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  1. Everyone else has gone out of business
  2. I hear you. DH and I are in the vulnerable and elderly risk group (funny, I never thought of myself as elderly until this all blew up) and although lockdown is easing here in the UK we are still being cautious when we venture out, which is mainly to do the shopping. However, you cannot wrap yourself in cottonwool and 'stop living'. We have merely transferred our October cruise to September 2021 and refuse to have negative thoughts about whether it (or we) will be able to travel. But (there's always a but!) I wouldn't want to be on the first sailing when cruising resumed. Not because I'm afraid (well maybe just a little bit), but because I would like to hear from those who have sailed what the experience was like. If the consensus of opinion is that it is awful and not likely to improve then perhaps we would think again about cruising. Pity really, especially if you don't like flying.
  3. Mega ship with no hesitation .
  4. If, when cruising restarts, there is only one cruise line operating and it is a line you've either sailed with before and vowed never again , or it's simply one you wouldn't normally consider, ie a mega ship, or a small old ship lacking amenities what would you do? Would you say, I'm cruising despite my doubts or would you say, my cruising days are over?
  5. I have to say that Lakesregion paints one of the most depressing pictures I have ever seen. Whilst I would expect that there will be changes, ie favourite restaurants and shops closed, I would have hoped that within a year some sort of 'normality' will have been restored. It may not be the New York we remember, but it's still New York. With a fair wind behind us we will be visiting twice (2 separate days) in September/October 2021 and we fully expect to have a great time.
  6. We couldn't resist the itinerary as apart from New York and Boston all the other ports are new to us. Coupled with UK and back on the QM2 , what more can we ask for ?
  7. Hopefully by September of next year we will have Covid-19 under control and cruising will have resumed. We are booked on a cruise which has a 3 nights stay in Quebec. Is it worth spending a day in Montreal and what would be the quickest way to get there? Or are there any other areas just beyond Quebec City we should be thinking of visiting? We will be there very early October.
  8. how long is the ferry journey from Red Hook to lower Manhattan please
  9. I'll watch it, if only to see how fair it will be or just another cruise industry bashing programme.
  10. Panic over. Spoken to our ta and as I hoped the credit note was a mistake. The reason we couldn't access our booking on Cunard's website was due to us having been given the wrong reference number. We have since received further documentation confirming our booking and we are now able to access it on the website. Mistakes like this are not good for the blood pressure!! We are so ready for a holiday......
  11. That's what I was thinking. Although I don't wear a long gown I've seen some women whose dresses just about scrape the floor. I would think dancing anything other than a slow waltz or similar might prove rather difficult.
  12. On formal nights can you change into something more casual if you are simply visiting the nightclub?
  13. And it was all going so well. On the 5th of June we spoke to our ta and transferred our October 2020 booking to the same sailing in September 2021. This was before the balance was due. Because the original booking was made with a special offer deposit we had to pay an extra amount which we did. Following on we then received new documentation showing the new date, etc and I'd even been on the Cunard website to check everything was fine. It was. Today we have received an ABTA Refund Credit Note to the amount of the new deposit. BUT we have also received further documentation showing us still booked on the September 2021 cruise. I've been on the Cunard website but there is now no trace of our booking! Has anyone else had this problem?
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