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  1. Thanks Ray. I did try googling it myself but couldn't find anything!! Clearly I was doing something wrong. Can I blame it on being Sunday morning? 🤣
  2. A few weeks ago Jane McDonald did a cruise on the Great Lakes. I'd be grateful if anyone can remember the name of the company she sailed with?
  3. I have a hiatus hernia and occasionally after a period of discomfort I cough which seems to relieve my aches. Unfortunately when I say I cough I mean really cough. If it was an Olympic sport I would definitely win gold. I wonder what would have happened if I'd had a coughing fit on our recent cruise?
  4. Please tell me to stop looking at these ridiculously cheap cruises. The dates don't fit for us and I'm gutted.
  5. Is it possible that the lack of port calls is simply because other ships have got in first, leaving no room for Cunard?
  6. Thoughts on how Tui are handling the situation https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-8021439/Tui-cruise-customers-claim-forced-Coronavirus-Land.html
  7. Thanks Hattie. I think we'll wait it out a little longer before making a decision. I'm a firm believer in that if we decide to do the cruise there will be a cabin available for us. And if there isn't, so be it.
  8. May I ask for clarification re cancellation of a cruise? If I book a cruise and then cancel I would have to claim from my insurance company BUT if Cunard was to cancel then presumably my 'claim' would be with them? And if I'd booked through a travel agent and not direct, again presumably they would deal with Cunard on my behalf? Am I overthinking this? 😟
  9. We would like to book the October cruise on the QM2 to New England and Canada but are worried that if it is cancelled we would lose our money as I can't see the insurance company paying out for this. There really are no answers to this as no-one can foresee what will happen with the virus. Whilst it is mainly in Asia there is no guarantee that it won't spread elsewhere. The cruise we are looking at is selling out rapidly so we need to make a decision sooner rather than later. Just don't know what to do.
  10. I'm just back off a Caribbean cruise which we only booked a week before we flew out. Obviously the coronavirus was already big news when we booked but it never entered our heads not to book anything. However, we had been thinking of another cruise in October of this year to New England and Canada and slight doubts are creeping into my mind as to whether we should do it or not. We need to make a decision sooner rather than later as it is booking up rapidly, probably with people who may have normally gone to Asia but who now prefer to sail in the opposite direction!! My concern is that if we book anything now and the trip is cancelled (it's with Cunard) will we lose our money? Our Insurance Company is excellent (first hand knowledge of refunds for medical reasons) but would they cover us for a cancellation of a trip we booked knowing that, however slight a chance there was, it may be cancelled. It's not a cheap cruise and money we could ill afford to lose.
  11. We have friends who live in Orlando and we were due to stay with them for a couple of weeks way back in 2000 when she rang to say that they had seen a short cruise at a bargain price out of Port Canaveral and were we interested. No brainer really as we were already there. Got us well and truly hooked on cruising. 😉
  12. We have four nights in Miami before our cruise and will be staying on Collins Avenue not far from the Lincoln Mall. How easy is it to get around? Apart from the obvious taxis I'm assuming that there is some public transport? Any advice would be gratefully received.
  13. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/01/30/6000-passengers-trapped-cruise-ship-italy-feared-coronavirus/ It's a Costa ship. Not putting us off cruising (out of Miami next week) but does make you think even more.
  14. Thanks everyone. I think DH will probably go with smart slacks and a jacket. Saves the weight of a suit in the case. A few years ago we disembarked from the QM2 and boarded the NCL Breakaway and on our first night a young lady came into the dining room in the shortest pair of shorts I've ever seen. After DH had put his eyes back in we looked at each other and said 'you'd never see that on the QM2' 🤣. Strangely enough I didn't worry so much about the dress code on that cruise, possibly because we had a case of formal clothes with us anyway.
  15. I truly am sorry for yet another thread about dress code. I love doing research but this is one I should have left alone because I'm getting such conflicting comments. We will be on the Symphony next week, have plumped for my time dining but what to wear? Is 'dress to impress' the same as formal? Does DH need a suit and if he does wear one will he be in the minority. Please help!!
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