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  1. Did it the easy way. I asked DD who is a web developer and she pressed a couple of buttons and hey presto it's saved!! Haven't a clue what she did but who cares 🤣🤣
  2. A thread posted here about Southampton hotels might prove useful at some point in the future so is there a way of saving the thread so that I can find it again?
  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Suspect you will be stopped by lots of people complimenting you on your clothes.
  4. Okay, there are a number of threads about things other people have done, said, etc but what have YOU done that makes you still cringe with embarrassment? On a ship excursion to the Elephant Park in Bali DH and I were sitting at the rear of the coach and, as usual, there were a couple of stops on the way. Inevitably the coach was always waiting for stragglers and like others 'our little clique' were tutting very loudly as they boarded. We arrived at the Park and it was amazing but (and you know what's coming next) after a while I glanced at my watch and to my horror realised that we should have been boarding the bus! So we ran like two demented idiots, arrived at the coach with the guide pointedly looking at his watch, and boarded to a chorus of tutting and shaking of heads. Never has a walk to the rear of a coach taken so long!! We did humbly apologise, but after that I've always made sure we are back at the coach in good time.
  5. Thank God for that. Some of us cruisers can neither swim and/or are frightened of water!!!!
  6. I swear your jokes are getting worse!!! I'm beginning to think that we need a 'groan' button adding to the site 😉
  7. I am prepared to admit that in my naivety I assumed cruises to South America had a very short season of about 3 months, I now realise I was wrong so: When would you say is the best time to cruise and does the timescale change if we were to add on a 'cruise by' of Antarctica? Thanks in advance
  8. As reported in the UK press this morning. I will make no further comment on such an awful tragedy. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/family-of-toddler-who-fell-150ft-to-her-death-from-royal-caribbean-ship-share-photo-of-the-open-window-she-fell-through-after-being-propped-up-against-it-by-her-grandfather-as-they-blame-cruise-liner-for-her-death/ar-AAE5v45?ocid=spartandhp
  9. Thanks everyone (I think!) for your comments. As I said DH is very new to the injecting of insulin and neither of us is sure how best to handle it. It's been something of a learning curve.
  10. So he should inject himself in a public toilet where hygiene could possibly be compromised? Is it not permissible for him to do it very discreetly at the table? He's not intending to make a song and dance about it ie, Look at me, I'm a diabetic who injects himself. Do you want to watch?
  11. I'm from the UK and although I've been very fortunate to have done 2 land tours of Australia and 2 cruises, one of which went to New Zealand, we have always had to fly there and back. Horrendously long flights but we've usually included stopovers both ways. Hope you find what you are looking for. Australia is something special.
  12. He usually injects in the kitchen just as I'm dishing up. The problem is (and bear with us as this is new) that I think he's supposed to inject just before eating so on that basis if he did it before leaving the cabin it could be a little while before he actually started eating. I don't mean to hijack this thread and will probably ask for professional advice once we start cruising again. I was just curious if he would fall under the heading of an 'awful table mate!!!!
  13. Slightly tedious, but check on cruisetimetables.com to see which cruise lines do what you want and when and then 'hop over' to the relevant forum here and ask your questions.
  14. Did someone really complain about checking blood sugar and injecting insulin whilst at the table? I must have missed that. Could someone tell me what the protocol is if you have to do the above? DH has just started on insulin but we haven't cruised since then.
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