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  1. You're not missing anything, we have no idea if these cruises will actually go ahead and if they do, what conditions will be like, it's a total leap in the dark. I'd expect to be able to transfer the deposits as per the standard booking conditions.
  2. Good spot, here's the full version
  3. It was on Deck 3 when this was taken in September 2008.
  4. For bonus points which deck and staircase ?
  5. Great choice @BigMac1953 ! @Kynance still showing Early and Late
  6. I was tempted by that itinerary, we have cruised at that time of year quite a few times. I'm not sure when her last refit was but we were onboard last September and she seemed in good shape.
  7. Thanks, I'm sure we'll have a great time wherever we spend it. I didn't have anything booked this year and I am fully aware that this might not go ahead.
  8. This might be more difficult (or not), I don't think we've had this port before.
  9. I booked 18th May, nice itinerary and it includes our Wedding anniversary.
  10. That's a great price, I hope you enjoy it.
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