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  1. It's good to see some progress on this thread. Just a quick reminder, please don't include the name of your Travel Agent in your posts. Thanks for your assistance.
  2. I'm not sure anyone here can answer that definitively. I'll take an educated guess and say it's unlikely (but not impossible). Quarantine is being introduced on June 8th and will be reviewed every 3 weeks so things may change again before August.
  3. @Photo Andy thanks for the information about your car servicing experience. Mine is telling me her first service is due soon, she's quite polite at the moment but I suspect the serious nagging will start in a few hundred miles !
  4. Another cool day here, I seemed to have more visitors in the office today, including a group of 4 moving into the room opposite. I'm not particularly impressed at having to share corridor space and kitchen facilities, at least they're all men so I've still got the toilet to myself ! Our furlough rules have been changed so that everyone has to have been furloughed by June 10th or they can't be furloughed at all. It was a late addition to the rules so there's been a change of arrangements for some of my colleagues. I hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying the relaxation of lockdown where it's happening. @Colin_Cameron love the thought of the deer eating plants !
  5. Very impressive @bluemarble, it's been our first wet day here for a while. We're just getting ready to watch the latest "National Theatre Live" production "This House".
  6. We had a similar question recently, this thread might help
  7. Happy Anniversary @Camgirl, I hope you have a lovely day.
  8. That sounds very scary @vettprincess, stay safe, I hope things calm down soon in Minnesota and elsewhere.
  9. It's another beautiful day in South Wales, our lockdown rules have changed slightly. From Monday the message is Stay Local rather than Stay Home. We will be allowed to meet people from another household outdoors but only within 5 miles of home. The last bit has caused some consternation but I understand the logic of trying to contain cases. I'm not sure we'll be doing anything different immediately but most of our local friends and some of Mr HH's family live within 5 miles so there's progress.
  10. Happy Thursday everyone, I went to my first in person meeting since mid-March. It was quite a big room but I didn't feel entirely comfortable sharing it with 9 other people. It's been another warm (for Wales) day here and we're expecting some news about a relaxation of our lockdown tomorrow. We're still a bit behind England. I had paid the deposit for a cottage stay with friends in mid-August, they're not asking for payment yet but as the person who booked it is based in England, they will want final payment once English rules allow holiday cottage stays. As we're all from different households in England, Wales and Belgium it could get messy !
  11. In pre-Covid-19 days there was no need to leave the ship in Southampton. I have no idea what the new procedure will be.
  12. It depends where your turnaround port is. In the USA you have to disembark, in Europe you usually don't.
  13. Still no news on when the lockdown will be lifted in Wales, we've had a lovely couple of days, today was due to be cloudy but has turned out to be lovely so far. The port was well received, I was amused that Mr HH has been the one to go out shopping and I got a bottle of chocolate wine out of one of our cupboards ! He's doing something up a ladder at the moment but once that's finished we'll be opening the champagne.🍾
  14. Unfortunately the guidelines of this board do not allow the posting of PCS or Travel Agent details. Thanks for your assistance.
  15. We sailed from Rome to Venice, gorgeous weather and much quieter than Summer
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