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  1. I was sure I read a post that it was offered on a Vista ship. People were sent to a special section in the MDR. I’ll see if I can find it in my spare time 😉
  2. Hi Randy, Nice to see that you have a cruise booked after that long wait and even better for Carey. Happy to addi tt for such a long time HAL poster 🙂 Hope you both enjoy the break 🙂
  3. Ok, I’ll dive in. No jeans on Gala night. A nice pair of dress pants or nice pants will more than do the trick. I’m not a fan of khakis, but each to their own 😉 If you need to save room for that one pair of pants, you don’t have to wear a sports jacket. Just a nice collared shirt and a nice pair of pants. (So not hard to follow the minimum standard for the dress code). In my part of the world, jeans (and yes I wear a very nice pair of black jeans on my plane flights in biz class) are not considered ‘dressy’. of course, they work in the Lido or the Canaletto if you prefer that venue 😉
  4. Alaska is calling to puli and who can blame them for being drawn to it? So many sights, scenery and sightings await them. We hope puli enjoys every moment of the cruise and of course, we wish our CC friends safe travels, fair winds and smooth seas. Bon Voyage to Amsterdam - 14 day Great Alaskan Explorer: puli Bon Voyage puli !!!!!! Have a great cruise and a WONDERFUL time !!!!!!
  5. Totally agree with the others, but now I’m curious to see this You Tube video. Could you share the link, please?
  6. If you go to “make a payment” the OBC’s show there if my memory is correct. You don’t need to make a payment to see the OBC’s 😉
  7. Our FCC Annette on the Prinsendam (who is one of the FCC’s I have respect for) told me the same thing. It’s a bonus and there is no price difference. short term thing. My TA confirmed it. So, for once it seems like we both might have a deal. Time will tell after Explore4 comes on and off but so far, I haven’t seen a drop either after it went off. Enjoy your time on the Rotterdam. Hope you have the same fantastic crew we did 😄
  8. Everyone has to do their own math and you are wise to do it. I’ve only had SBP once (I dropped it other times for better pricing or upgrades) and it was definitely nice to have the luxury of not worrying about ordering a drink BUT the wine choices for me are not good enough for dinner. We still ordered wine at dinner. Our wine steward was shocked. LOL. We do longer cruises - on a port intensive cruise it has little value IMO but on a TA or any cruise with a lot of sea days it can be worthwhile. It all comes down to math, what you like, etc.
  9. Thanks for the correction. I considered it like Explore4 as it was basically the same except maybe ( ?) for the OBC for suites.
  10. Flying to Canada, you still need to go through passport control, security, etc. Air Canada recommends a 2 hour check in so theoretically you should be ok. Me? I’d rather be there earlier and have it done. You’re biz class - you can go to the lounge. If a private transfer is the same price as a HAL transfer, I’d do the private in a nano second. It’s not hard to arrange before you go. It’s a much nicer ride and prompter than on the bus. JMO though.
  11. Two words - Orlando Ashford. He’d rather build ships with no worthy promenade deck 😉 smaller cabins, etc. 😉
  12. Worth checking the price now and when (if) Explore4 comes out. that way, you can do your math easily 😉. Of course, you can also ask for pricing with and without. The Explore4 offered earlier was a true promo it seems as the price was no different if you didn’t take it (unless you wanted the non refundable cruise option - I asked.) So, it will be interesting to see what happens when it comes out.
  13. so, you did not sail her when she was the Prinsendam nor pay the pricing Nope, there is no need for this. You can take me at my word as someone who has sailed her a LOT or not. This sounds good in theory but the Prinsendam didn’t sail the same routes as Crystal and Oceania. Oceania’s itineraries are pretty ‘standard’. Most of Prinsendam’s were not. That’s part of what made her special. Nothing like being greeted in open arms as the first cruise ship to visit a port ever or the first cruise ship in 30 years to visit. She sailed to a lot of ports that the others didn’t go to and yes, that carries a cost and yes, a number of us were willing to pay for it.
  14. Just to add to Cruiser Bruce’s post - if you have booked directly with HAL or a PCC you will see all your OBC’s including your CCL credit - you can tell by the amount. If you use a TA, they should send you a confirmation. I ask for a confirming email and just take that on the cruise with me in case.
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