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  1. If they cancel you, they have to refund your deposit even if you booked a NRD. They also have to refund any additional money you've paid (final payment for example)!
  2. Hcat ~ what a nice post and remembrance. I remember how excited and helpful Marilyn was when Edge first came out. Her wealth of knowledge and excitement made it easy for the rest of us to get excited about our Edge cruises. She certainly was special.
  3. Let's remember that we have an "alert system" for rude posts (and posts that do not follow the community guidelines). Hover over the three dots in the upper right corner of any post and hit the REPORT option to send us a message. Also remember that if you've quoted and/or responded to a post that is removed for a violation, your post is also removed. Let's really try to avoid being rude to one another. 2020 has been difficult enough on its own! Thanks for your cooperation!
  4. Welcome, Chris! You are an inspiration and proof that hard work and determination can take you anywhere! Hope to sail a Windstar ship soon!!!! Thanks for visiting with us.
  5. Hi everyone ~ we are not permitted to copy and paste any material or articles that are copyrighted. That means please do not copy and post articles, photos, etc. You may provide a link but if you copy and paste, we must remove the copyrighted materials. THANKS for your cooperation!
  6. I felt this exact same way when they turned Michael's Club on the S-Class ships into the Suite Lounge. We did upgrade on Edge once to a Sky Suite and we enjoyed the Retreat but it is not even close to the same amenity on the S-Class ships. There are definitely far fewer "quiet" places on Edge and while there are some things I liked about Eden (which I consider the replacement for the Sky Lounge on the S-class ships), I missed being able to sit and watch where we were headed from the Sky Lounge. There are little to no smaller, intimate lounges on Edge. We really miss those, to
  7. We had so much fun on some of these ships (Sun Princess, HAL Veendam, the Regal Princess sister ship, Crown). Great cruising memories....same for Celebrity Mercury & Zenith and RCCL Monarch (our first cruise). Would happily go back to those days of cruising.
  8. If they cancelled your cruise, you are NOT cancelling and being forced to settle for an FCC. Celebrity cancelled you and you can definitely get a full refund. Ask you travel agent or if you booked directly with Celebrity, call Celebrity (don't know if wait times are still really long).
  9. I'm confused as to why passengers who have made a final payment and have their cruise cancelled by Celebrity can only get an FCC. That's not true. There are three options: Life and Shift your cruise to the same cruise (relatively) next year Take the FCC Request a full refund Please call your travel agent to discuss these options. There is so much information floating around out there that it's difficult to navigate all of it. But if you have made final payment and your cruise just got cancelled due to the suspension, you can definitely request a full refund.
  10. Hcat ~ they did have paper menus available for those without a mobile device.
  11. Germancruiser ~ can you tell us about any entertainment onboard? Curious to know if there was entertainment in lounges? I saw you mentioned you were going to make a reservation for a show in the theater. How did that go? You can see everyone here is very excited to hear about all your experiences. THANKS again for taking the time to share with us.
  12. Let's hope you will be cruising again soon, Lois. So happy to see you are recovering. Hang in there. I can't recall....did we sail Mercury together?
  13. Where2Next ~ are you using a travel agent? If so, that's where I would have started. They should be helping you with this. Are you familiar with Celebrity's Cruise with Confidence program? You can read about it here: https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-with-confidence. Read the "What You Should Know" under Flexible Cancellations. It clearly states in the last bullet point: Nonrefundable Deposit Bookings: If canceled outside of penalty, the full deposit amount will be returned (without penalty) in the form of an FCC. If canceled within any phase of penalty, the cru
  14. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, Germancruiser! It's very much appreciated.
  15. While we are talking about Mercury, my favorite memory was of a Caribbean cruise and we were returning to Florida between Cuba and the Florida Keys. It was a clear, sunny day but the seas were unusually rough. Waves were crashing over the promenade deck (I'll have to dig out photos....I don't think I have them digitally). I thought it was fun (I am a bit crazy) but most people didn't. I loved this class of ship...smaller but not too small. Right now, I think I'd love any class of ship! Keep sharing your favorite Mercury stories (or Galaxy/Century).
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