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  1. I just checked the voyage details page for a voyage on the Cunard US website to check fares there and noticed this banner at the top of the page for the first time. If you would like to use your Future Cruise Credit (FCC) you may have on your account with us towards your cruise fare, please continue to the guest details page to enter in your Cunard World Club Member ID. Find out more about booking online using FCCs here. So, it sounds like Cunard is going to let us see our FCC amounts and apply them to a future booking made online via their website. Unfortunately for my test, it didn't show me any FCC amounts when I went through the booking process up to the payment options page after supplying our Cunard World Club numbers where requested on the guest information pages. We were booked on a June 2020 voyage that was part of the most recent round of cancellations announced April 23rd. Maybe they haven't applied the FCC amounts for that canceled voyage to our account yet (or maybe this functionality isn't working yet). When I pop on over to the Cunard UK site, I notice it mentions your FCC will be applied to your final booking summary page if you have logged in to your Cunard account. We in the US don't have the ability to create a Cunard account to log into yet, so that doesn't apply to us. But we do have the ability to enter our Cunard World Club numbers on the guest information pages of the booking process. Is anyone that is supposed to have FCC amounts on your Cunard account brave enough to try the booking process on the Cunard website and see if your FCC amounts are showing up for you on the final booking summary page where it asks you to select your payment option?
  2. I found another youtube video showing the seven cruise ships at Weymouth from a couple days ago. It's on the channel for a UK site called "Cruise Capital" that I was not aware of before. I wasn't sure if Cruise Capital might be considered a competing site to Cruise Critic since it says it's "a source for cruise news, reviews and, images." I sent an e-mail to "help@cruisecritic.com" asking about it and have received a reply stating it's fine to post the link to their video on this forum. So, here goes. This video mentions QV in its subtitle and includes a few close-ups of QV.
  3. Ah, I see now. Dover apparently was just an indication of an intermediate point on QV's route. QV turned around a few hours ago after sailing east about as far as Dover and is now heading back west showing Portland as her destination.
  4. That's interesting. QV left Weymouth about four hours ago and is showing Dover for her destination with an estimated arrival time of 18:30 (May 26th). Not sure why she would be heading to Dover. It's not like she needs to meet up with any of the P&O ships that have been laying up there on occasion since they were all just together in Weymouth.
  5. Here's a shot from QE's webcam from about an hour ago which I thought was interesting showing Quantum of the Seas and some of the Manila skyline around sunrise. By the way, Royal Princess is on her way back to Manila. I suppose reporting "Int. Waters" for a destination is a way of saying "going out to sea for operational reasons" rather than keeping the destination "Manila" which has been the usual procedure for the cruise ships there.
  6. The deck plans can indeed be viewed on the Cunard US website as Jack has indicated. One limitation with that however is there is no color key provided there to tell you what the specific cabin categories are for the cabins as shown on those deck plans. The "Discover more" pages on the Cunard website for QE and QM2 provide links to download the deck plans in pdf format to solve that problem for those two ships. And the page for QV on the Cunard UK website provides a link to download the deck plans for QV there. But for over a year now, the link to download the full QV deck plans in pdf format has been missing from the Cunard US website. That's one of my pet peeves with the US website and one which I have reported several times via the "Feedback" function, apparently to no avail. To address that issue, I provided the link to download the QV deck plans in my first post above.
  7. We've had cabins near the lifts on several occasions and have had no issues with noise. The only noise issues like that we've had is with cabins directly across from crew access doors. Some slamming of doors in that case, although that usually doesn't happen during the nighttime, but can be disturbing for late sleepers in the morning.
  8. Thanks for the link to that youtube video, Pennbank. The title of the video, "7 P&O Cruise Ships in Weymouth Bay", isn't quite right of course since QV isn't a P&O ship. But I still enjoyed that video showing the gathering of seven cruise ships in Weymouth Bay even though it only zooms in for close-ups of several of the P&O ships, not QV. I was hoping someone would post a video like that on youtube.
  9. Since my last post, Diamond Princess, Pacific Princess, Maasdam, Noordam, and Westerdam all entered Manila Bay and took up positions within the anchorage. But since there have always been several of the 28 cruise ships in the area temporarily out to sea for operational reasons, there haven't been more than the previous high of 25 cruise ships actually anchored/docked within Manila Bay at any one time. For that reason, I haven't posted any further port diagrams showing how many cruise ships are in Manila Bay. Now this evening, it looks like two cruise ships may have left Manila for good. Voyager of the Seas is on her way to Singapore while Royal Princess departed just before noon showing "Int. Waters" for her destination. Of course of the most interest to this forum is what QE's plans are. Will continue to keep an eye on her movements. Unless someone finds a tip elsewhere (perhaps in a social media post), we may not know until QE departs Manila showing a destination other than "Manila Anchorage".
  10. To follow up on my previous post, I see there is something funky going on with how the Cunard US website is displaying the QV deck plans during the booking process for some of the sections on deck 4. For example, here's what I'm seeing for the deck plan when I request a Britannia Balcony cabin in the Forward section of Deck 4 on QV. This is pretty clearly a glitch with the Cunard US website, so don't be too perplexed if you run into something like this when you are trying to choose a cabin. As other regulars on this forum can attest, the Cunard websites are not exactly bug free.
  11. First of all, here's a link to the full deck plans for Queen Victoria in pdf format. The link to it disappeared from the Cunard US website some time ago. https://www.cunard.com/content/dam/cunard/inventory-assets/ships/QV/9/qv-deck-plans-2019.pdf When going through the booking process on the Cunard website, you can see individual sections of the deck plans showing cabin availability for that specific section. After selecting the category of cabin you want (Britannia Balcony, for example), Cunard will automatically pick a cabin for you which will be indicated in the "Your room" section of the "Your voyage summary" page. You should see a link there to "Change your room". Once you've selected "Change your room", you'll be taken to a "Room selector" page where you can then choose a specific section (Aft, Mid-Aft, Mid, Mid-Forward, or Forward) and a specific deck. At that point, you should see the deck plan for that particular section and deck showing which cabins are available for your selected cabin category. For example, here is the portion of the deck plan I'm seeing during the booking process for your voyage (V126) when I request a Britannia Balcony cabin Forward on Deck 8. One thing to be aware of is that the Cunard website will show a maximum of 10 available cabins for any particular section and deck. That's the case in this example. There may be other available cabins which you can check using the "Search for a specific room by number" function on the "Room selector" page. Hope this helps. I'll be glad to try and help further if I can.
  12. It ought to be an especially good day for ship spotters in Weymouth today. I think this may be the first time there have been as many as seven cruise ships at the anchorage since the shutdown, if ever. We almost had that many at the same time last week but Ventura left shortly before Britannia arrived on that occasion. For the record, here are the seven cruise ships at Weymouth/Portland Anchorage now. Queen Victoria Aurora Britannia Arcadia Azura Ventura Oceana
  13. As QV is on her way back to Portland in the morning (and QM2 sailed past Portland on Saturday), I thought it might be interesting to note that there are no cruise ships in Southampton tonight following Silver Cloud's departure Saturday evening. I think this is the first time since sometime in March that that's been the case. One could almost imagine things were back to normal where it would be somewhat unusual to see a cruise ship docked overnight in Southampton. But the illusion won't last long as Silver Spirit is due to arrive in the morning for a stay at the QEII Terminal until June 4th.
  14. For those keeping score, I think we may have reached the maximum number of cruise ships we're going to see at any one time in and around Manila at 28. Diamond Princess arrived around noon yesterday joining the other three cruise ships to the west of Manila (Pacific Princess, Maasdam and Westerdam). So, yesterday afternoon we had 24 cruise ships (including QE) within Manila Bay and four new cruise ships in a holding pattern about 90 NM west of Manila for a total of 28 cruise ships. Now this morning, Noordam has arrived to make it five cruise ships in that holding pattern to the west of Manila. But Carnival Splendor departed Manila for Singapore last evening. So, today the total remains 28 cruise ships in the vicinity of Manila. I'm not seeing indications of other cruise ships reporting Manila as their destination at the moment. One caveat for today's count. I can't tell for sure what Eurodam is up to. She's out to sea and reporting that she'll be back to Manila at 16:00 tomorrow. But she's sailed pretty far west as if she just might be leaving Manila for good. Time will tell.
  15. It looks like QM2 is at the Nab Anchorage this time. Since she departed Southampton this afternoon, she's been reporting Southampton as her destination, arriving back tomorrow morning at 06:00. But the Southampton VTS cruise ship schedule isn't showing her returning to Southampton until May 29th.
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