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  1. First of all, always make sure you are logged in to Cruise Critic with your user name and password. Please reply with a copy and paste of the link you are using. Looking forward to your reply, Kat
  2. @buntie white See the following pinned thread toward the top of the first page of the Need Help Using the Forums? Check Here! forum: And here is the Signatures section from the Guidelines: Signatures Cruise Critic has the following suggestions for keeping your online signatures manageable: Keep your images to around three (approx) -- which would include a picture, clipart, photo or your countdown. Try not to have any one image that is TOO large, which then takes additional time for your fellow members to download, If you have a LONG LIST of prior cruises, think about chopping off some, OR rearrange them horizontally rather than vertically; From time to time, browse through your signature and eliminate any extra blank lines, or old countdown codes, etc. Cruise Critic reserves the right to remove/delete portions of your online signature and will let you know that we've had to resize your online signature. I hope this information will be helpful! Kat 🐱
  3. Love seeing the dolphins too! Also waving madly to the galveston,com Cruise Cam on top of the Harbor House hotel. Kat
  4. Howdy fenwayt24! I have moved your thread to the Celebrity Cruises forum from being a new thread on your Roll Call forum. It appears the Celebrity forum is where you wanted to post it for feedback. Happy sails, Kat
  5. @bob278 And thank you too! BTW, are the notifications for threads you follow set correctly to your preference? There was a recent glitch where some of the member's settings were reset without their knowledge. Here is a thread with directions that should help if you need it: And just in case you need a refresher regarding followed threads or forums: Happy sails, Kat
  6. I fixed your title. Now what is the reason you are not using the blue dot or star at the beginning of the thread title that takes you to the beginning of the unread posts in a thread you follow?
  7. No. Essiesmom was directing dollyspeaks to the Roll Call thread you created since she is one of the Cruise Critic members sailing with you on the cruise. Kat
  8. Howdy rdhed and welcome to Texas and Cruise Critic! Thank you for your first post. 👍 Regarding major roadwork, there is ALWAYS some sort of construction happening on the Gulf Freeway (I-45) to Galveston. 😡 You might want to download the Houston TranStar app on your phone for real-time traffic conditions. https://traffic.houstontranstar.org/layers/ Their website also has a TxDOT Construction Schedule section http://traffic.houstontranstar.org/construction/ You can check when you land and then tell your uber or lyft driver what's going on traffic-wise. However, if they are a good driver, they probably will have already done it! Hope this will help and glad to have you aboard Cruise Critic! Kat
  9. I looked in the Archives - large threads, Archives - large threads 2, and ARCHIVES 09/05 with replies older than 12/31/04. They are in an area members cannot see. Without the actual title of the old Roll Call thread, it is impossible to find. I suggest you contact community@cruisecritic.com from your Cruise Critic email address of record to ask if there is still access by Management to other archives. I'm not Management, only an unpaid volunteer. They will probably need the actual Roll Call thread title. Also, be sure to mention your user name. Lots of good luck! 🍀 Kat
  10. Host Kat


    You are correct! Here is an oldie but goodie thread that should help more: How to I post on cruise critic roll call Kat 🐱
  11. Host Kat


    Perhaps this will help you to join in and post on your Roll Call thread: How to: Reply to a Topic / Quote / Multi-Quote And here is more information about starting a new thread as you did here: How To: Start a New Topic Glad to have you back aboard Cruise Critic! Kat 🐱
  12. @las vegas julie k You might want to repost your inquiry on the Disabled Cruise Travel forum. That's where cruisers with physical limitations share their advice & experiences. I feel sure folks that frequent that forum will have probably been to your ports of call and will be able to help you with the information you seek. I suggest you list all your ports in your post. This will help the folks that have been there to reply. Happy sails, Kat 🐱
  13. Howdy again! So sorry for the confusion! Okay, here are three more of the pinned threads at the top of the first page of this forum to help you in the future: and... and... However, the "Find your Roll Call" tool" and "quick and easy Roll Call Finder tool" mentioned in How To: Create A New Roll Call and What is a Roll Call? Everything you Need to Know has been OUT OF ORDER for a very long time. The Find Your Roll Call search tool as well as all the other ship Roll Call Finder tools with the do not work correctly at this time. Regarding your line and ship, it appears back on April 10, 2018 sidari started a Roll Call thread with just the year in the title. Folks going on various 2019 sail dates have been posting on the thread, including you. Since sidari is sailing December 22, 2019, I suggest you start posting on the thread Essiesmom found for you with the December 1, 2019 sail date in the title. In the meantime, I will post on the 2019 thread to let sidari and the others know the December 22, 2019 date has been added to the thread title. Any others posting there sailing other dates will need to find an existing thread for their sail date or start one if one does not exist. I sincerely hope this solution will be satisfactory. Kat Edited to add: Since there is an existing Roll Call thread for the December 22, 2019 sail date, sidari's thread has been locked.
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