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  1. Yes, I took that photo on board Queen Victoria. Now where would you find it on QV? Or perhaps I should say where would you have found it on QV? Some post-2017 refit photos I'm seeing indicate this has been replaced. I took my photo on QV in 2009.
  2. That's correct. As far as I can tell, that scene exactly six years ago today shows the last time QM2 has docked at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal.
  3. Lanky Lad's photo of QE2 in Manhattan yesterday is a perfect segue into this post of mine. I had been planning to post this today since it was captured exactly six years ago today. This is obviously the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, so no need to answer what port this is. But try to answer this question instead. What is significant (for the Cunard ship) about this scene from the "PortNYWebcam.com" webcam on September 27, 2014?
  4. And the dark bar surface narrows it down to the Chart Room on QM2.
  5. That's the Chart Room menu. That narrows it down to QV or QM2.
  6. This looks like QE2's at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal in New York.
  7. Ah yes, I have a very similar photo from a cruise on another line. Will leave that one for someone else to identify.
  8. I'm getting a match to Trieste, Italy for this one. I've also found that the originally planned QV voyage from Venice to Fort Lauderdale (and beyond) in November 2011 was changed to depart from Trieste instead. So, I'm going with Trieste, Italy for this one.
  9. I don't think we have identified this one from @ExArkie yet either. There ought to be enough here to figure this one out, but I'm stumped. Perhaps another hint is needed for this one as well?
  10. Yes it is the Cruise Center HafenCity in Hamburg. We've previously seen Steinwerder and Altona on this thread. Now HafenCity completes the set.
  11. Today I'm offering another image from my webcam collection. We've seen this port before but not this particular part of that port. Please identify both the port and the specific cruise terminal where QM2 is located in this webcam image.
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