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  1. We did the Galapagos two years ago on Expedition and it was wonderful. We don't often (if ever) spend this kind of money on a vacation but anytime we travel overseas for vacation, we always purchase trip insurance. You may also consider booking your air through Celebrity. We have on occasion and their new air packages are better than the last time we used them. I'd ask, though, if your sailing is cancelled and you've paid for air, do they refund that along with your cruise fare? Hope to do the other Galapagos route in the future....ENJOY and best of luck to everyone!
  2. Yes, Celebrity should be willing to reprice for you. If they don't, transfer your reservation to a travel agent. They will reprice for you. You can reprice up until final payment.
  3. My two cents ...I own a small business. When our staff makes mistakes (and website mistakes are typically caused by something a staff member has done.....), we honor it. Offering to refund the money paid is certainly one way to handle the situation; however, it certainly is not the way to build customer satisfaction and loyalty. If I bought something and had a confirmation of the price and service, I'd expect to get that regardless of a website glitch. Getting away with excuses like that is a way any cruise line can change their mind at any time to take something away. It's a bad business policy. And I caution everyone to frequently check your cruise planner. We had the 4 Perks as part of our Med cruise last August but they weren't appearing in our Cruise Planner. Took several calls to Celebrity to get it corrected. I had a confirmation showing the 4 Perks were included. What if they had decided to say "oh that was a glitch when you booked?"
  4. Thank you for posting this. Remarkable is the word that comes to mind in remembering Marilyn. I, too, will think of her every time I step on a Celebrity ship! This thread, while filled with sorrow, also shows the BEST of Cruise Critic. Our members are a kind, caring group of people who love cruising. I appreciate you all!
  5. By the way, if you check in using the ap, you will likely receive "Expedited Boarding" which essentially allows you to board upon arrival at the terminal. Know that you must upload your photo during the check in process on the ap as well. I didn't know that until last week. As an FYI, I also print out and bring a copy of my Reservation Confirmation that shows what I paid and what perks were included as the information from land to ship doesn't always match (mine didn't for our cruise last week). HAPPY CRUISING!
  6. You can only get one bottle of water at a time per passenger. I just disembarked Equinox today. There was no "Celebrity" branded water on our cruise. It was a spring water bottled by a company I've never heard of or Evian that we received. No aluminum canned water on our cruise, either (thank goodness....I didn't care for it at all). We had the Premium package. On Edge, we had aluminum canned water that was in a Celebrity-branded can. Nothing like that on Equinox.
  7. Disembarked Equinox at 8:45 this morning at Pier 25. When you came down the escalator into the terminal, there was a sign on the left for PASSPORT HOLDERS and a sign on the right that said BIRTH CERTIFICATES. All passport holders went to the left where you walked up to the facial recognition screens. They took your photo, the screen showed a green check mark and they said you were good to go. No one looked at our passport and we were on our way. There were no separate lines for those with foreign passport. Everyone went to the same lines with screens if you were a passport holder. We were off the ship, picked up luggage, went through the passport control and at the curb waiting for my husband to bring the car around within 20 minutes, max! That was our experience this morning!
  8. Folks ~ remember that you can keep an eye on your cruise pricing as the months go by and if the price goes down, ask your travel agent to "re-price" it for you. I've done that several times this year already and been able to save quite a bit. So I say be diligent and watch the promotional emails you get and start checking prices regularly up until final payment. They won't change your pricing after you make final payment but up until then, if you find a lower price, it is normally honored.....and we've always kept our same cabin.
  9. I just disembarked Equinox and am shocked and saddened to read this news. Marilyn was such a treasure to our community! Her willingness to share anything and everything enhanced many cruises for CC members. For me personally, Marilyn provided a wealth of information before we sailed on Edge earlier this year. I'll forever remember her when sailing an Edge class ship. Carrie ~ know that our thoughts and prayers are with you, your dad and the entire family! Your mom will be greatly missed. Remember, enjoy each day, everyone !!!!
  10. Thanks, Kirk....he surely is missed!
  11. The pool on the Retreat deck is small. More of a plunge pool. I've attached a photo. I doubt that this area would be overly crowded on a Med cruise. There are plenty of chairs up here and we never had an issue finding a place to sit. Other than suites, there are no other cabins that have regular verandas except for the SVs. It's actually a reason that sailing the Edge class will be limited for us. I didn't care for the infinite verandas at all. I believe they are really large windows. Good luck with your decision.
  12. We have been in both a Sky Suite and aft SV on Edge. We enjoyed both of them. The Sky Suite was a Caribbean itinerary while the SV was on a Med itinerary. I wouldn't personally pay for the extra cost of the Sky Suite in the Med. We were off the ship early every morning (except for the two sea days) and were exhausted each evening by the time dinner was over (we tended to eat between 7:30 - 8:00). So we wouldn't have taken advantage of the real benefits of the Sky Suite (the Retreat; the Retreat Lounge; Luminae - we had friends with us who also had SVs next to us. We LOVED the Sky Suite in the Caribbean. Spent a lot of time in the Retreat, enjoyed the larger cabin, but I couldn't justify the upgrade cost on a port intensive itinerary. I'd rather spend that money on some nice purchases in port cities in the Med. Good luck with your decision and enjoy whatever you do.... By the way, we had absolutely no soot on our SV in the Med at the end of August.
  13. I have friends sailing Symphony in a few months and they currently have an inside cabin and are debating upgrading to a Promenade View Interior (2T Category). I'm not familiar with these cabins. Can anyone recommend where I should encourage them to overlook the interior promenade or the outdoor promenade back where the carousel is located. Looks like there are cabins available in both areas. Sorry to post this here; I feel like I should be able to find this location but there are just too many cabin categories on Royal ships. Thanks for any insight!
  14. I'm working on a complete review. We have always loved the veranda cabins at the ship and most of the time book those, regardless of the ships. The SV's on Edge are great and the veranda is a nice size. The main dining rooms have been great. I'll be sure to post a link here to the review but it will probably be at least two weeks before I'm home and get time to finish it. This is a port intensive cruise so I'm spending little time on my computer or even on the ship. But I'll be sharing info as soon as I can!
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