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  1. 304 days and feeling a little more optimistic. (providing the CDC drops its 7 days rule).
  2. If the CDC decision on the length of cruises in and out of US ports is still in place by the end of November 2021 a number of cruises (including mine!) will be impacted. We know that the QM2 can do the crossing in 5 or 6 days, so would it be a way round this decision? I realise that any schedule/itinerary would be thrown into disarray, but could it be done?
  3. babs135


    Hello and welcome to Cruise Critic. I would go back to the Carnival forum and ask this question. I would imagine that there will be UK cruisers there who can help.
  4. Cruise and Maritime Voyages did this and we all know what happened to them!!
  5. I don't have an iPhone and I don't want one.
  6. Is the CDC really trying to stop cruises with US ports sailing longer than 7 nights? I tried posting the link from the News Page here but for some reason I couldn't do it. (probably me!). If so, where does that leave Cunard? Apparently this is valid until November 2021. So, at the beginning of the week I was deliberating whether to transfer our 28 night cruise in September 2021 to an Alaskan cruise in 2022. Then news of a vaccine broke so we decided to wait until early in the new year before making a decision. And now this.......
  7. I think we will probably review the situation early in the new year whilst still keeping an eye on the Alaska trip. Maybe we can do both!!
  8. Interesting, within hours of my posting Pfizer announces a vaccine which appears to be 90% effective. Maybe my New England and Canada cruise will be possible after all. I really should have asked the question sooner then we would all be happy 🤣🤣
  9. I've written this thread so many times in my head but in a nutshell...We are booked on the QM2 no-fly cruise to New England and Canada for next September (transferred from this year) and much as we both really want to do this trip, we are not sure whether we want to do it if the announced protocols are in place. So, Do I wait until June when the balance is due and see what the situation is, or do I look to transfer the booking to an Alaskan cruise in 2022 which has caught my eye. At the moment the price is good and an early booking would also give us the chance to choose our cabin
  10. 8pm tonight on Channel 5.....Amazing Cakes and Bakes. Features the Sky Princess
  11. 8pm tonight on Channel 5.. Amazing Cakes and Bakes . Features Sky Princess
  12. We were due to visit friends in Florida when they rang (we are in the UK) and said they'd seen a 4 night cruise out of Port Canaveral at a very good price and were we interested. As we would already be in the States it seemed like a good idea!! and that's how it all started.
  13. Well as I suspected. 2022's dates for New England and Canada don't work for us 😢. We are just going to hope and pray that the 2021 date goes ahead. Have said that we would cancel (or transfer) if the protocols announced are still in place but maybe by then we will have had feedback from others as to how it worked out and if it doesn't sound too horrendous then we will continue. Still a long time until June when we have to pay the balance. A lot can have happened by then.
  14. We are on the full 28 days no fly trip and would be absolutely gutted if it didn't go ahead. Apart from New York and Boston all ports are new to us and 3 nights in Quebec really appeals. As you say, decisions will have to be made by the time of paying the balance. Another consideration is what protocols will be in place. If there is no change from what has just been announced then I think we may cancel or transfer the booking. The thought of masks, etc is not appealing and although I could cope with social bubble shore excursions, the thought of not being able to share a table at dinner
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