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  1. I know you have full sarcasm meant, but yes, if you have some bingo buddies, it can be fun and quite exciting when someone next to you wins the cruise. I am happy to win the minor prizes 😉 Hey, it’s the only time I play. Quite civilized with a Caesar or a glass of wine 😉 I hear you. We all choose where to spend our money 😉 For me, it’s fun and it’s the only place on the ship where I am lucky 😉 I hope I didn’t just jinx myself 🤣
  2. We’ve always had the menus delivered for the evening meal in the MDR - they are left that morning after the room has been attended to by the stewards. This may be changing with the Navigator app, but it was still the case on our last two cruises and the Navigator was working and in play at the time.
  3. Very nice! Happy to add it for you and I hope you enjoy your first HAL cruise 😄 I can’t blame you a bit for getting away and escaping the snow and cold. 😉 and, of course I will get this added for you 🙂 Is this an Eastern/Western Caribbean or a different itinerary, please?
  4. I sincerely doubt that. Surely when Kirk called he would have been assured that was the case? I can’t see HAL doing that honestly although I would love it if they did. But if that’s what they are doing it should be explained in the menu or notice on the LIdo so people know. JMO. Rare/raw/pink chicken sends off worries in anyone’s mind so if it’s truly safe then it should be clear.
  5. Absolutely the detergent is provided. The only thing you will need (if you like to use them) are dryer sheets. I don’t know what the future holds but because Maasdam does the special “Exploration” cruises which are longer, I would guess the self serve laundry will remain as it has on the Amsterdam. Just a guess, though.
  6. Happy to add it for you 🙂 Hope you enjoy your 1st HAL cruise and have a great 17th anniversary celebration on board 😄
  7. Neptune Suites also have complimentary laundry, pressing and dry cleaning.
  8. Happy to add it for you 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful Boxing Day birthday on board 😄
  9. I would never expect to use U.S. $ in Asia or many other countries. From what I have read here - https://www.thechinaguide.com/blog/chinese-currency the local currency is no problem. I would recommend you visit the Asia port boards and post the same question there. The odds are you will get more responses from those familiar and perhaps you may find some posts. I have been there pretty recently and didn’t see any alerts to your BIL’s situation he is relating but things can change quickly in any country.
  10. Neptune Suites are automatically Club Orange. No biggie IMO since you have most of the benefits already so I all I see is an extra entree offering at dinner. Noordam does not currently have a special area for Club Orange. Neptune Suites still have breakfast in the Pinnacle (thank heavens).
  11. Anyone with a future cruise booked that would like to receive a Bon Voyage? Just post your details here and I am happy to add you 😄
  12. Lots of great cruises for this one! Everyone has wisely decided to head to warm weather. We hope they enjoy every minute of that wonderful sunshine and, of course, we wish them safe travels, fair winds and smooth seas. Bon Voyage to Nieuw Statendam - 7 day Tropical Caribbean: HELENPSL - enjoy your annual Thanksgiving cruise with Angelo Bon Voyage to Nieuw Statendam - 14 day Tropical/Eastern Caribbean: oldpharmguy Bon Voyage to Koningsdam - 10 night Southern Caribbean Seafarer: wdw 1972 trub -hope your wife likes her birthday treat again, B2B following N Statendam Nov. 17 Bon Voyage to Crystal Serenity - 7 night Caribbean Cornucopia from Miami: rafinmd - B2B2B following QM2 Oct. 18th, Crystal Bach Oct. 27th & Crystal Serenity Nov. 5th Bon Voyage everyone !!!!!! Have a great cruise and a WONDERFUL time !!!!!!
  13. Wow, sounds like a real mess 😞 No wonder you got off early. So sorry to hear about your disappointing experiences.
  14. Interesting. We are usually mid ship (so not close to the kitchen) and it seemed like we were one of the first served. They were at our door at the beginning of the half hour we chose. Our food was always piping hot. They do a good job on room service IMO. We don’t use it a lot but when we do, we are always pleased with the service and heat of the food. 😉
  15. They used to extend the benefits if the 4/5* Mariner was paying/hosting the table but that doesn’t seem to be the case now on some ships (and probably will be fleetwide eventually). The * perks are technically only for the Mariners that hold them (someone in the cabin with a higher star Mariner automatically has their level for perks) and not meant to be shared although it has been allowed.
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