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  1. I'm glad you think it will go ahead. Quite frankly, I don't.
  2. Thanks. The balance for our October cruise is due in mid-June and we keep changing our minds as to what to do. The itinerary is repeated in September 2021 and one thought had been to transfer the booking to this one but just not sure. Its such a mess.
  3. Obviously I somehow missed this clause. Is this just for the length of the crisis? I did assume that even when we got back to normal the insurance companies would exclude cover for any potential flare up of the virus, etc. And what about our two weeks in Spain? Would we be unable to get any travel insurance?
  4. Have I missed something? I thought the don't cruise if you are over 70 was simply advice and not mandatory? Once this has cleared up DH and I fully intend to restart cruising. We are 75 and 71 respectively.
  5. Be honest. How many of you actually believe that you will be sailing in xxxxx days? Mine is in 186 days and I'm already resigned to the fact that it won't happen.
  6. Do you mean not covering their mouths and noses? I have a hiatus hernia and as a by-product of this I sometimes can have a prolonged coughing fit. I am not contagious and I cover my mouth but where would I fit in with your thoughts, well intentioned as they may be
  7. Slightly different question. What happens if we have FCC and the new cruise is cheaper than the original? Had just about decided that we would cancel our October cruise before we had to pay the balance, based partly on the fact that I thought they were not repeating the cruise, however they are. I think I must have missed it because it sails in September and I'd been looking purely in October!!! It's showing at the moment as quite substantially cheaper. So this now leads to another conundrum. Do we still wait until just before the balance is due, or should we think about transferring the booking now?
  8. Yes I have but I was just wondering if anyone had done the count for me!! Guess with being in partial lockdown I have enough time to do it myself. At least it'll be something to do to pass the time. 😀
  9. Princess still have ships out there, as does the British company Cruise and Maritime. What about the other major players ie NCL, MSC and Costa? Suspect there are far more out there than anyone realises
  10. Does anyone know exactly how many ships are still sailing/stuck? I know Cunard's ships are still making their way home, and some HAL ships are still out there (how many), but this morning realised other ships are still operative. Curious to know if they can be refused a berth anywhere and if this was to happen what about the passengers still on board?
  11. There were a number of reasons why we booked the cruise, apart from the itinerary Which appeals the deposit was only 5% and we were offered a nice amount of on board credit. We can just about stand the loss of the deposit but really dithering over whether or not to pay the balance. It's a substantial amount that Cunard will be sitting on for an unknown length of time. Still, there is three months before due date - who knows what the situation will be by then.
  12. I've just been reading some of the posts on the roll call and yes, it sounds grim. DH and I love Cunard, but if this is how they are treating people then we will be thinking long and hard as to whether we will sail with them again. BTW we are still holding onto a cruise in October, the balance of which is due mid-June but I think we will just cancel and forfeit the deposit. Didn't help that the cruise is not repeated next year anyway.
  13. Or does the writer have a point? Have the cruise lines behaved badly? https://slate.com/business/2020/03/cruise-industry-bailout-no-way.html
  14. For those British cruisers hoping for a refund in the form of cash, it's not going to happen https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/coronavirus/package-holiday-refund-rules-to-be-suspended/ar-BB11xNWV?ocid=spartanntp
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