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  1. Longest we have done is 33 days with stays pre and post cruise. We were NOT anxious to get off the ship and could have stayed on for another segment or two, easily 😉. Alas, we have dogs that can’t be left too long even though they do love their vacation home. Sea days were lots of fun with a great roll call and great companions 🙂
  2. Yikes, Dam autocorrect 😡 It is you despite the dam autocorrect error. Glad to here things have improved. 👍
  3. Thanks! The pollen is already fallen but at least the deck was dry when it did 😉
  4. I know. I’ve been reluctant to remove people with ongoing issue until we hear that everything is a.o.k. And I can then happily move them to the Celebratory / Shout Out list.
  5. Nice video and pics! Thank you 🙂
  6. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 What an interesting collection of days! DH is a bit of a pack rat. I’m working on him 😉 Happy Shavuot to all who celebrate! Not following that quote’s recommendation, sorry. Hopefully it will be too hot for pot roast today & I have left over chicken I have to do something with! Another quick post to get the lists up as I have to run out for more stain and paint before the guys arrive. Picked up the dogs yesterday as the floor of the deck is now safe. My deck has never been
  7. Me too 😉. And we’ll go on it whether ours is cancelled or not (or if Canada doesn’t lift the travel warning). Great minds think alike 😉
  8. Umm Oceania offers smoking in a room outside of Horizons (O’s equivalent of the Crow’s Nest on HAL). The door is open and the smell can waft so make sure you are entering from the other side of the Horizons if the smell bothers you. I do think the inside area is fair and it seemed the officers used it a lot 😉 so I guess that’s where it is where it is.
  9. It will definitely be a wait and see. I can honestly tell you that none of the 3 of us in our party were thrilled with our room assignments. Especially after we took the time to carefully choose and then got assigned the last cabins I would book. I was lucky as openings happened and was able to change mine. Just the same if the cruise goes, it will be a good one 🤞
  10. @Horizon chaser 1957you are very artistic - not just in the work but the way you display it 🙂. Beautiful!
  11. I’m glad it wasn’t a blood clot. I hope they can get to the bottom of it and glad you are feeling a bit better today.
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