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  1. Is Costa on all the ships?
  2. Reading this thread made me wonder why are there no escalators on ships?
  3. Oh dear, at the beginning of this thread and having done a bit more research I was leaning towards the Azura, but now I'm not so sure 🙁🤣. The choice is between A932 Azura or B934D Britannia, fly cruises both over New Year. There would be three of us in the cabin so would need a balcony at the very least. Britannia's itinerary is slightly more appealing but tbh Azura is cheaper which cannot be ignored. We have not visited any of the ports so no help there. It really shouldn't be this difficult should it?!! 🤣
  4. Looking at Caribbean cruises and for the dates I have these two ships are available. A quick search of reviews on Google reveals more negatives than positives, and although I tend to take reviews with a pinch of salt they did make me sit back and think. So who can reassure me that the negatives were wrong and tell me which of the two ships they favour. Cruise would be over new year and we are 2 senior citizens who will be sailing with adult daughter (if this has any bearing on your thoughts). Thank you
  5. Really enjoying your blog. As we are still unable to travel I am living everyone else's holidays so please keep the posts coming.
  6. We were on the QM2 alongside the QV for a little while and yes, it was rather rough!! As you say, we also missed Bermuda, porting instead in the Ponta Delgado which was actually a rather nice place. The ground stayed still and the weather was pleasant enough to sit outside a café drinking beer!!
  7. babs135

    Pol Acker

    Oh dear. and I was getting so excited !!
  8. babs135

    Pol Acker

    Is this being replaced? Just been on another site and someone has posted that the bottle awaiting them was Tulloch Cuvee. Comment was that it was much nicer than the PA, but that's not saying a lot 🤣 One can only hope.
  9. We were on the QE in January 2018 and it was rough enough for the Captain to cancel Bermuda (winds/sea too strong) and instead we headed for the Azores. Never been so glad to get onto dry land!! Captain announced that virtually the whole ship had disembarked within an hour of reaching port!! There was a lot of rolling and some pitching, enough for DH to actually comment and he usually doesn't mind. However, we made it to our destination in one piece so it turned out all right 🤣
  10. This is an interesting story that popped up on my phone this morning. I wonder what your thoughts are? https://www.elliott.org/cruises/missing-luggage-cruise-without-own-clothes/#more-89209
  11. How can anyone go to New York and not have bagels?. It would be an utter crime!!
  12. We've done several. Some with ports, some without, east and west bound and enjoyed them all. Like everything else you get out of it what you put into it. And whilst I understand the preference of doing a westbound (from the UK) for the extra hours, for me the bonus of an eastbound crossing is twofold - get the flying out of the way and NO PROBLEMS with excess baggage from shopping in New York!!! 🤣🤣
  13. Heidi has given you some excellent advice but may I also suggest that you look at this forum for even more advice. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/148-british-isleswestern-europe/
  14. A question asked out of pure curiosity. How hot would it be to do a transit in July or September?
  15. I am not familiar with the ship. Could someone tell me where she is in relation to her cabin, its just not clear. Did she simply climb over the balcony railings of the cabin?
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