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  1. I'm attending a conference this week, the majority of delegates are in Liverpool but I'm watching from my own living room. Biggles seemed interested in Collective Bargaining yesterday ! It's been very mild for October but temperatures are forecast to drop later in the week.
  2. A belated welcome home and thank you for sharing your trip with us. It was great to hear about Queen Elizabeth's first foreign cruise since restarting operation.
  3. They made me very hungry, thank you very much for posting them.
  4. Unfortunately being double jabbed and having a negative test prior to boarding is no guarantee of a Covid free environment. Passengers have been off loaded into quarantine from several ships recently.
  5. Cunard have now corrected the answer on their Facebook page
  6. Have you asked on your roll call ? Queen Elizabeth is making her first foreign port of call so the only people who have had to complete PLFs are onboard now.
  7. We haven't, there are plenty of answers on your other thread https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2807332-suite-breakfast-question/?tab=comments#comment-61989828
  8. Thanks for another great update, I hope you're enjoying Amsterdam.
  9. 😂 they seem to be the right way round on the UK site. I've been working from home today for the first time in a few months, it was nice for a change !
  10. Details as reported by the BBC here - Covid: US to lift travel ban for fully jabbed on 8 November
  11. Great report and photos, thanks very much for posting.
  12. Thanks for reporting back, it's good to hear how things are onboard.
  13. Congratulations on your booking and your anniversary. If there's no roll call yet, you can start one here. Queen Elizabeth Roll Calls
  14. Have a great time, I look forward to hearing about your trip.
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