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  1. It's likely that the regulations will change again before then.
  2. Lovely photograph. We've got a week off work now, we're hoping to get our house in Pembrokeshire ready for professional photos and go live for bookings next week. We might even get chance to enjoy the area ! Indoor dining is reopening on Monday, just as well, the last few weeks haven't been great for outdoor hospitality. Lots of wind/rain or both. Mr HH has to come back on Tuesday for his second Covid vaccination !
  3. These are CDC regulations so don't affect Cunard sailings for the moment.
  4. Thank you for all the beautiful photographs so far. I hope your surgery goes well and I look forward to seeing you posting again soon.
  5. Sorry to hear about your Ocado experience, I got quite a lot of mine for free this week after a carton of milk was crushed and leaked over the rest of the box. Quick wipe down and most of it was fine. The weather is very wet here, Biggles has just come in soaking wet and behaving like a cat that's lost something ! We live in a small village so we had no trouble voting but there were reports of people queuing for over an hour in the nearest town. Our constituency was the last to be declared after 10 last night.
  6. I thought so too, it was always likely to be a very small list initially. There is lots of time for things to change between now and September. Cunard has made lots of changes since last February, there may be more on the way.
  7. Bless, hope he's OK. We've had a couple of very heavy hail showers today, it's still cool for the time of year.
  8. And we're talking about these, visors are not a suitable alternative to masks.
  9. I might have lived here for 30 years but I still can't pronounce place names, Machynlleth and Llanelli are particularly tricky ! I'm guessing this was a sail by not an actual port of call 😂
  10. It's a Bank Holiday here and we have typical Bank Holiday weather, wet and windy. We managed an outside drink at the pub across the road yesterday, I'm afraid today has been a wash out for them. Gyms are re-opening here today, another step on the road to normality.
  11. There are lots of masks that tie around the head rather than over the ears. We'll just have to wait and see what Cunard's guidance is for future sailings.
  12. But of course the virus is still around and causing devastation in other parts of the world. Our news is reporting on the terrible situation in India. Mr HH has been called back into work this evening so no drinks outside the pub for us.
  13. It's another sunny day and hospitality venues can open for outside service in Wales today. Happy days !
  14. Cunard have a few but they tend to sell out very quickly.
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