Eastern Caribbean Windward& Leeward Islands wdw1972 Koningsdam - 25-Feb-26 - 10 day Western Caribbean seagarsmoker Koningsdam -04-Feb-26 - 10 day Eastern Caribbean - U.S. Virgin Islands & San Juan Overhead Fred - B2B following Jan. 14th MARCH 2026 Noordam - 06-Mar-26 - 50 day New Zealand & South Pacific Crossing Collector RetiredMustang Eurodam - 22-Mar-26 - 14 day Western & Eastern Caribbean Bahamas & San Juan Cruise Suzy APRIL 2026 Westerdam - 12-Apr-26- 29 day Japan & North Pacific Collector StartrainDD Noordam - 19-April-26 - 7 day Great Bear Rain Forest Euby Sea Hag HAPPY CRUISING EVERYONE! Jacqui
  11. Thanks for our TGIF Daily, Rich and thanks to Vanessa, Ann, Debbie & Dixie. Great collection of days. Love chop sue and we do have a family history of my mother’s side of the family which goes back very far 👍 LOL on the quote and yum on the meal suggestion for today. Not sure what the weather holds here today - it was supposed to be sunny and hot but it sure feels like rain is threatening. I have a few “must do” errands this morning and will take it from there. CT scan was done yesterday. it’s a good thing I didn’t know what was involved first 😉 Miss claustrophobic is very glad it is over. Hopefully it doesn’t have to be redone 🤞 Now I wait for the vascular surgeon in 2 weeks. I get why the wait - it takes time to get the CT scan results, apparently. @rafinmd best wishes for today 🙏. Tough day with it also being your DB’s heavenly birthday. @StLouisCruisers i hope your cough clears up soon 🤞 Prayers for those on the Care list, those suffering losses, grief, pain, health problems, worries & those that need them 🙏 Cheers to those celebrating and cruising 🥂
  12. I would try just re-inputting your email. if you happen to have an iPad or iPhone. It’s easy to set up an apple email and amazingly it works better on ships. goo Lucille. Travel these days seems fraught wirh delays and problems.
  13. Perfect timing! Just got home a short hike ago from mine. I would have preferred your version 😘 @Cruzin Terri hope your travels are very safe and smooth 🤞 fishing That’s another painful first, Karen 💔 There’s no special way to do it right or any right thing to do. Just go with what you feel. One day at a time ❤️ Good news that iwent well, Gerry. Wow on your DH’s cardiac device! I hope the clinic has explanations that are satisfactory. Hope the cardiac doctor can help you Annie and that the CT scan helps resolve things. I would have been happy to skip the contrast today 😉 Sorry I missed wishing your DH happy birthday yesterday. Happy belated birthday to Chuck! Wow! What a wonderful inheritance you have in your garden. Impressive that they have been divided and moved over the years. You must have a very green thumb. Peonies don’t like to be moved. I know I was worried when I had to move some of mine and was delightfully surprised when they survived
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