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  1. I understand that the arrival of Queen Anne into Southampton has been moved to the 30th April. Hopefully this is no more than a last touch up here and there and nothing major.
  2. Absolutely magnificent sight. Truly a real ship in every possible way.
  3. Shamelessly borrowed (with permission) from another website.
  4. I know that if we book one of the alternative dining places before we board that we have to pay for it, but if we wait until on board we can use our obc. So my question is (and probably can't really be answered!) are we risking losing our preferred date which will be DH's birthday (would take a different date if necessary) or should we simply pay up and guarantee a spot. Just as an added thought: We are thinking of purchasing the birthday celebration package and I am assuming that we can choose which restaurant we want? DH prefers the Sir Samuel's menu above all the others.
  5. The brochure is a promotional one put together by this particular travel agency. It includes other cruise lines and what I would describe as 'put together trips' which include pre and post cruise Hotels, maybe an added train journey, etc, etc. It comes by post as I subscribe to their website and was delivered only yesterday. Some nice sounding trips: pity we can't afford anything at the moment other than what is already booked!
  6. Princess has an upgrade to Princess plus, Holland America has Have It All, other cruise lines offer similar packages but Cunard offers...... Nothing. Do you think this could change and if not, why not? Even P&O now includes gratuities in their fares. Surely Cunard doesn't think it would 'lower standards' by offering such packages?
  7. Slightly puzzled as I'm looking at a 'brochure' from a travel agent and their Have It All does not mention gratuities, just drinks, dining, excursion credit and WiFi. Reading this thread I then went to look on HA's website for the same cruise and under the cruise it clearly states that HIA includes gratuities, or as they say, crew appreciation. Could this omission by the travel agent be a mistake?
  8. Does Cunard accept a blue light card and, if so, how much obc do you get?
  9. Well this is a new one. Cruise ship held in Barcelona due to forged Schengen visas (yahoo.com)
  10. That would be brilliant. When we booked in February the agent didn't have any details at all. Thank you
  11. Do they simply quote you the cost of cruise 1 + cruise 2 or is there a discount for staying on board? Sailing out of Southampton.
  12. Yes I know that but people must have booked the Birthday Packages on the other Queens so they could answer the first question easily. The second one is obviously pure speculation but worth asking anyway.
  13. DH will be celebrating his 80th birthday when we are onboard QA in August and our adult daughter and myself will also have had significant birthdays during the year and we are thinking that we might indulge ourselves and book this package. Has anyone ever booked this package and did they think it was worth it? And does anyone know whether we will be allowed to choose which restaurant we want as the QA will have more speciality dining rooms, or will it still be The Verandah?
  14. It's great that Cunard can get permission to produce shows such as Top Hat (which we have seen) and now this P&P show but what a shame that they have to be cut to fit round dining times. I don't know that there is an answer other than to virtually do away with fixed times but I can't see that happening any time soon. Just a thought: Would a 'tinkering' of dining times on the night these shows were showing work? Perhaps just the one show starting at about 9o'clock. Obviously it would have to be performed 2 or 3 nights to accommodate all who wanted to see the show. Or maybe it's too radical an idea and we will just have to accept a cut down version.
  15. Cunard have just announced that one of the shows for the Anne's maiden season will be the west end play 'Pride and Prejudice - sort of'. Any idea how this is going to work alongside fixed dining times? I'm assuming that the performers will have to shorten the runtime? Although I do enjoy fixed dining it seems a shame if it is going to impact on such entertainment.
  16. OMG, I initially read that as 12,231 days!!!! 🤦‍♀️🤣
  17. Elizabeth House Hotel. They will arrange a taxi for you to and from the ship.
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