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  1. My pleasure. Maybe that’s the trick? Choose pics (I always do that) and not drag? who knows? So glad it worked for you and Joy, no worries, I will delete your photo from my photo gallery so you are safe 😉
  2. Let’s see if this works for you Ann: that’s the photo she posted.
  3. This is strange as I couldn’t see Debbie’s sunset photo a few days ago and you could. And now you can’t see Joy’s pic but I could. Weird. Yes I saw her photo on her post and gave it a like.
  4. Yup, totally agree. Not the shortfalls of the testing nor the airlines and what could have happened. It’s the cruise lines that take the hit. Kind of sad that with all the resources available in the U.S. that no strategic direction has been placed on testing (with quick results) and contact tracing. I’m not saying quick results wouldn’t have solved the problem but it sure would have been helpful.
  5. Oh that is really good news, Joy ❤️ So happy all is well with Allen and by all means have a toast to both of you 😄
  6. I’m glad it helped someone 🙂 I had a huge vet bill with both dogs sick (not complaining about the bill - I know they had to do stuff) and the dogs were on serious drugs for a week. After my research I contacted my vet who confirmed. If my pain helps someone else, it’s all good. It’s been “imported” here. It’s not native so it’s new. And no one knew what it was until now. Best to keep your dogs away from any yellow flowers. It has several variations.
  7. That is good news. I’m hoping my airfare refunds appear as promised this month as we are putting in a new kitchen counter (and sink of course).
  8. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 I’m late this morning as I have been outside cleaning up and trying to salvage my smashed chilies and broken dahlias. No serious damage other than some branches that I can see so far so all is good. So, I guess I am celebrating Work like a Dog day before I knew it was that day 🙂 Underwear day? No comment from me on that one either 😉 Yum on oysters and seafood salad ❤️. That Portuguese wine sounds lovely. Thanks for the description @cat shepard and for the inquiry. @rafinmd sorry to hear about the tooth. I hope it comes out easily and is not too painful after for you 🤞🙏🏻 @Overhead Fred beautiful pics as always I snapped a couple of pics yesterday as I didn’t know what the storm would do to the plants. Haven’t been out front yet to survey things - been busy enough on the side and in the back 😉 The liatris out front has started to bloom. For those fighting deer, they don’t touch these and the blooms last quite a while. I’ll post a pic later when they are in full bloom (if they weren’t destroyed - they don’t have a lot of protection as they usually don’t require it): And my astilbe out front is looking good: And for my dog loving friends, this is a plant you don’t want to see and you don’t want your dogs to touch. It’s wild mustard and has just appeared here. It will cause huge gastrointestinal distress and diarrhea for dogs and can even be poisonous. Beware - it’s new here and apparently spreading around. Grows near the side of the road here. I was determined to figure out why my dogs got sick since nothing had changed in diet or routine and when I was walking them, I saw them trying to eat these flowers I had not seen before and did some research. If it is allowed to grow, it looks like this: If people mow it, it’s smaller and looks like this: Prayers for everyone on our care list and I hope everyone came through the storm with little damage and safely.
  9. I was told it was part of their “save using paper and plastic” mission.
  10. Really good news indeed Roy 🙂 Glad things were relatively decent for you. Our only worry here is wind gusts from the sounds of things but they don’t know for sure what happens when it hits the St. Lawrence River. There’s several trajectories. We’d like some of the rain and happy to skip the wind 😉
  11. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 The Coast Guard will indeed be very busy today, sadly. Late today as I was trying to put some outside stuff away and walk the dogs before it is too hot. Sadly it was already way too muggy. Here’s a sample of our deer problem here. Those of you who like them will love the pic. Those of you who struggle against them and their appetites will understand why I fight them off as much as possible. This is taken in my neighbour’s yard. She likes them and can have them. You can come to within 6’ of them easily - even with dogs! Hope everyone in the path of the storm can stay safe. Prayers to them and everyone on our care list.
  12. Sorry to hear of your cancellation but I certainly understand your trepidation of the Grand S. America and will cancel that one for you. I’m glad you have another Grand to replace it with and will happily add it and your other cruises to the listing. 🙂
  13. I’ve had some luck with certain FB posts when I am told to contact their social media email. They asked you to email them. why not? Reference what you posted (copy and paste it if you like) and send them the email. he/she who doesn’t ask, doesn’t get. It’s only an email. I’d send it — if nothing else, It adds to your ammunition if needed.
  14. That is very unappealing especially to those of us who have been to Europe and want to do more than just see “highlights”. When we are comfortable, we may well just fly to Europe if that is the condition of other cruise lines. Frankly, I feel that a crowded shore excursion carries more risk than being on one’s own or on a private tour but of course, I could be wrong 😉
  15. I always log out of all of my sites except CC. With the name kazu and a password totally separate I didn’t consider it a risk. After hearing about your experience, it’s probably best I log out of CC and play it safe as I do the other sites. Thanks for sharing.
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