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  1. https://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/travel/all-set-to-make-a-splash-dubai-s-qe2-to-reopen-to-the-public-on-october-1-1.1079338?fbclid=IwAR0vKCWK8LH6OP69Xi5JvE86F3eO15xR8iEThlYmIgjCkHjJPN2YiE65Z5Q#16
  2. Still clinging to the hope that our original cruise now scheduled for September 2021 will go ahead, but as I said in my original post and having seen the programme about her refit, etc, the idea of 2 nights on board rather intrigued me.
  3. I have a hiatus hernia and as a by product of this I sometimes have to cough to ease the discomfort. Unfortunately when I say cough, I really mean cough with a vengeance. If it was an Olympic sport I believe I would be a gold medal winner!!! In this new norm I am more aware than ever that if I was to have a very public coughing fit people would probably run a mile. Always dread having such an attack whilst on the ship. I know my cough is not infectious but the person sitting next to me doesn't!!!
  4. Anyone stayed on her? An online agent is offering the QM2 to Dubai in 2022 with 2 nights stay on the Queen Elizabeth 2. Not a bad price either. Currently booked on the QM2 for September 2021 but even this far out I'm pessimistic about it going ahead so looking at alternatives if we have to transfer. Obviously hoping not to especially as we couldn't transfer the September cruise to the following year as the dates will not fit and we really want to do this particular cruise.
  5. The jigsaw I'm doing now is frustrating enough to turn me to drink!!! Problem is that the 4 borders/edges are all a variation of the same colour so I don't know if I'm up, down or sideways 🤣🤣. Think I will have to work from the middle outwards. In the meantime DH passes the time building Lego; can't move for the stuff. Going back to my original post, it was slightly tongue in cheek but of course doesn't always translate to the written word. Roll on October 2nd, our original embarkation date, and things will settle back into the 'new norm' whatever that is.
  6. Of course you're right. However , not only are we classed as vulnerable but DH has been waiting for two hospital procedures both delayed by the pandemic and that has greatly reduced any opportunity for a getaway . He's now had one and hopefully the second one will follow sooner rather than later. Maybe then we will be able to go away . In the meantime I'll get my cruising fix by watching cruise programmes on the television !!!! 🤣 BTW, jigsaws are good fun if also slightly frustrating when you can't find all the pieces .
  7. When does this stop? In a different world it would be four weeks to our cruise, the suitcases would be down and I would be sorting out what clothes to take. Of course none of this is happening but I find myself thinking in 4 weeks time we would be doing this and tomorrow I would be doing that, etc., etc. I'm hoping that this is a short term problem because we've transferred the cruise to next year and it's an awfully long time to be imagining days at sea!!!! Have I developed a case of missingcruiseitis?
  8. As I'd said right at the beginning of this thread I was just 'musing' how someone would get to the States without flying or cruising . It was merely an exercise to pass the time whilst we wait for the cruise industry to hit the restart button. The fact that we're in the middle of a pandemic is immaterial. This scenario could be at any time. You can tell I'm bored 🤣😄
  9. With the air industry in turmoil and cruising still very much dormant I'm beginning to think that this thread started mainly with tongue in cheek is in danger of becoming a reality.
  10. Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. We did have the privilege of meeting him many years ago in the Commodore Club. Quite a knowledgeable character as I recall .
  11. I share your pain. We receive regular mail from a cruise company that we've never sailed with and have no intention of sailing with (sadly too expensive for us) and it drives me mad at the waste. I did go through a phase of returning the brochures back to them marked not known at this address' and it worked for quite some time but in the last month they've started coming again.
  12. Should we be reading something into the fact that the whole of Queen Elizabeth's 2021 sailing have been cancelled? I find it slightly concerning that they have consigned Alaska to the bin this far out. Could they not have hoped to restart the season from May? A cruise out of Southampton to Alaska sounds rather enticing to me, although I suspect the price would be prohibitive!! Or is Cunard being smart by simply organising Med cruises now before the other lines suddenly find themselves left out in the cold and scrambling to see what itineraries are out there. So sick of all this (like everyone else). All we can do is hope things improve, especially by next September when DH and I are booked on the QM2's New England and Canada in the Fall cruise. Last opportunity for us to do this one as 2022 dates don't work for us and by 2023, who knows. In the meantime keep safe and well everyone and let's hope for the best.
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