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  1. Thanks for the review. Much appreciated 👍
  2. Cute - I had to pause it as Miko came running to check it out 😉
  3. My experience is that anything laundered is pretty much pressed. The only thing we have sent out for “pressing only” (now wash/dry clean) is DH’s jacket. I just marked pressing only and circled and in the comment section of the form marked “circled item - jacket - is for pressing only - thank you”. I had no problem
  4. Thank you for confirming. 👍 So, things seem unchanged since B.C. (Before Covid). When I had Explore4 I encountered the same credit treatment for my Mariner days. Much appreciated from you 🙂
  5. I think so - you might not be able to close it though. See what someone says who has more recent experience.
  6. Best wishes for our procedures & consult, Roy 🙏🏻 Happy Birthday @kb4683 Hope it is a great one!
  7. If you go here - https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/suites-staterooms.html You can see a listing of all of the Neptune Suite amenities. Yes, you can use the tote bag for HMC or wherever you choose. PInnacle Grill menu is similar to the dining room, however the coffee is much better, oj is fresh (at no cost) & mimoosas should be available. If you are on a Pinnacle Class ship you will be having breakfast in Club Orange. Note - my experience is B.C. (Before Covid). Neptune Lounge has a lovely coffee maker, snacks, fresh oj, etc.
  8. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our Tuesday smile 🙂 Great collection of days! Love Howl at the Moon day to make us all more aware of wolves. Love the quote by Johnny. Meal suggestion sounds good and the wine sounds very interesting (white - yay 😉 ) Hope all our CC friends in the North East parts being affected by the Nor’Easter stay safe (no snow, heavy rain, high winds and high waves). The “port” of the day - Cockburn channel is scenic cruising. It’s fantastic - part of the route that connects the Strait of Magellan to the Beagle Channel in Chile. On both sides is the Alberto de Agostini National Park. Absolutely stunning. Prayers for everyone on the Care list & those that need them and 🥂 to those on the Celebratory / Shout Out list. Have a great Tuesday everyone !!!!!! Stay safe & please don’t forget your 😷
  9. Wow! Good for the great grand mother ♥️. Nice to hear they are all together and prayers that everyone is ok 🙏🏻. So nice they are all together and she is taking this on. I am impressed. I feel your pain but that is the way it is here too except a 2nd test at 7 days I think? I haven’t had one so I could be in error. Hang in there. I’m sorry to hear this. Hope it’s just a delay and not a problem 🙏🏻
  10. I didn’t find it puzzling at all since he was trying to do something nice for his cabin stewards. I thought it was a lovely gesture and have made note for the future 😉. There are times we have time to do these things and why not??? I thought it was really nice, too 👍. Kudos to him for doing it 🙂
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