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  1. There is a little notification but there is no sound (ie. like bell or the sound you hear on your phone or iPad) to let you know they messaged you so you need to check.
  2. I hope Colonel Mustard can let us know what happens with the Noordam’s drydock 😉 It would be wonderful if her library on Deck 3 is kept - totally selfish on my part as we will be on her next year. 😄 😂
  3. Not that I could see - Roll calls are not on this board. You need to go to the Veendam Roll calls and start it there. Here is the link https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/232-veendam-roll-calls/ Just do what you did here - start a new thread with the date of your cruise and you will have your roll call started.
  4. Glad to hear you had an enjoyable experience and cruise 😄. Thanks for sharing. Value is different things to different people. We don’t all get value from the same things. And CO is not $50 pp on the Eurodam 😉. Ore-e2e-gun enjoyed it and from their reporting had a good experience. So, if they enjoyed their cruise and this was part of the reason then it had value for them 😉
  5. Glad you got it worked out 🙂 If you get a wireless wifi printer (also may be called an air printer) you do not need to plug in to print. Mine all work with my laptop and ipads.
  6. I had that problem a couple of years ago and discovered that good old IE (Internet Explorer) worked. It's worth a try. I later discovered that all of them had downloaded and were in my downloads - sheesh. So, you might want to check your downloads in case the same thing happened to you, and if they are there, you can print from that.
  7. We keep our cabin tidy as others have said. I don’t clean, normally. IF I saw something that really bothered me I’d just take a damp wash cloth that had been wet with hot water and wash it down. So far, that hasn’t happened 😉
  8. We’ve had this happen several times. Twice pre-cruise and the others on the ship. All of the reasons by HAL were “operational” or “improve the passenger experience”. One of the pre-cruise changes was due to the political situation in a country (good move by HAL) and the other 3 were weather related. Really bad weather in the South Pacific so ports were switched up so that the Westerdam could safely load supplies and we would hopefully be able to get to a couple of the islands. The others were due to tides (Bristol) which would have limited our visit and silt in the river (Seville) preventing the Prinsendam from sailing up to Seville. It is a shame that HAL uses “operational” reasons in their messages about itinerary changes. If they were to simply state the issue, I suspect most passengers would understand and appreciate the changes.
  9. Cellar Master dinners (Specialty dinners) do not normally apply for the Mariner’s discount. To your question, no - the dinners we had problems getting our discounts for was Sel de Mer. That was a couple of cruises ago. On our most recent cruise it was applied correctly as the issue had been addressed by HAL’s Mariner Society and, we have been since been compensated for the loss on our Sel de Mer dinners on that cruise.
  10. That is interesting Ann. I took my new Ipad and my old one last time for DH to try to watch soccer (lost cause most times) but navigator worked on both back them. Now that you say that - my new Ipad is at a 12 update and my old one is still at 10.3 and not showing any updates needed to be installed. Wonder if Apple is deliberately not sending updates to the older ones? Hmmm.
  11. Roll call friends have done this Roy. They contacted HAL and got formal confirmation of the arrangements. (I know you know they need to make sure appropriate customs/immigration procedures are in place) There can be charges levied IF needed customs/immigration isn’t in place at the port. It doesn’t happen often but it is good to make sure you have all your arrangements done early. They then brought the letter on board and presented it to Guest Services on embarkation day to make sure the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed. They kept a copy of the letter, of course 😉 It worked well for them.
  12. Brain surgery (and congrats on your successful one) is part of medicinal help. It’s not an enjoyable experience by any means and comparing it to a cruise is like comparing apples to lemons (forget oranges 😉 ) Cruising on the other hand is supposed to be enjoyable and if one hasn’t the appreciation for it nor listened to passengers then you don’t “get” it. I know OA wasn’t happy when he was on the Prinsendam (I forget if it was a whole day, 2 or 3) and heard from the fans who were willing to pay (and did) a lot more than any other HAL cruise.
  13. It’s pretty accurate in my experience. Sometimes tables of 2 are turned into 4 tops with request, etc. And sometimes there are more large tables - again, because of demand in fixed dining. But the layout is basically the same and if you requested a table for 2 (for example) then it is likely correct. Tables for 2 aren’t changed that much as they are usually in fairly high demand. I requested tables based on the plans and they were exactly where they should be. Great service, too 🙂
  14. Transatlantics are kind of a different kettle of fish. They can often go on sale to fill the ship and on the other hand be sold out. I’ve been on 2 that were sold out long before final payment and on others where the insides and OV’s got very decreased pricing.
  15. Whenever I purchase anything on line on the HAL site, I always get a confirming email. You most likely have one in your spam or junk folder. FYI - Any of your purchases also show on “my itinerary” on the HAL site which is available to you when you log in. For things used all cruise (ie internet) they will show on embarkation day and it does show who the purchased internet is for as does the email.
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