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  1. That is GREAT news, indeed 😄 🥂
  2. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 Too soon to make fruit cake for me but brandy is a must in it 🙂. Love to see the Chef’s and Waiters celebrated. We miss them. That quote is ever so true. The meal suggestion sound wonderfully tempting. I just might make some. A Mai Tai sounds wonderful. I’ll wait to enjoy one on board 😉 Hopefully there will be a different vacation next year than the one we’ve had in 2020. I was pretty worn and weary last night after all the gardening and cleaning. I needed something to help my aching back: Love a Cava but prefer it in white but wine is always good. Prayers for everyone on Roy’s Care list & for all those who need them and a toast to those celebrating. Have a great Tuesday everyone. Stay safe and don’t forget your masks 😷
  3. Just an update. Canada has extended the closure of the border until the end of November. I suspect that will continue until there is confidence that covid is under control south of the border and we are certain it is under control here.
  4. Well, we will agree to disagree as our experience here in the Northern Tundra is different than south of the border. Our politicians are trying to follow science. Contact and trace is big in the Atlantic Bubble. If there is an outbreak then that zone goes back to code orange (which is not a lockdown) but a limit on the number of people in your bubble.and certain industries have a capacity limit, of course. But all our restaurants, etc have a capacity limit right now. We have been fortunate in our zone. I go to my dentist, my doctor and my hair stylist with a mask, answer a few covid questions and all is good. I have my little bubble of 8 households/people and while I miss my family and friends that are not in the Atlantic Bubble, we are doing quite well here being careful. Unlike news reports I have seen there is no objection to a mask here. Masks are mandatory in a store or any public place (as it should be). Those who had a serious outbreak (keep in mind our definition of a serious outbreak is a lot different than south of the border - we have had a total of 3 deaths so far in our province) must wear masks outdoors as well. That outbreak and it’s source has been traced with all contacts which is why the zones are in code orange and not lockdown. 😉 I, for one listen to the scientists and I am glad our governments are, especially, our Premier. I was never a fan of the man (I’m not of most politicians) but he has done a spectacular job on covid working with all parties in a non partisan way and listening to the scientists. And we’ll wear our mask 😷 To try to keep our friends, neighbours and everyone in our community safe. 🙂
  5. Misleading perhaps but not dishonest. The scientists told what they knew at the time. They thought it was similar to the cold and that symptomatic people spread it. Since that early time in Feb & Mar they have discovered that asymptomatic people spread it and therefore recommended masks. That’s what science is about - learning and evolving. Many scientists have said this and Fauci said he was wrong on 60 minutes during an interview the other night. No one is perfect. They can only go by what they know and what they find out.
  6. A new home! How wonderful 😄 I think that’s more than worth sacrificing a cruise for 🥳
  7. I would happily bbq all year round if DH would let me keep the bbq out. He’s afraid of the snow wrecking it and likes it put in the garage before the snow flies 😞
  8. No need to dig up hostas unless you are splitting them, thank heavens. They are perennials. But it’s good to remove the leaves and “sticks” from their blooms. Takes up a lot of compost bags 😉 I have too many hostas 😉
  9. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 Love the combination of days. Rain Forests & diversity are ever so important and new friends are always nice to find. Love the quote. That drink of the day sounds good @summer slope but sounds like it might be strong 😉 Nice to see a white wine today. Looking forward to @cat shepard description. Going to pass on the pork since I took Argentinian tenderloin out of the freezer yesterday to bbq. Got to bbq while we can. It will soon be time to put it away 😞 Another heavy fall clean up day here. I got around 23 hostas done yesterday but there’s still a pile to go along with garden clean up & leaves before I can plant my bulbs. Prayers for everyone on Roy’s Care list & for those who need them and a clink of the glass in toast to those on the Celebration list. Have a great Monday everyone. Stay safe and don’t forget your masks 😷
  10. I totally agree with this. We need to think about others and not just ourselves. Let’s not take scientists to task nor twist words. I am very grateful that Canada is following the science and this is the message they have been giving us. Enjoy 🙂
  11. My friends aren’t going either. They own a condo in Florida and I doubt they will rent it out. I think the restaurants, golf courses, etc will miss the snowbirds. And unless people rent their homes, condos, RV’s, trailers, there’s no place for other people to go I don’t think other than hotels?
  12. LOL on the kick back 🙂. Nope, there is none. We were really pleased with our stay there. So were our friends and other CC friends that I have known who stayed there after. Don’t miss the evening social with the lovely cheese tray, munchies, wine, etc. They list what the munchies are every night. The bar is open all the time of course. Water, juice, pop, whatever you want is there for the taking in the “library”. I hope you enjoy it. We sure did and were sorry to leave.
  13. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 Interesting mix of days but I’m not a meatloaf nor a beard fan 😉 Love the quote by Walt Disney. That’s ever so true. Sadly, I’ll also pass on the meal suggestion for today. I like pasta but not spaghetti. Perhaps I’ll substitute it with a penne tonight 😉 It’s a cold, crispy morning today but the sun is shining and it will warm up a bit later, thankfully. The cold is good for the foliage though 😉 Prayers to everyone on Roy’s Care list and for those who need them, and a toast to those we are celebrating. And a big happy birthday to Joy Have a great Sunday, everyone. Stay safe and don’t forget your masks.😷
  14. There are often injuries on tenders unfortunately. It doesn’t matter what ship it is. It just takes a passenger who is not up to it or the wrong tilt of the waves to throw things off. The crew do a great job but tendering is risky. I don’t know if it means the end of some of those ports you mentioned. The Westerdam certainly went to some of them on our Hawaii, Tahiti, Marquesas cruise. AT least, what ones we got to. Weather was the issue on that cruise. I am not quibbling about service but stating the true difference on a small ship. There were a LOT more crew on the Prinsendam to passenger on any other ship and it showed. They knew who you were, there were nice appetizers on every sail a way, great hors’ d’hoeuvres at every happy hour and your drink (if you had a favourite) was memorized after the first visit. The only cruise that I have been on that came close was the Rotterdam due to one person in the Retreat and fabulous stewards in the MDR. I’m not saying staff aren’t great but there is a HUGE difference when there are more. And yes, Prinsendam had fabulous staff IMO and that size did make a difference. Yes, you lost some amenities but it had the nicest PG in the fleet IMO and smartest laid out cabins. Each to their own, but having sailed on S & R ships, Vistas, Signature, I can say honestly, for us, there was a difference. We’ll have to adjust now
  15. Wouldn’t that be fabulous? We can dream, can’t we 😉
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